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I just got my mother's Family Finder results at FTDNA.  

I have only barely started her tree there, but when i looked at it just now, it was spontaneously referencing her maternal grandparents' profiles on WikiTree.

Is that a new thing? Is that going to make it a lot easier to to build her tree on FTDNA?  What button do i need to click?
in The Tree House by Shirlea Smith G2G6 Pilot (292k points)

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More than likely, a Wikitreeer, who has an extensive data base, was able to link your grandparents profile to her profile.

If her maiden name was Farrar, it was probably me.
by Living Farrar G2G6 Mach 1 (16.2k points)
If that is the case then I hope you two will link to your shared ancestral couple in WikiTree ;-)  Thanks!
hi Jennifer and Peter!  

It wasn't Farrar, though no doubt someone is happy that you made a Farrar connection for them, Jennifer!  

Mine is and her husband

All it says on my FTDNA tree is 'See WikiTree Marsden' and 'See WikiTree Povey'.  I can understand it knowing that the father's surname should be Marsden based on the following generation, but how is it knowing that Mrs. Marsden's maiden name was Povey?  

I'm clicking on the words and the circle and nothing takes me through to WikiTree...

I've searched the matches for Marsden and Povey surnames.  There are two matches for each, but the matches with Marsden don't have Povey and vice versa.  They don't have this couple in their trees.

How can i find out whether indeed someone has linked to the WikiTree profiles and who it was that did that?  I have looked at the profiles but i didn't notice anything - of course i don't know what i'm looking for...
I'vve made more than one connection. But I have not the faintest notion of how to track down someone who linked profiles.  

The links don't show up in Changes tab.

However looking at your profile I see a problem

Her last name at Birth (LNAB) was Povey, however her father is John Edward Brodhurst and her mother was Charlotte Povey


The biography mentions that she was adopted by the Whittakers, but there is no source info that John Edward Brodhurst was the father.

I assume that her LNAB was taken from her mother Charlotte Povey (Jackson).

I think some explanation is needed in the biography to address this otherwise confusing situation. Normally the LNAB in the Anglo Saxon World is that of the father, not the mother.
Charlotte Povey was not married when her daughter was born.  Therefore the child is not given the father's family name, but uses the mother's name.  Charlotte named the father on the birth certificate.  I have just attached the birth certificate
That's cool. I don't need to see the birth certificate. I suggest that your comment be added to her daughters profile. To clarify any future misunderstanding.

I figured she was born out of wedlock. Myself not a big believer in convention either.

You are doing good.

I would be interested in the generous genealogist who helped you connect ancestors or relatives.


That is what this program really is all about, helping others, too often we get tunnel vision and it is all about us.

Best Wishes.
Thanks Jennifer!  How does one link profiles between WikiTree and FTDNA trees?
There is no way to link between FTDNA and Wikitree

Bear in mind also that FTDNA and have a plethora of trees, almost one for each member.

Wikitree only has one tree.

In other words if you go to FTDNA or you will find many trees with the same individual. Not so on wikitree. If there is a duplicate someone will catch it, hopefully, and merge it.


And that brings up a second subject.  And that is importing GEDCOM's (family tree files) into Wikitree. I don't know if they still allow it, but I hope not as importing a persons tree creates duplicates which then have to be cleaned up and merged.

I have an extensive data base, over 9,000 persons.  However I did not import my data base (GEDCOM, or Family tree). I entered them individually until I ran into a duplicate, profiles created by someone else, then I used that profile.

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