Euro-aristo agreement required on LNAB change

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I've been able to change her parents, but I also think we should change Katherine's LNAB. (It is project protected, and apparently I can't do it.) As explained in the text for her, with a bit more detail in her father's profile, contemporary English texts write many variations such Panyson and Panyston. The Penistone spelling is something I find only in modern books which has even led to strange claims that although she was born in Italy, she must have had English ancestry. (A good example of why you should look back at the primary records!) In fact Complete Peerage and various other works identified her Italian family long ago. It is consistently spelled as Panizzone there. I am open to ideas about which spelling to put in the CLN and OLN boxes, but I guess this is where we can put a hint about her English names such as Panyston.
WikiTree profile: Catherine Vaux
in Policy and Style by Andrew Lancaster G2G6 Pilot (124k points)

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I've removed the project protection, so when the LNAB is decided you will be able to change it.

The European Aristocrats project should be added as co-manager if the protection is put back. Or another relevant project (England?).
by Isabelle Martin G2G6 Pilot (514k points)
As a French, Italian and English connected person, I think it will be hard to pin one project on her. BTW, this was discussed before. I hope we can get a clean result and move ahead.

The profile indicates:

The earliest record of her appears to be as Katerine Penyson' in "The household of Queen Margaret of Anjou, 1452-3"

Hi Jillaine, yes I wrote that.

...And Queen Margaret of Anjou was the daughter of the King of Provence, and a member of the extended royal family of France. Her branch held on to large parts of Italy. (The title of King of Provence was not the only one the family had over the years.)

...We also know that Katherine was said to have been from Piedmont (Italy).
I would think that pending some indication of her father's spelling around the time she was born, I'd go with the spelling on her earliest known record.
To my eye, this is very similar to the Englishification of Irish names. Based on our naming standards her LNAB should be Panizzone with a citation. "Katherine" is a very English first name too, prob could just have Catherine.
I agree with Kirk.

@Jillaine, the record you mention is of a young foreign adult lady in a new country, not anything to do with her time or place of birth. Probably there are more records in France and Italy. Certainly there will have been.

As I understand it there is also a principle on wikitree of trying to keep surnames the same between parents and children when practical. So in this case should we change Katherine's whole family? I am thinking that would not be practical.
Andrew, since you and Kirk are in agreement, and after reading your discussion, I'm fine with Panizzone.  BTW, I added the project as a PM on the profile.
Well, in order to avoid this discussion petering out until it comes up again, I will ask in the negative way, pushing for action:

Does anyone see any reason for me NOT to change LNAB to Panizzone?

Suggestions about CLN can be handled without so much fuss because they are supposedly more easily reversible.

(I do honestly wonder about the story that LNAB changes are terribly difficult for the computers. But I am trying to work by it.)

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