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I noticed some "automatic deletion of email address after 30 days with no response". This seems new, so I assume it is related to the new privacy policies. I'm wondering what the criteria are for this measure. I assume it isn't for "genealogist" or "family". I understand that if you put an email address on a profile it automatically sends an invitation. So, would the criteria be people who have been invited but have not responded?

The ones that show up on my feed are the surnames I've tagged. I don't believe I have any unresponded email addresses. Do the PM's get notification other than being listed in the Feed?

Before clicking "ask the question" I added an example of one of the profiles. I got the message "That WikiTree ID does not exist (beazley-7)". So, does that mean that beazley-7 is now a dead ID? Or does that mean that the existence of the person is still live to the PM?
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It is new. If someone is invited to WikiTree, but they don't accept the invitation and create a password, the email is removed from their profile after 30 days.


beazley-7 doesn't exist, but Beazley-7 does :)
by Jamie Nelson G2G6 Pilot (475k points)
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Seriously... I didn't realize the capital "B" mattered. It doesn't matter when I put it into a bio text like [[beazley-7]]. I just noticed that if I put "beazley-7" in the URL, it automatically changes. I guess the bracketed entry works for that same reason. I always wondered why the ID didn't work in some seemingly random instances. It appears if I get into the habit of always capitalizing the ID, I will get consistent results?

Will wonders never cease?

In general, website URL's are in fact case insensitive. However, depending on the host machine of the website (if its running on Linux, for example), it can be case sensitive.

The underlying machine code to display an uppercase B as opposed to a lowercase b are different -- making the two letters, confusingly to the lay person, not the same letter. Some sites do "tricks" under-the-hood so that most people don't have to care.

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