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This is a photo of my great-grandmother's birthday gathering in 1935. She was born Esther, but never went by that name, signing her name as Hettie, a nickname for Esther.

The six surviving (out of ten) children all attended. My grandfather, Ralph Sidney Underwod is on the far right. Next to him is his brother, Matthew David Underwood, the "Uncle Math" of a previous picture I shared here.

Hettie was a brother to Confederate veteran John M. Lawing, who died at home on sick furlough in 1863 of a severe illness. Another brother, Confederate veteran William Pinckney Lawing, was killed at the Battle of Jones Farm, 30 September 1964, at the Siege of Petersburg. A brother-in-law, Confederate veteran Larkin Hipp, survived the war.

Hettie's husband was Confederate veteran Jacob Sidney Underwood, who joined his two brothers in Co. C., 10th NC Artillery, wounded at the Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse.

My mother remembers her grandmother as stern and hard working. After her husband died, Hettie took care of her mentally handicapped son, my Uncle Math, for 13 years while he helped to keep the farm going.

I guess you could say that Hettie's husband "married up," as she inherited nearly all her mother's estate at age 17. Jacob and Hettie lived in Gaston County on land that was 1/12 part of his inheritance, but he sold his interest to a brother and moved across the River to Paw Creek where Hettie's land was. Jacob built her a home in 1900, the home where they both died. The home was finally torn down about 2014 to make way for a new nursing home.

Hettie, I believe, was a marvelous and strong woman, surviving the Civil War and all those difficult years that followed. She was esteemed in her community, and I honor the remembrance of her.
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in Photos by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.8m points)
Great picture and story.. I read her bio section on her profile of her obituary. That generation was so special.
I am always amazed when I see the name  'Pinkney' in someone's name . What is the deal with that name. I have many relatives with Pinkney name in there someplace. Many others that are not mine. Where did this name come from and why do wo many people carry it??

Maybe from the famous Pinckney family in South Carolina? 

I had a name running around in my family and several others long ago: Grandison. Then I found out that Grandison was the famous evangelist Charles Finney’s middle name.

It sure breaks up the common names parents give their children over and over again making it sometimes impossible which William or John or James Smith is the one you’re looking for.

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Wow thank you for sharing this wonderful family Photo Pip. What a wonderful story about Hettie and her family, a true treasure to be had.
by Shaun Doust G2G6 Pilot (362k points)
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I just enjoy looking at this treasure of a photo of your great grandmother  86 years birthday, with family, wonderful you mention the names.


What a sad story for some of them who did not survive,


Thank you Pip for sharing a delightful photo and the story to know what happened with the family.
by Susan Laursen G2G Astronaut (3.1m points)
Susan, one son (the youngest) died at 2 1/2 years. A daughter died during childbirth delivering her seventh.  Another son died, as my grandfather would say, of hard living. And a daughter died delivering her first. Tough times.

Also in the picture from left to right! Jacob William “Jake” Underwood, Eva Beatrice Underwood Tesh, Bettie Rosa Underwood Johnson, and Fannie Amelia Underwood Hollar. Aunt Rosa was the only one I ever met. She lived to be 97, and I was a pallbearer at her funeral, as I was for my grandfather.
Pip I always think how terrible it must be for parents to outlive there children, but in old time many children did died very young it is sad.

Wow 97 yers wow that is. Very high ages

My mother but in the old days it must have been unusual to get to a high ages like this.


I bet you would have wish you could have meet them all and get there story, I always tell young people ask your family and relatives befit is to late.

Thank you for explaining much appreciated

If there was ever a truth spoken it’s this: “I always tell young people ask your family and relatives before it’s too late.”  I do wish I had met them. That’s why I pump my 91 yr. old mother for her memories.

Here’s a story to prove the point. I was a genealogy gathering here in Brevard and was introduced to an elderly lady, one of those who just knew stuff. She asked who was my grandmother. Bertie Ella Galloway. Then asked for her father. Rufus McKellan Galloway. Finally she asked for his father. Clifford Galloway. When I said that, she went, “Ahhhh.” I knew hat there was some story to be told before we met, but I failed to ask her what she knew. Now it’s too late. 

Ask, ask, ask! 

Could not agree more you ar very lucky still have your mother to ask,

And alive of course.

My parents both die when I was young and my mother while she live would not tell me anything, she was born and live in Hong Kong until her parents died.  have you any idea how difficult it is to find your family in China took me 16 years to found out about my grandmother and my great grandmother was Chinese. But she married my grandfather who came from Scotland it was easier to find, thank god for archives Gro in Uk. But still can’t find anything about my great grandmother because she is Chinese but lucky I have a photo of her
Chinese genealogy must be a very special branch. I wonder if there are professionals over there who work for others who live so far away and not can't get there, but would be unable to translate documents.
Most of the paper are burn, under Sun Yat-sen so cant be find

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