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WikiTree profile: Laura Bozzay
in The Tree House by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (855k points)

Happy Father's Day to All the Fathers in the World.  While this is celebrated in the USA this Sunday, let's share the tradition with all our members all over the world.  

Thank you for hosting this WIKITREE HAPPY FATHER'S DAY WEEKEND CHAT. You should change the title to WIKITREE HAPPY FATHER'S DAY WEEKEND CHAT.

Also welcome everyone to the WIKITREE HAPPY FATHER'S DAY WEEKEND CHAT.
Thanks for the chat!

21 Answers

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Fathers’ Day

  1.  Considered to be Father of the US Constitution. 
  2.  Called the Father of Genetics. 
  3.  What is known as the father of truth? 
  4.  What father appears on New Years Eve with Baby New Year? 
  5.  On Golden Pond starred this famous real life Father and Daughter. 
  6.  Which won more Oscars, The Godfather or The Godfather Part II? 
  7. This romantic comedy was set in WWII South Pacific and won an Oscar. 
  8. Steve Martin starred in this film and its sequel. 
  9. Who is known as “The Crime Fighting Priest” of Youngstown? 
  10. This historical figure is said to have fathered over 1,000 children. Genetic analysis has shown he is a male-line ancestor of 0.5% of the world's population.  
Answers are in the answer folder and both a docx and pdf version of the puzzle can be found here:
by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (855k points)
Great and marvelous puzzle to represent Father's Day weekend. Laura.

+17 votes


1.  This weekend the USA celebrates Father’s Day.  Ways to honor your Dad:

  1. Spruce up his profile.  Make sure you have good sources and write a nice bio that gives a flavor of the man who raised you.
  2. Look for photos to add to his profile
  3. Share stories and the profile with your family
  4. Ask your family members what they remember the most about him

2.  Many people BBQ and have family over for Father’s Day.  You might want to play a game of how well do you know your Dad?  Ask questions like:

  1. What was his favorite food?
  2. What was his hobby?
  3. What was his favorite saying?
  4. What was his favorite color?
  5. What was his favorite sport?
  6. Where did he go to grade school?
  7. Where did he go to high school?
  8. What was his first job?

If Dad is living you get to compare your answers to his.  If he has passed on you get to compare them with your family members.  And you might find some nuggets to add to his profile!

3.  These get togethers may take you to a cemetery to visit graves of male ancestors.   Female ancestors will be there too!  This is a great opportunity to take photos, to copy down what information is on the grave.  Also, you might want to stop by the office and see if they have any information that is not on the grave.  

by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (855k points)
*rubs hands together* This gon' be good!

Profile spruced: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Ferraiolo-4

Dunno about adding a pic just yet.

Good questions to ask! Of course knowing my dad he'd be like "Why are you asking me all these questions?!"
Good job!  I miss my Dad every day.  He died in 2015 on my wedding anniversary.  I was with him when he passed.  It was peaceful.  We knew it was going to be soon.  His heart activity had dropped rapidly in the last few days.   People came in from all over to hold his hand, to sing to him, to say goodbye.  He was everyone's best friend and never knew a stranger.  His friends came in all sizes and shapes, all colors, all nationalities, and religions.  It was a great way to grow up being exposed to so many different cultures and thinking.  Thanks Dad for being there for me and always being glad to see me! I miss you and your ready smile! https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Pennie-19
So sorry about your dad. =( My dad is like that, too. He has his own practice here in town and he always told my brother and I that we couldn't get away with anything. He'd find out about it pretty fast. When I was a kid, he went to my elementary school to talk to kids about dental care and to this day some of my former classmates remember that.

He was also president of the NH ADA for a short time and knows a ton of dentists in NH. He and my grandfather also built the house I grew up in.

