If you are not sure of your info in Ancestry, should I enter again, not upload?

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I have a sizeable tree on Ancestory.com, but I hesitate uploading wrong info to my Wikitree.  Lots of my information on ancestors is researched and is sourced .  What if errored info comes over.... does this complicate matters. I don't want to creat a problem for other members.  I have started entering correct info that I am sure about...give me a clue as to which way to go  I am new, but love this new format and want to keep everything as clean as possible.  

Barbara  Eubank-396
in The Tree House by Barbara Jones G2G6 (8.7k points)

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I vote for keeping it clean.  I too had a large gedcom I could have loaded.  I did the comparison and realized how many things weren't connected and how many could be duplicates on here already and chose to not load the gedcom.  I am redoing it all.  I'm still learning about this system and realizing that some of my early entries were not as complete as they could have been.  I'm getting better at the documentation and working this system the more I use it.

Welcome to the site. There are lots of wonderful helpful people out here.

by Kathy Wright G2G6 Mach 1 (10.2k points)
selected by James Collins
Thanks Kathy.....

I am glad for your response. I feel you are leading me in the right direction. I am so new on the site, I have lots to learn.   It gets easier as I go and now that I am retired, I will have time to give it my attention.


Well said Kathy! In my opinion you hit the nail on the head.Darren's answer was also on target.Thanks to both of you.

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Enter the information from new. Don't just upload a Gedcom as it can overwhelm some people.

You will be amazed how much you may have missed when originally sourcing the profiles for your tree on Ancestry.com. Use the information you already have, Check it is still accurate and try to find new information that collaborates it or has been released since. 

Do what you have done by asking for help as lots of people on G2G enjoy helping others. 

And don't worry if you make some mistakes as it is part of the Honor Code that we can make mistakes but they are unintentional and we should be understanding. 


by Darren Kellett G2G6 Pilot (456k points)

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