How do I create a GEDCOM file from my WikiTree data?

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I want to take all the work I've done creating a family tree on WikiTree and be able to transfer it by creating a GEDCOM file to download.  Can you help?
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If you go to My WikiTree > GEDCOMs, there is an option to download a GEDCOM.
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Jamie, while I upvoted your answer you should know that downloading a GEDCOM file from WikiTree is easy  but the resulting file will not work with any program I have tried. I have been working with genealogy programs since the 1980's and this is the first "GEDCOM" I have not been able to transfer.
Which programs have you tried?

I've had no issues importing to RootsMagic or
I'm STILL trying to create a gedcom file without luck.  It appeared that I needed to have a genealogy program installed on my computer in order for it to know HOW to create the file in a gedcom form.  So I installed RootsMagic Essentials, the only free software that seemed safe to load.  It only gives you 2 options to load your gedcom from...Ancestry and FamilySearch...clearly one more Ancestry conglomerate!!!  Is there NO chance to be free of them and do my genealogy work?!!!  

I downloaded from Wikitree via its instructions, and the file still can only be saved as a txt file... and tho it looks like a text file, there's little in there but names, dates and places.  And GedMatch will not accept it in this form.

Hi Lynn. You might get better attention from experts on RootsMagic if you start a new G2G question, but here are a couple of points. Apologies if they don't help.

  • A GEDCOM file is a text file, though in a very structured form. Once you get it onto your computer, you may be able to rename it so as to change .txt to .ged: perhaps that might encourage RootsMagic to accept it.
  • As far as I know, GEDmatch wants DNA files, not GEDCOM files. Despite the "GED" in both the names, GEDCOM files and the DNA files needed for GEDmatch are quite different things.
Thanks Jim, for your attempt to answer my question.

I'm not a part of RootsMagic...just loaded its free version to try to give my computer the ability to interpret and convert a gedcom file.  Don't really need more to wade thru.

I DID figure out how to change the file name... by clicking on ALL Files and changing the name extension.  But that doesn't give my computer any ability to know what to do with that type of file.

FYI...I understand the diff between a gedcom and a DNA file when in GedMatch.  Guessing you weren't aware either am sharing this with you...  you can load your gedcom to GedMatch so that your matches can access it and compare notes to find MRCA.
You will not find a link on your computer to the ged extension. It is only recognized as an import in genealogy software. Not like .doc is for a word processing application. There are a number of recommendations for such software in the help files under splitting a gedcom.

To save hunting, the Help page Dave refers to is

Thanks for the reply, Lynn. Sorry I didn't know GEDmatch takes GEDCOM files! Does it make a difference now you have renamed the file to .ged? If not, is there an error message GEDmatch gives that might clarify what the problem with the WikiTree GEDCOM file is?

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