I digress. Great memories will keep your dad's spirit alive and it sounds like you have quite a few. =D
Yeah and they are good ones.
Awesome. =)
Father's Day was always a great family day to get together to honor all the family fathers in our generation.  Thanks for sharing these awesome tips Laura!!
Happy Father's Day to all the Father's in your family Sandra!
Laura for your question here I can only answer 4 for sure. He ran track in high school so that would probably be his favorite sport, He has many hobbies like hunting, fishing, gardening, and bee keeping. I am sure there are more but at almost 88 he can not do everything anymore. He went to Mayfield High School in Mayfield Hights, Ohio, United States. His first job was an inspector in a machine shop. I could ask the rest Monday when I see him but I think I am going to avoid the food question because his current diet is very strict and he can't eat a lot of things he likes anymore. Well back to the radio for a bit more.
My questions are just meant to help put some meat on the bones.  You can add any others you think would be fun to know!  Best friends, funniest memory, etc...
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Too hot to put on shoes and socks?? Or are you headed to the pool or beach?? 

Well "Today" is ...... 


In 2007, Tropical Smoothie Cafe created National Flip Flop Day to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Every year on this date, customers who come into participating Cafes across the nation wearing flip-flops receive a free Jetty Punch Smoothie.  Tropical Smoothie then gives proceeds of a $1 paper flip flop from customers to send ill children and their families to Camp Sunshine.

Camp Sunshine is based in Casco, Maine, and their mission is focused solely on addressing the effects of a life-threatening illness on every member of the immediate family — the child, the parents and the siblings. 

Flip-flops are a type of sandal, typically worn as a form of casual wear. They consist of a flat sole held loosely on the foot by a Y-shaped strap known as a toe thong that passes between the first and second toes and around both sides of the foot.

This style of footwear has been worn by the people of many cultures throughout the world, originating as early as the ancient Egyptians  in 1,500 B.C. The modern flip-flop descends from the Japanese zōri, which became popular after World War II  when soldiers returning to the United States brought them back. They became popular  unisex summer footwear starting in the 1960s.



by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.8m points)
Summertime, sunshine, flip-flops, lemonade, and a good book while lazing by the pool or swaying in a hammock...   great fun! Lots of memories...
The flip flop are in wonderful color look like they are amazing to walk in

I like the colors on them, but I don't like flip flops because of the loop between the big toe and other toes. Always caused me trouble with rashes.  They are a plus for kids to splash in puddles etc so not to ruin their dress shoes or sneakers. They are mandatory for some public shower places however to avoid athletes' foot and other diseases. 

+16 votes
How timely is “Meet a new cousin recently?”! I found a profile this morning and edited some sources on it, a great-great uncle. I saw the manager’s name, a Henry Hoover, and I began to think, “Hmmm.... there were Hoovers in my neighborhood where I grew up. They were put there when Paw Creek was the Garden of Eden. Well it seemed like that growing up. Memory works that way, sometimes.

I checked Henry’s ancestry, and bingo, there it was. His ancestor, William Pinckney Lawing was a brother to my ancestor, Hettie Lawing Underwood. So, Henry and I are third cousins. Though he was just enough older than me for us to not know each other, we lived only about four miles from each other and went to the same high school. Turns out, we are both Todd descendants, same family in Paw Creek, but I haven’t worked that one kit yet.

What a pleasure to meet Henry, if only in cyberspace. Only on WikiTree!
by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.8m points)
I am so please for you Pip you have found more relatives, you really must feel over the moon, I always think when you find new relatives it makes you so happy.
Always fun to meet cousins!
+16 votes

Yesterday in the United States, we celebrated the US Army's 243rd Birthday; and also it was Flag Day!! 


Most historians agree that the time-honored tradition of celebrating the United States flag began more than 100 years ago. Before it went national, the first celebrations happened on a local scale—so the exact date is hard to pin down.

A resolution was signed by America's brand new Congress on June 14, 1777, that finalized the flag's design. It said that the flag should have "thirteen stripes of alternate red and white, with a union of thirteen stars of white in a blue field, representing the new constellation."

That flag was first used in battle a few months later, on September 11 of the same year, but it took years after that for the flag to get its own holiday. It wasn't until 1959 that the flag was designed with the 50 stars it has today.  

