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Now that Project Boxes & Stickers have been finalized, I need help from someone that can edit Templates. The template for the One Name Study I've been working on is still a Project Box, and needs to be re-done as a Sticker.

Also, I'd like to make a few changes to the text on the template page.
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There already is a template/sticker.  For instance:

{{One Name Study|name=Haywood}}

G2G won't reproduce it, so have a look at my great grandfather's profile, where it sits:

Here's another one: {{One Name Study|name=Damerell}}

and here's another of my ancestors, who has it:
by Ros Haywood G2G Astronaut (2.0m points)
Ros, ours is a separate template. This particular study has a modified template that is specific to it, since it requires extra parameters to place a profile in the correct category.
We might be able to make it work with the normal ONS template, Kitty. Let me take a look. What kind of changes were you considering for the text? We want to keep it minimal, so stickers don't bloat too much.

Abby, the text I want to change it what's on the Template page itself, not the actual sticker. So the change in the template coding should be just a change from a Project Box to a Sticker.

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With One name Study template (sticker), you have the name parameter.

The category {{{name}}} Name Study is automatically added, unless you want to override it. You can do that with category parameter.

You can even change the image for each name if you want. If you need to do that, let me know and I will explain how.

According to WikiTree+, you have almost all profiles in Sinnett_Name_Study. 10 profiles are in Sennett_Name_Study and others are empty. This is probably due to the complicated naming. S-NN-T is not found, if you search for any variation. I had no idea what that means, until Abby explained it to me.

If you need some help in default sticker usage, let me know. I can help you with that.

by Aleš Trtnik G2G6 Pilot (824k points)

{{One Name Study|name=Sennatt}}
{{One Name Study|name=Sennitt}}
{{One Name Study|name=Sennett}}
{{One Name Study|name=Sinnett}}
{{One Name Study|name=Sinnott}}
{{One Name Study|name=Synnott}}
This are all 6 cases defined in your template, but only 2 are actually used.

Here you can see the template usage.

from the numbers, I assume that 50% of the profiles don't use the template. Just the category.

If you decide to use common ONS template, I can instruct EditBOT to update existing profiles, so you don't have to manually correct all profiles.
Aleš, you're correct about the numbers; I decided to use the template only for those people who were born with that name -- spouses have just the category added.

Corinne Curtis is the main contact for the study; I've only been working on the "Sinnett" spelling, & specifically with the descendants of a particular immigrant to the USA in the colonial era. (I am one of the descendants of that immigrant; that's why I joined the project.) That's why the statistics on the actual variations are so skewed. I don't know who or when the other variations will be worked; I just know it won't be me...

As I told Abby (above), the change to the template itself is just to modify it to use sticker formatting instead of project box.

It would be wonderful if you could tell EditBOT to fix the existing profiles. It should be just a matter of moving the template from just about the Biography heading to just below.
Then it sounds like you can use the same template as the rest of ONS and we can retire the one you're currently using. Ales can make that happen, as he mentioned, with the magic editbot :-)

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