Proposed revision to birth and death years for Clement Vincent, England, 1500s

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The profile for Clement Vincent, Esq is a Euroaristo profile and British Project profile.  It presently lists birth year as 1535 and death as 1551, both unsourced.  Various other unsourced dates are used in family trees.  I could not find a source in Ancestry.  (Possibly dates are listed in Richardson's, Royal Ancestry: A Study in Colonial and Medieval Families vol. 4 p. 456, 457, if anyone can check?) I propose to revise the estimates to "about 1515" and after 1567" for the reasons now added to the Bio.  As these are project profiles, I am raising this here for discussion before making any changes.  (Clement is father of the Magna-Carta-linked Elizabeth (Vincent) Lane.)

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One of the reasons I can see for making Clement's birth date earlier is that his daughter Elizabeth has a birth date of 1547.

However her birth date is unsourced and looks to be far too early. Her brother Bryan has a birth date of 1567 based on his matriculation aged 15, and although infant mortality was high so was the death of the mother in childbirth, so an 20 year gap between children is worth investigating.

The other issue is that baptism of her eldest son was in 1584 and what is possibly an elder daughter in 1589, which again would indicate that she was born later than 1547.

Unless there were more details with dates about Clement, I think changing his birth date is problematic.
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Richardson (under RANDOLPH) has no dates for Clement, so there probably aren't any.

Clement's father George was born about 1493 (24 in 1517) and Clement's granddaughter was baptized 1589.  That makes a 96-year span to divide into 3, which is very comfortable with plenty of slack.  It would lead to about 1525 and 1557 as a first guess for the generations in between.

George had 3 wives, and 7+2 kids by his 1st wife, and more later, so they didn't hang about.  Clement was 3rd son, so maybe earlier rather than later, more like 1520.

Clement's sister Jane (under CORBIN) married (2nd) in 1546 and had 8 kids before her husband died in 1559.  That also suggests she was born around 1520.  We don't know whether Jane or Clement was born first.

Not suggesting that we can infer any facts here.  It's just estimating for the sake of estimating.

Jane and her 2 sisters Joan seem to be a duplicates.
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George's mother Anne Grimsby is a stretch.  Father died in 1462, 1st husband living in 1505, but she had 4 kids with her 2nd husband.

If you're going back through the Motons, the Visitation pedigree is garbled, but this article looks like a good source.  PDF download, about 7 MB.  From Leicestershire Archaeological Journal, Vol. 17, apparently.


The latter is an interesting link. p.137 gives the will and postmortem inquisition for George Vincent.  He died in 1566, survived by third wife Anne.  Eldest son Edward was 40 years old so born 1526, suggesting other siblings born after.  Current profile lists them all as born in 1511-1521, but are unsourced.  (Only source listed is Visitations of County of Nottingham..., but that just lists connections and not birth years.)

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