First reports of a flag day celebration came out of Hartford, Connecticut, in the 1860s. Around that time, schools all over the country were holding Flag Day celebrations in the hopes of making immigrant children feel more connected to the country. 


Reference the U.S.  Army Birthday, in short, The U.S. Army was founded on June 14, 1775, when the Continental Congress authorized enlistment of riflemen to serve the United Colonies for one year. The 14 June date is when Congress adopted "the American continental army" after reaching a consensus position in The Committee of the Whole.




by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.8m points)
I put two new flags up at our house yesterday and I hope they remain in good condition until at least July 4th.
Growing up in the USA we often don't realize what it means to people in other countries.  Ask those who were liberated by American forces how they felt when they saw the flag coming their way...bringing hope... and relief.

Or ask someone who fought against us what seeing our flag meant to them.

We often don't realize what our flag means.  I am just glad it is our flag.
It also happened to be the President's birthday and the day the IG report got released.

Got our flags out!!  It was nice to drive around and see all the flags that were put out for Thursday, Flag Day. My dad would say "HOOAH" for the US Army birthday and be the first to eat the cake lol. 

+13 votes
I found a new DNA match so I was talking to her via email about how we could be related, and we discovered that her father was a BHC - a British Home child - a child torn from his family in England and brought to Canada to work on the farms as a virtual slave.

His daughter whom I am in contact with, says he never spoke much about his childhood and she had never heard of the British Home child scheme.

So I had fun yesterday looking for all his records from the time he arrived in Canada.

I still have to find out how she and I are related, and when I do, then I can ask her if I can put her family on Wikitree. But not until then.

My family chat starts in 4 hours.
by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
I did some research for someone about BHC and that was some of the most heart wrenching research I have done in a long time.  They were sent to Canada and Australia.  And sometimes it seemed like siblings were separated miles apart.  So sad....

Hope you have a great conference call!
It was not at all unusual for one sibling to be sent to Canada and another sent to Australia and they were both told that their parents and siblings were dead so that their descendents never knew about the other side of the family.

The lady I am in contact with, has just found a new cousin in Australia that she had no idea about. They are 3rd cousins.

I am wondering if perhaps some of her fathers family emigrated from England just to avoid having their children be sent off under the BHC Scheme.
Just finished my family chat. My father died at the end of June 2016 - so its almost 2 years ago now.  I was asking my mother and sister if they  knew the answers to your questions. The answer was NO - most of them we did not know.

Questions to ask your dad...  (My Dad died in June 2016)

    What was his favorite food? - Don't Know - He didn't really have one
    What was his hobby? - Reading and Painting
    What was his favorite saying? Ferme la porte - he was always telling us kids to shut the door - in French!! LOL
    What was his favorite color? - No idea.
    What was his favorite sport? - He loved to watch cricket and rugby, but he also liked to be active in - walking, tramping and hiking
    Where did he go to grade school?  - Mornington Primary, Dunedin, NZ
    Where did he go to high school? - OBHS, Dunedin, NZ
    What was his first job? - His first job was for RJ Cook and Young - Public Accountant - His 2nd job was for Macintosh Toffees. Still in Dunedin of course.

My mother was saying that she didn't find the manuscript for his memoirs until Dad's funeral (July 2016). She had no idea that he had even written this. But I'm sure she must have known back in 2004 when I got my first copy. Dad sent me a Word Document.

Mum's copy of the manuscript has editing notations in it. So we have decided that I will send back a copy of the WORD document that I have had since 2004 so that Mom and Sister can edit it properly, and then they will organise some hard bound copies.

