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Can anyone help with this Russian name for the Volga German city of Frank?

Medeveditskii Krestovyi Buyerak

This is the village where my step-daughter’s ancestors were from. Many thanks!

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Hopefully someone else can chime in to help, but it appears that Medveditskiy Krestovyi Buerak (Медведицкий Крестовый Буерак), was a German crown colony named for the river and gully in which it crossed.

Medveditsa (Медве́дица) is a river in the Volga (Volgograd) Region of Russia. Buerak (Буерак) means 'gully', Krestovyi (Крестовый) means 'cross'. So loosely translated it would be something like "Where Medveditsa crosses the gully".

Historical Note: Frank, (otherwise known as Krestvoi Buyerak, Medeveditskii Krestovyi Buyerak, Medveditza, Medveditzkoi Krestovoi Buyerak, Medwedizki Krestowoi Bujerak, Крестовый Буерак, Медведицкий Буерак, Медведицкий Крестовый Буерак, or Франк) was founded in 1767 by families from Mecklenburg, the Palatinate, Saxony, and Darmstadt-Isenburg, or what is now southwestern Germany.

Links of interest:

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Thanks, Steven. I had a hint that this would be close to the river and named by a geographic element, but really I had no idea. Much appreciated! And thanks for the links, too!
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Contact and ask one of the WikiTree language volunteers.

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Thanks, David. Never knew we had these. Much appreciated!
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Google Translate gives an often very bad machine translation from any language into any other language, if the printing can be read.  It is enough to get the gist of it, if nothing else.  It reads Russian characters very well.  Just copy the characters and paste it there.
by Lana H G2G6 (9.3k points)

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