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How sure are we that Suzanne Migaud's parents are who we have listed? I ask because I was adding people in the main tree and I saw a bit of a debate about this. I am a bit hesitant to add the parents because of the debate. It doesn't help that Geni's tree has a Michel Migaud as a father. I do not know if that's the same man that's the father for Suzanne here. No mother has been added.

So, what do we know about Suzanne? Is the stuff we have accurate? If so, I can probably fix the things on Geni. =D
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in Genealogy Help by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (572k points)

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We aren't, have added the marriage contract to my shopping list to see if I can find it in archives, don't hold your breath, don't go there often at all.
by Danielle Liard G2G6 Pilot (481k points)
Don't worry. I won't hold my breath or anything. I skipped adding her parents and moved on to other parts of the tree. Like I said. I only asked because the profiles seemed a little off to me and there was that debate. I like things to be accurate. Is it OCD? Probably. But, I like things to have something provable.

In fact, when I posted I was like "Eh....maybe I should close the thread."

didn't have to go anywhere, the named notary's acts are now online.  Somebody goofed royally, there is no such contract to be found with that notary, and when I examine where the data came from, it was PREFEN, which is no longer accessible online.  Checking the inventory of notarial acts, it is not listed at all in his acts.  sad

Wow. I asked this in 2018? Huh. Time flies.

Sorry we haven’t gotten anywhere with this. I know we’re trying to tie up loose ends. It’s okay. We got a lot sorted elsewhere. Don’t let one person’s mistake get ya down.
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I would be quite surprised if the parents shown on WikiTree are correct. The family name is different (though not different enough to completely rule out a family connection), the region is different (Perche is not near Vendée at all).

The father attached to Suzanne is known as the father of another pioneer, Pierre Micheau, from Fontenay-le-Comte, with 4 other known children, none called Suzanne. Antoine Micheau's children born between 1625 and 1640 (and probably also the eldest, born 1622, though her mother is not mentioned) were born to Marie Train, who died in 1662, so he can't have been married to someone else at the time Suzanne was born. I guess Marie Lorrain is either a bad transcription of "Train" or the result of a conflation with another couple (from "Select Marriages"?). Anthoine had the name Michel added to his profile (I removed it, if there is a source for it, it is easy to add it back), it is not clear where that comes from. I have no idea where all the ancestors added to Anthoine Micheau come from either. An online book with genealogies of minor noble families, perhaps?

Fichier Origine has some info on Anthoine, as Pierre Micheau's father.

To me this looks like two families conveniently, or naively, cobbled together with the help of a somewhat similar name (Migaud/Michaud) so that Suzanne's descendants may enjoy one or two additional generations of ancestors. And then it got disseminated, etc. etc. I could be completely wrong, but that's what it looks like, at first sight.

by Isabelle Martin G2G6 Pilot (481k points)
I can disconnect Suzanne from them until further notice. If you want me to that is. This part of the tree seems like a mess.  And you know what? That was my line of thinking, too. There's endogamy (Which was common in Quebec.) and then there's "HEY! These names sound familiar! They gotta be the same!" "Sir. It's Smythe. Not Smith." "I don't care! I get paid either way!!"

So it might be a good idea to disconnect. What do you think?
If you feel so inclined, yes. It's nicer to post a note that you'll disconnect unless a source is provided and come back a couple of weeks later to disconnect - though in that case, sources have been asked for over one year ago and none came. I've already marked the parents uncertain :-)
Ironically I just heard a chainsaw outside the second I read this post. Dunno if I can disconnect as it is PPP'd.
Ah, yes, if you are Project Coordinator, you can edit the parents of a PPP'd profile.

We must link Mummy from somewhere (perhaps a note in Anthoine's profile), or we'll forget who she was supposed to be.
Well, I just lopped off the "daddy". So I guess I can do it.
That sounded so wrong....

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