First attempt with WikiData and Notables Sticker [closed]

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Today I made my first attempt to add the Notables Sticker and the WikiData template to a profile. I would like some advice about how I did. Please just tell me if it is right or what to do if it is not right, don't edit those items, because that is the only way I will learn the right way.
WikiTree profile: James Boone
closed with the note: needs no further comments in the direction it is taking
in Policy and Style by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
closed by Dale Byers

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Um, not quite.  You have
== Biography =={{Notables Sticker}}

when it should actually be
{{Notables Sticker}}

The Notables Sticker comes directly underneath the ==Biography== heading, with no blank lines in between.
by Ros Haywood G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
I tried that way Ros but I do not like how it displays. If it is required to place it that way I would rather just not use it.

Also I used this from the Style Guide, "They are usually placed directly below the Biography headline, but they can be placed anywhere in the biography section, such as near where the information being highlighted is discussed."

Here is the proper order:

As a matter of fact, Dale, if you put the Sticker immediately below the Biography heading, it *will* be next to the events in the narrative which cause him to be a Notable.

The problem with the way you put the sticker:

== Biography == {sticker}

is that you ruin the Biography headline.  Yours looks like this:

== Biography ==

when it should be:


Are you trying to avoid the text from wrapping around the sticker?  I think if you skip a few lines before your test, you'll get the desired effect.

I tried it out and that IS one solution.  Another idea is to place the second paragraph first.  That paragraph states why he is notable and would look good and make sense to have that test wrap around the notable sticker.  Then you could just make one paragraph with his birth and death information.  Or you could even make the sub-headings:

=== Birth ===

=== Death ===
So what you are saying Ros is that the help section for biography's contradicts what the style guide for stickers says. No wonder people get confused using WikiTree, the help section is just a bunch of contradictions.

Also Ros that section you referenced said that is the Recommended order, so that is not carved in stone.

All right, Dale, this is from the section *you* quoted.  It was the sentence above the one you said you used:

Profile Stickers go in the text section of the edit page below the Biography headline. There should be no extra hard returns above or below it, and no horizontal rules (----).

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I've been putting the WikiData just above the sources.  I like how you did it much better!
by Lucy Selvaggio-Diaz G2G6 Pilot (677k points)
Lucy, that is where the Notables Project says to put it. I did not use their way to source Wikipedia because I feel since Wikipedia gives us a "Chicago Style" source to just paste in it is only polite to cite the record the way they request.

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