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Hi there,

My knowledge of Norwegian is pretty much non-existent. I found a record for an ancestor who spent 6 1/2 years in prison. I just need some translation assistance with the notes on the prison record linked to his profile please. :)
WikiTree profile: Ole Halvorsen
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I'll leave this as a comment, since my ability to translate Norwegian is pretty poor also.  I don't know if you are looking at a photocopy of an original document, or are talking about the notes on the transcribed page about the original document.

Google Chrome has a "translate" option if you right click on the web page.  Sometimes it does a good job, and sometimes the results are really peculiar.  Anyway, I just did that on the page linked:

and the "translator" came up with this:

Imprisoned/Start date:1858-05-14
Discharged/End date:1861-08-07
Period of punishment:6 1/2 years
Release notes:On August 7, 1861, the evening was sent to the prison at Xania.
Remarks:51 years. After the High Court judgment of 16th February 1858 and the Royal Decree of 7 April, Ms Meeneed for the Criminal Court Cap 12 § 1

Which probably leads to more questions than answers..What's the 51 years all about?  But I just thought I'd mention the translation option in Google Chrome.  Hopefully a native speaker who understands these records can give you more information.


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The remarks show that Ole was sentenced to prison in "bridewell in Bergen" at the age of 51 years "following the High Court judgement of 16 Feb 1858 and the Royal Decree of 7 Apr 1858" for the crime of "Meeneed" (which I believe they mean meineed, which translates to perjury).

History Note: The original "Bridewell" was a royal castle (Bridewell Palace) in London that was built as a residence for King Henry VIII. Bridewell was donated to the city of London by King Henry VIII's son, King Edward VI, for use as an orphanage and for the punishment of "wayward women". In 1556, Bridewell was fully taken over by the City, who turned the grounds into a prison, hospital and workrooms for "vagrants and prostitutes". "Bridewell" soon became a common name for similar institutions across England and other European countries.

The release notes mention that Ole was "sent to the prison at Xania" on the evening of 7 Aug 1861. Xania was the abbreviated name of Christiania, Norway which is now known as Oslo, Norway. With a quick search, I was able to find Oslo kretsfengsel which opened in 1851.

Without further notes to go by, I would deduce that Ole was transferred to Oslo kretsfengsel to serve the remainder of his 6 1/2 year sentence.

by Steven Harris G2G6 Pilot (773k points)
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"den 7de August 1861 om Aftenen afsendt til Bodsfængslet ved Xania." The 7th of August 1861 in the evening sent to the Penitance Prison at Kristiania. Botsfengslet is still there; you should be able to locate it at eg. Google maps in Oslo near Grønland.

"51 Aar. Efter Høiesteretsdom af 16de Februar 1858 og Kongelig Resolution af 7 April s.A. for Meeneed efter Kriminallovens Cap 12 § 1" 51 years old. After sentence by the Supreme Court 16 Feb 1858 and Royal resolution of 7 Apr same year, for perjury according to Criminal Law Chapter 12 § 1.
by Leif Biberg Kristensen G2G6 Pilot (221k points)

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