Should GEDCOMpare ignore death date if it is blank and set to uncertain but non-living?

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I have noticed that if a GEDCOM contains a death date of "before …." and an otherwise identical existing profile has a blank death date with the "uncertain but non-living" box selected then the profile does not appear as a suggested match. Since death dates are one of the harder things to find, I think it would be better if a mismatch between an entered death date in a GEDCOM and a blank death date in a profile was ignored.

I have noticed this a few times, but most recently when my GEDCOM contained data for Edith Maryon Queenie Gorring, born 24 May 1899, died before 1999. I had actually already created a profile for her a few weeks ago (Gorring-6), the only difference being that I left the death date blank and ticked the "uncertain but non-living" box, but there were no suggested matches. I happened to know that I had already created her profile as I keep a note of the ones I have completed, but if the GEDCOM had belonged to a new user then they would almost certainly have created a duplicate profile.

In this case since both the name and date of birth matched precisely I think this should have been shown as a suggested match.
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It's not just when the GEDCOM contains "before". It also happens when the GEDCOM contains *any* death date and the existing profile has none, even when the birth date is an exact match.

I had this happen with a profile I entered from a GEDCOM this morning. No suggested matches were given either in the initial GEDCOMpare process or in the suggested matches when I was creating the profile, but a profile for the person already existed. Fortunately it had no manager, so I was able to immediately merge them, but I should have gotten that profile as a suggestion so I didn't create the duplicate in the first place.

This really needs to be fixed.
by Sharon Casteel G2G6 Pilot (128k points)
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I'd suggest to program GEDCOMpare even that way that it identifies people as dead although they have no death date when they have as birthday anything in or before 1900. All people born til 1900 are dead in the meanwhile
by Jelena Eckstädt G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Sounds like a very good idea.

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