OBHS = Otago Boys High School
Awesome replies to your family chat and this weekend's tips  Robynne!!
You did great Robynne!
+12 votes
I am here for now. Tomorrow is ARRL Kids Day so from about this time  until 6 hours later, 1800 to 2359 UTC, I will be on the radio. See this link for more information http://www.arrl.org/kids-day . The next two weeks will be about the same because next weekend is a big Emergency practice event called Field Day and the week after that I will be out of town, mostly driving on the freeway for over 16 hours. I have been working on making some connections for profiles I manage as well as adding sources to other profiles I manage. I guess I might have more time on the chat next month , but you never know anymore.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
Be safe.  Know you are doing things to help others.  Way to go!
Good for you Dale!

We've been talking about trying to get some interest from the 7 year old grandson, but you can't push it until they are ready.

Enjoy Field Day
Hope you have a safe journey Dale. 16 hours is a long drive!! Thanks for the update!
+13 votes
Okay. This week I'm back in action and bringing the laughter. Last week I had some issues to resolve and they're out of my hands this week.  Wow. That's really vague. I know someone's gonna come along and say "Chris, that's vague." They'd be right.

This week you may have seen me talk about the NEHGS opening up a searchable feature on their site for ancestors who were hat buckle wearing Pilgrims. Check it out here: https://dbnews.americanancestors.org/2017/07/13/mayflower-families-fifth-generation-descendants-1700-1880/

That's a cool resource and my first tip. Keep your ear to the ground for new and exciting things in the field of genealogy.

Next tip is to always be patient when dealing with new cousins. Just be patient, courteous and try not to throw heavy objects no matter how tempting it might be. =)

Father's day is this weekend. Got a card full of dad jokes. Got his present. All he needs is to have his boat engine fixed. Long story.

Have a great weekend, everyone!
by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (805k points)
that is my oldest daughter - she says are you messing with those dead people again?

I know what you mean about cousins - had one first cousin contact me - I knew all the cousins on moms side somewhat even though they were all much older - but only two on dads side I met one time - so this was his brothers son - we introduced ourselves - never got anything after that - most of the new ones I meet on FS or here do not really get the source thing - "isn't an ancestry tree a source?" they ask me? good thing I can not throw heavy things at them!
Ancestry has one heck of a marketing arm.
*shows up in full Celtics gear.* Hey. I am not one to bow down to any sponsor. *Eats pizza and brings Pizza Hut box to the camera* Mmmm. Know what would go great with this? Some Breyer's Ice cream.....
I used to work for Pizza  Hut. seems like a 100 years ago now.
I never really liked their pizza. I like the pizza we can get at Tuscan or Bertucci's. Though there's a place called Giovanni's that makes great pizza.
I live in a small town. We have a papa johns, dominos, pizza hut, lil ceasars  and pizza factory.

Its wasn't Hut I worked for it was Inn. Gee, wonder why I get them confused. maybe because I don't like either.

I was up to 3 am getting the Jester index off geni.  Fit to be absolutely TIED!!!! Where's my skillett!!!!
I live in a town of 20,000 strong. We have pretty much every nationality covered in terms of restaurants.

Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Greek/Arabic, Indian, Thai and a few others. We have a Little Caesar's. Never had pizza there. Papa John's though is gross.

Good work with the geni index. Was wondering about that. You should log in and help try to make sense of it. Looks pretty messed up.
Once I get it sorted so I can actually see it. I saw a woman i knew on it, wondered about her a few days ago. She passedin 2016.  Her branch of Jesters in High Point NC had a reunion and she invited me to talk about the jesters, back in the early 90s.  Gawd, I'm so embarrased now. Because If I knew  then what I know now... Youthful exuberance will come back to bite you every time.

I had an account there some time ago and now they want money.  So I'm going to sort, and see what is there and what isn't.
Sounds good. Good luck! =D
Pizza, ah pizza.... I lived in Rome, New York, (at that time about 40,000 including those stationed at the AFB) where you have a choice of Italian or Italian, and it’s all good. Most pizza places were local. I never understood how the Pizza Hut stayed in business.
+15 votes

Happy Week end to All!

To help celebrate my favorite time of the year (flowers, beach, fireworks), I thought I'd post a few recent shots from my flower garden:



by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.7m points)
Very pretty!

