How true is GEDMATCH information I received regarding ancestors

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I uploaded/downloaded my GEDmatch/pedigree and saved to my computer.  My question is all 5 pages are they from my DNA and how true are they in the names of my ancestors?

Thank you
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Can you describe exactly what you uploaded and/or what you downloaded, and where from and where to? And what "all 5 pages" is?

A bit of info, though. GEDmatch is a database site where you can register for an account, and upload results for a DNA test. You then use the various tools, etc., to determine if there are possible relationships between two or more DNA test results.

GEDmatch itself doesn't determine any relationships. You have to determine them yourself by comparing your test results with other test results, and evaluating the matches.

Some users have uploaded GEDCOM files and/or provided links to wikitree information, but none of that information should be considered "true" without researching the information in a similar way to the research and information on wikitree profiles. Information regarding matches found using GEDmatch can indicate the probability that the research is correct.

EDIT: If you've registered with GEDmatch and you're interested on how best to use the site, you might want to click on one or more of the links to FAQs or help pages. Reading some of the posts in the GEDmatch forums may also provide useful information.

EDIT2: The wikitree help page should also provide you with relevant information:

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It sounds like you might be confusing gedmatch (DNA matching) with gedcom (pedigree). Pedigree typically refers to one's paper trail of research, noting one's parents, and their parents, etc. DNA matching is a still evolving science that attempts to compare and match the data from your 23 pairs of chromosomes to other people who might also be in your family tree.

The larger your cM (centimorgan) match, the more likely you are related. With the smaller cM match, it can be just as likely that you're not actually related, because the "match" might actually be just a chance, random match. This is known as IBS (Identical by State). The other is IBD (Identical by Descent), which can be used to confirm an already known paper trail research, or be used to help fill in the missing gaps in one's research.

So, no. Not all of those "matches" are true. You'll have to research the various family trees in try and find where the actual connections are (if any).
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