What do we know about Pineshooter obijwe wabasha?

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Looks problematic. Any idea if he was real ?
WikiTree profile: Pineshooter Ojibwe
in Genealogy Help by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (817k points)
I do not subscribe to Ancestry, is there documentation there? I would question it. First you are making Red War Bonnet an Ojibwe, but his son is listed as Dakota. Two different tribes that belong to two different language groups.  That is like saying Bob & Mary JONES' son is Michael SCHMIDT!  Makes no sense.  Also Wapasha is listed as a Dakota name - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wapasha
The Ancestry trees this profile seems to be based on are complete garbage, they have this supposed Ojibwe man as the brother of Chief Powhatan of Virginia,  and both men listed as the sons of Powhatan’s brother (although one lists that brother as the wife of Pineshooter).  The man might possibly be real, although I think there are few if any records of individual Native Americans in the Great Lakes area in the early 1600’s.
same as Red War Bonnet. This is a combination of tribes that do not seem reality based.
was red war bonnet real? or he is another made-up ancestor? (I'm trying to attach g2g's to the individual profiles; maybe that's not the best thing to do?)
I believe he is made up.

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Did you look in ancestry.com. his wifes name is mentioned. Will keep looking.
by Living Jones G2G6 Mach 1 (18.1k points)
Lexi, thanks.  We *are* seeking the origins of this legend but need something far better than online family trees and findagrave memorials.
This person appears in several Ancestry trees, some totally unsourced, the others list as a source “Ancestry Family trees” with no sources ad infinitum.  There is nothing to suggest any of this line ever existed.  Nothing makes sense, ridiculous Hollywood Indian names, dates from before any records and even before any Europeans arrived in North America, people who lived 1000 miles apart having children together, men married to their sons or fathers, man fron one tribe has child from second tribe who has child from third  tribe...

The Hollywood names have been given by Euro Canadian to Euro American anglicize versions of what the name really meant, Pine shooter was not his real name but it would have been
Wakute Wazhazha Mdewakanton Wazican Wáȟpe šá. With Indigenous cultures the names that they were from the spirit world and a name that was recognized by family member who already in this world.

Thanks, Darrell. I appreciate your knowledge of naming conventions for this group of people.  But do you know if this person was real?
I will make some phone calls the people of his community should know.

Any and a half later...

Darrell, were you able to learn anything about this family's claimed existence? Thanks.
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If you go to find a grave his great great granddaughter susanne istagiwn

 ita-za-ho-ta-win pinnishon graham is mentioned
by Living Jones G2G6 Mach 1 (18.1k points)
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His wifes name was opechanaoanough
by Living Jones G2G6 Mach 1 (18.1k points)
That was a Name of a male Powhatan chief. Can't be right.

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