Deleting of e-mail adres

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I have just seen a rather large list of notices of names on my watchlist:

Such as 

06:08: Admin WikiTree edited the Email for [unlisted]. (Automatic deletion of e-mail address after 30 days with no response.) [Thank Admin for this]

Who is actually my brother. A few other names I saw are also from people still active. The strange thing is, that my old, now for some years already unused (because of choice for another provider) email account shows up when I try to add an email adress to the trusted list. And when I try and add any other mail adresses, the autocue does not work anymore. Only that one unused mail. I haven't received any messages that I know of, requesting a response. Perhaps it was sent to that old email adres.

Another question - now that these adresses are being deleted, what happens to the accounts?

WikiTree profile: Van der Walt-248
in The Tree House by Philip van der Walt G2G6 Pilot (160k points)
Philip, this sounds like the results of the changes Wikitree felt legally bound to make after the passage of the EU's privacy legislation. GDPR? there's a FAQ Somewhere.
Thanks Jillaine. I'll check it out to see if I can make sense of this.
Checked and it did not give answer to my questions.

Van_Der_Walt-248 is my brother's old WikiTree-ID. Since years he now has Van_der_Walt-494 …. Why is the old WikiTree-ID being targeted?

Again - why can't I see my current or any current email adresses (such as the project gmail group adresses) in the autoque when typing in an adress to add to the trusted list? Only my now "defunct" mailadres from 5 years ago? (filling in the place names still aumotically suggests in the same way as before, so it is not my computer) - also this laptop I have had since after switching to a new provider service, so the issue has to be at WikiTree HQ by manner of speaking ...

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One of the changes for GDPR is that invitations to WikiTree now expire after 30 days. Before, the invitation was pending indefinitely. Now, the invitation expires, the e-mail address used to invite them is removed from the profile, and they are removed from any trusted lists. E-mails should only have been removed from people that never accepted the invitation to WikiTree.

Van_Der_Walt-248 and Van_der_Walt-494 are not profiles for the same person. 248 is managed by 494, and they are a generation apart.

I'm not sure I understand what you are asking about with the e-mail autofill. There is a place name autofill, but I don't believe WikiTree has ever had a feature like that for e-mails.

by Jamie Nelson G2G6 Pilot (475k points)
selected by Abby Glann
Indeed you are correct Jamie - I now see that the profile pertains to one of his children born in the 1990's.

Yes, WikiTree has had a feature like that for emails. I used it countless times all these years on different computers. Now as I said I only get is the first email adres I used when I joined WikiTree. Since then I have switched providers and als now use a gmail adress (this computer I bought after I had changed providers; conclusion: the autosuggestion for my old mail adres could not have been stored on this computer - it must be WikiTree itself). No other emails are automatically filled out (or suggested like the place names) anymore. If I want to add a project to the trusted list for example, I have to copy/paste it now from my scratchpad that I keep in Word. My autofill suggestion functionality for place names (with the option to switch off or on) has not been changed and still works as before.

Jamie, Could you please help me out understanding this statement?

 Now, the invitation expires, the e-mail address used to invite them is removed from the profile, and they are removed from any trusted lists.

When you say they are removed from any trusted lists, are you saying the profile is removed from the trusted lists or the email is removed from the trusted list? 

My brother hasn't answered his invitation yet due to serious medical issues. I am trying to determine if I am going to lose my brother or just his email address. Thanks for any help you can give me.

When someone invites a perosn to WikiTree, they become a "Family Member" account. Sometimes people add the person they just invited to the trusted lists of profiles. If the person never responds to the invite and their email address gets removed, their profile is no longer considered a user account. There isn't much use having a non-user on a trusted list, so they are removed.

If your brother doesn't respond to the invitation in time, you can always invite him again later.
OK thanks

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