Sorry, no pictures of the squash we picked from the back yard which will be in a salad tonight.
very nice
Really beautiful flowers Doug. Wish you could help me with my garden lol!! Its small and the flowers don't last long from the animals (dogs will be dogs lol) and other traffic we have in the front yard!!
+12 votes
Hello Cousins,

Well the weekend is upon us and I had so much planned for this past week but struggled through the week but have been able to get some genealogy work done today. Along with putting some plans together for a to-do-list for the Pennsylvania Project of which has a-lot of my attention focusing on clearing up the Unsourced Profiles. So I received my package from myheritage I believe it was on Saturday and placed a stamp on it and dropped it in the USPS Box (United States Postal Service) however that night my curiosity got the best of me so I started google searching what to expect next and found some link to people having to pay almost 3.00 to get it delivered to Texas and all I posted was a stamp with a value of about 49 cents. So that night was horrible and I tossed and turned wondering if it would ever go through or would I get the dreaded stuck in limbo with a final return well as it happens I was out on a walk on Monday when all of a sudden I got an email from myheritage saying that my package has been received. You can't believe the amount of anxiety that just seemed to Vanish. I just felt so renewed so now by today it's finally at stage "DNA Extraction in Progress" so the expected results are July 4th-11th 2018... Oh my the suspense is killing me slowly. But as Brian Greene once said "Exploring the unknown requires tolerating uncertainty." so till next time I post I hope everyone has a safe weekend and remember to spend some time if possible with your Father.
by Anthony McCabe G2G6 Pilot (390k points)
Then the learning curve begins with what do I do with this and how do I use it....   but the good news is you have people who can help with that here on WikiTree!
I look forward to collaboration.
This is the resource page for the WikiTree DNA Project.  There are links on how to read DNA results.  


Autosomal which is what the Quest project provides should bring back "matches" based on a minimum of 7cm and 700 SNPs shared on the same chromosome.  Some companies match only on the cm level and that means you can have someone who shows on their site at a match who is really not a match because the SNPs do not overlap.  For a true match the SNPs must overlap by at least 700 SNP.

For "proof" (this is really more probability than proof) you need at least 3 not closely related people to triangulate.  That means you need 3 cousins, but not 3 siblings to share the same chromosome with at least 7 cm and at least 700 SNP.   You could also have a cousin, a grandchild or grandparent and your sibling test.   But if you have say yourself, your sibling and your parent test all it proves your parent and sibling are really your parent and sibling.  

I am not familiar with how Heritage is doing their matches but I have heard their ethnic origins needs work.  Those are only as good as the gene pool they use which compared to some of the other test companies is not that large or diverse at this point.  

We typically recommend uploading the raw data to GedMatch (please read their privacy policy and if OK with you upload to it).  GedMatch has some of the best reports, has people from all the major labs in their mix, and  has a number of different admixture reports to use for ethnic origin views.
Oh my Laura.... The DNA talk is strong with you. I'm a bit simple you lost me.
Ok. how does this sound?

You get 50% of your DNA from your Mom and 50% from your Dad.  No other % but 50 / 50.

Now that would make you think you get 25% then from each grandparent.  But that is not always true.  You might get 20% from one, 30% from another, 15% from a third, and 35% from a fourth.  This is because of something called recombant DNA.  A big word that means when the genes are mixed they do not come down except for the parents in any specific %.  This is why 2 siblings can test very differently in terms of the ethnic origin tests we see touted.  

Does that make sense so far?
+12 votes
Welcome to the weekend. We'll have daughters and grandson around this weekend.

I have been off on some tangents again this week. In honor of missing dear Eddie I did go through a couple of wills and get some profiles better sourced and flushed out. Dear old Harriet, bless her soul, had absolutely beautiful handwriting (must have been the Palmer method). She left one son her watch, another her watch chain, and the third the rest of her "ornaments". I wonder if they ever did take her wearing apparel and have it remade for themselves.

