Roger Nowell father of Peter Nowell who went to USA

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This question is about the father of the Peter Nowell - - who was born in Falmouth, Cornwall in 1673 and died in York, Massachusetts Bay in 1740. The current profile for Roger Nowell, , Peter's father, shows him as born in Leeds, Yorkshire, England in about 1634 and dying in Preston, Lancashire, England in 1696. No clear source is given for these birth and death details.

That Roger's son Peter - and other children - were born in Falmouth, Cornwall is proven by baptism records. It would be extremely unusual at this period for someone to be born in Leeds, marry in Cornwall (and there is a 1666 parish marriage record), have children in Cornwall, and die in Lancashire. So I am questioning the birth and death information on the profile. I can track no baptism record for Roger in Leeds: I can find information for the baptism of other Nowells in Leeds at the right period (1630s-1640s), but they are almost certainly from a different family. I can find no death record for Roger in Preston, Lancashire in 1696 or thereabouts. A Roger Nowell was buried at Whalley, Lancashire in 1695 but he was very definitely from another family.

There is, though, a baptism record for a Roger Nowell at St Keverne, Cornwall on 20 September 1640 - This seems to me to give a much more plausible birthplace for Roger. All the more so as one of his grandsons owned - and probably inherited - land at St Keverne.

Apart from the Roger buried at Whalley, I cannot find a death record in England for a Roger Nowell who died in about 1696: might he have emigrated to the USA with his son Peter? If he did indeed die in a place called Preston, might it have been a Preston on or near the eastern seaboard of the USA?

Some of Roger's other children stayed in Cornwall, and he may not have emigrated to North America.

Does anyone have any information to throw light on all this?
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I have researching this family for a while now too. It seems many of him and his relatives in Argamenticus may be of the Scottish clan "Moody",none of them can be traced too England,that are mentioned in his will. Just interesting note of suggestion.
Thank you, Troy. According to the Wikitree profile, Peter's will refers to land he had bought near Mr Moody's cove, with no suggestion that Moody was a relative. I do not think there is any Moody connection with Roger, Peter's father, nor do I believe Roger had any Scottish connection. Nowells were well established in Cornwall by Roger's time.

In both the USA and England there were later marriage links between people with the surname Nowell and people with the surname Moody, but those I have found are of a different time period from these two profiles.

There seems, alas, to be no official Scottish clan called Moody (or variants like Moodie and Mudie). You can see a list of official clans at There is a more extensive clan list at and again, no Moody name there.

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Arthur Bragdon had a shipyard in Scotland is what is said by Charles Edward Banks. Rowland Young Juniors son Matthews Young' s will 3 people with the sir-name "Moody" are present that name is also I believe in George Puddingtons will and Peter Wears Will? I don't know it just my speculation that Moody is the colonized spelling variant of Moodie. It is just a wild guess with the cards that we are dealt with concerning the selectsman of the patent of Sir Ferdinando Gorges. And theyre unkown English Ancestary.
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Moody, Moodie and Mudie are historically variant spellings of the same name. Moodie and Mudie are less often found in England, and I believe there is a particular Moodie association with the Orkney Islands.

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