Since my father died when I was very young, I used my husband's great great grandfather for the 52 Week Ancestors Father's Day. He had about 21 children (6 were step kids from his second wife). Well, that's a real can of worms I seem to have stepped into. There were two different William Knight in eastern Amherst County, Virginia, both born about 1791 and both with lots of children. One of them also had a father named William, and a fourth William Knight moved from Amherst to Tennessee in the early 1800s. Although I have the genealogy book from a family reunion, based on the old family bible (which I wish I had a copy of), it will still be lots of work to figure out all those descendants to keep the families straight. From what I can see, none of those William Knight are among the 569 existing WikiTree profiles. We also found a summary of the Revolutionary War pension application for William's father, and it appears he had an uncle named William.
by Kay Knight G2G6 Pilot (624k points)
good luck with all those Williams!
Wow Kay, 21 children?? Hope you can straighten out the William Knights!! Thanks for the update on your research endeavors!
There were Knight families in both Scotland where mine came from and England were likely my Scottish Knight family originated.

I have seen the name spelled Knight, Knyght, Knyt, and a few other odd variations.  

I find that names do tend to run in families.  But John, James, and William and to some extent Charles and Robert were very common in both the Scottish and English versions of the family so I would suspect this would have come forward to the American colonies.
Kay, one way to discern people with same names and quite close years is to look at the relatives of them like parents, spouses, eventual children and things like that
+11 votes
Weekends tend to sneak up fast around here. Currently I am doing a little bit of work that tends to throw my schedule out of whack and makes it tough to keep up on side projects. I thought it was only thursday so I'm running a day behind. Now I have to go faster to catch up. It's like a dog chasing its own tail. Just as you catch the tip of it you fall over out of dizziness.
by Steven Tibbetts G2G6 Pilot (419k points)
It is the weekend already! Hi everyone - lot to do and when will I find the time?  Plus like a fool I adopted another side family guy - and that led to finding a bunch of duplicated that will need merging - more caffeine! Cilantro, basil and parsley drying in the kitchen, now the rabbit is penned back up so we may get some actual produce soon - son was going to come for a visit but now not sure if he will as youngest will be at a party with her niece - I will babysit the wild three year old grandot Saturday night - wish me luck!  And I still have a big mess to sort out with thre Elizabeth Moores and two Thomas Whites and the ancestor Thomas Dunshee - busy busy
I agree with you Steven, time just flies by and it is already the weekend again!! Dizziness, and now due to weather issues heat exhaustion  (for me anyway) can sit anyone down.

Navarro, looks like you will be quite busy... but glad to get the updates!!! Caffeine, I am addicted to coke (Coca-Cala) especially working on here lol!!
We celebrated Father's Day with our sons and their families tonight.  The girls are growing up so fast and they played very well together.  And I fell asleep during typing this!   Going to bed now....
+12 votes

Hi all, glad to be in the Chat again.  Didn't get a lot of wiki time in this week, and it was mostly organization and grunt work - no new discovery.  BUT, I am planning my next trip to the home village (lol) and am looking forward to getting my little claws scanner on a new fresh set of photos!  Cross fingers!


by Crispin Reedy G2G6 Mach 4 (47.0k points)
Hi Crispin, glad your back!! I will be looking forward to your newest set of photos!!!!
Hi Crispin we are glad you are here too!
+6 votes

I am here early again hopefully that will be normal. My Mom said that the last three days dad has been talking about he is dying and mom says everyone is going to die. Mom thinks it might be because of the masses in stomach area. The last two days they have brought his supper earlier so my mom is coming home earlier. Mom says he is getting stronger. But he still has to have ambulance to take him on Saturday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to dialysis. He still wants to lie around and not move around to keep from getting pneumonia. Mom told my sister yesterday when we get moved up to Greeneville, Tennessee in their new house that she needs to start to look for nursing homes that will take dementia and dialysis people in for good because of how my dad is doing. I was telling mother that I was wondering how big the masses in his stomach was. She said that when she gets daddy better and home that she was going to pursue that and I said that has she thought that he might not get better at all. She said yes she had thought of that.
by Living Barnett G2G6 Pilot (511k points)
Linda it is good that you are facing the hard possibilities.  So often it is easier to change the subject and move past something unpleasant and then not be prepared to deal with the aftermath.  We pray it does not come to that, but it is good to be prepared in case it does.  Good for you in asking the tough questions.
Hang in there, it is so hard to go through these transitions, looks like you are doing your best
Hospice would perhaps give your mother a better understanding of the situation and take the onus off from the family members.
I agree Beulah.  Getting my parents into Hospice was the best thing I did.
+8 votes

Today is......



National Fudge Day is observed annually on June 16th.  National Fudge Day is a food holiday that allows you to indulge in your favorite flavor of this delicious confectionery. Some of the most familiar fudge flavors are chocolate, chocolate nut, peanut butter, maple and maple nut.

Fudge lends itself to experimentation when it comes to flavors. Blending favorites or even a moment of inspiration will create a new delicious kind of fudge. Adding bits of candy, nuts or sprinkles can add just the right celebratory burst of excitement to an old favorite. 

There are three other fudge holidays on the calendar at this time. May 12 celebrates all those nutty fudges. July 22 marks National Penuche Fudge Day. Finally, on November 20 National Peanut Butter Fudge Day is celebrated.

In the late 19th century, some shops on Mackinac Island, Michigan, began to produce similar products as the Vassar College fudge and sold it to summer vacationers. Fudge is still made in some of the original shops located on the famous island.


Pick up some fudge at your local confectionery store and share it with family and friends. Here is agreat fudge recipe if you feel like making your own.

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.8m points)
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Hello - it's been a while since I've added my hellos to the weekend chat, but that doesn't mean i have not been working on my tree.  I am actually above my usual amount of monthly contributions which is generally NEVER at 1000 and it still wont be that close this month either.  But I will get the 100 badge.  I was loaned a laptop with PRDH resource and need to return probably as soon as possible.  I have had it now for about 4 months.  So focusing as much as possible on Quebec ancestors.  Now I am feeling i can't wait to get into my husbands side which is out of Pensylvania and I have a published family genealogy book for that.  That should be fun.

Thanks Laura for hosting and to everyone Happy Father's day and have a great weekend.

Dorothy... my husband says hi, he is a Canadian Air Force Brat.
by Nicole Boorse G2G6 Pilot (900k points)
Every contribution is valuable.  Glad to see you return to the chat! Published a book on family is a wonderful thing!
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Took some work but I entered John Burroughs the naturalist, writer, philosopher, and connected him to the tree. Visited the Historical Site where his grave is, took photos, entered them on the profile.
by Sue Hall G2G6 Pilot (172k points)
A very expensive, elite school where I live is named after him.  Good work!


Beulah, thanks, I fixed the typo and added a link to info on the school.

My keyboard sticks and sometimes I miss a letter.   I really do need to stop and proof read everything....   sigh....
OK  Very welcome.  It just stood out because it was such a short sentence.  I usually scan and read the right word in a long paragraph and never notice them.
Can we have a link to John Burroughs profile, please? Thanks.

Never mind - I found it

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The History of "FATHER’S DAY":

Father’s Day is observed annually on the third Sunday in June.  This day is set aside to honor the role that fathers play in the family structure and society.

After the success of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day observances began to appear.  The road to this national observance was not easy.

  • The first recorded celebration of Father’s Day happened after the Monograph Mining Disaster, which killed 361 men and left around 1,000 children fatherless in December 1907.  Grace Golden Clayton suggested to her pastor Robert Thomas Webb a day honoring all those fathers.  On July 5th, 1908, a gathering in honor of these men took place at Williams Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church South, now known as Central United Methodist Church, in Fairmont, West Virginia.
  • In 1910, the YMCA in Spokane, Washington recruited several clergymen with the help of Sonora Smart Dodd to honor fathers throughout the city.  The date was set for June 5th but was later changed to June 19th (the 3rd Sunday in June) as many clergymen needed more time to prepare.
  • Harry C. Meek, a member of Lions Clubs International, claimed that he first had the idea for Father’s Day in 1915.  Meek argued that the third Sunday of June was chosen because it was his birthday.  The Lions Club has named him “Originator of Father’s Day.”  Meek made many efforts to promote Father’s Day and make it an official holiday.
  • After a visit to Spokane in 1916 to speak at a Father’s Day celebration, President Woodrow Wilson wanted to make it official, but Congress resisted fearing that the observance would become too commercialized.
  • President Calvin Coolidge stopped short of issuing a national proclamation in 1924
  • Sonora Smart Dodd continued to work to make Father’s Day a national observance.  In 1938, she collaborated with the Father’s Day Council, a group of New York Men’s Wear Retailers for the commercial promotion of the observance.  Many Americans resisted the holiday for decades because of these attempts to commercialize the day.
  • In 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson issued the first presidential proclamation honoring fathers on the third Sunday in June.
  • President Richard Nixon signed into law a permanent national holiday in 1972 over 50 years after Mother’s Day came into existence.



*Note: Father’s Day is now celebrated in many countries around the world. To check your country or location go here:


by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.8m points)
In just a couple of hours we are going over to my step son's house for a Fathers Day Brunch. It will be a relatively short celebration because he just returned from a 2 week training deployment with his National Guard unit and returns to work as a prison guard this afternoon but his children wanted to include me in this brunch so that is where we will be. My sisters have a plan to take my father on an outing today so tomorrow I will be taking him out, this works out well because it is supposed to get very hot both today and tomorrow and he does not like to run the air conditioning in his house plus he gets two days instead of just one.
Sounds like a wonderful and memorable way to celebrate Father's Day Dale!!!
Dale enjoy your family and your Day.   You earned it!
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Here seems to be a good place to say I just reached 50,000 contributions so I'm sharing out the virtual fudge and other fattening goodies. Shame it's not possible to share a real treat, but onwards and upwards anyway!

Yesterday I found a very interesting fellow, Zaphnath-Paaneah Musson, a bricklayer's labourer from Barrow Upon Soar, Leicestershire. He was a witness at my gg-grandparents' wedding. His name is hebrew for Joseph and it initially caused some difficulty for me in searches, as his name was constantly misspelled. I got there in the end though.
by Gillian Causier G2G6 Pilot (301k points)
Congratulations on the contributions total.  It takes quite a while for it
accumulate doesn't it?  I can see why the name gave you the bugaboos.
My name is simple and I get several variations so I just don't let them bother me.
Great job!  Welcome to the chat.
Laura, thank you for the welcome!

Beulah, yeah it's taken me 28 months.

My own surname gets spelt all sorts of ways too. The name variations for Zaphnath-Paaneah didn't bother me though, it was just trying to find sources. Once I tried using a wildcard, I got better results.  I slightly giggled when by 1891, it had got shortened to Zaph. I bet he gave up telling people the spelling by then.
Congratulations Gillian!

I love his name! Musson is one of the many variations of Mason, and he had an occupation in masonry. Cool.
Last names generally came from locations, occupations, or some physical characteristic.   So that might not be coincidence!   Welcome to the chat, Sarah!
Gillian, my current last name is of Hungarian descent.  We would get mail addressed to Boise like Idaho because it kind of sounds like that.  We say an Americanized version of Bo (long o) Zay that rhymes with say.  

But working with foreign sounding last names can be a challenge for research when someone has written it so vastly differently.  

Thanks for dropping into the chat!
Thanks, Laura!

I'm a bit late to the game, due to a busy weekend, but I couldn't resist reading through the chat as soon as I got back to my computer :)
We really do have a great group of people here. I learn all kinds of things from members of the chat!
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Checkin' in here a bit late ... big party last night here for my son-in-law's graduation from Pharmacy School ... so proud of him ... this was like the third party and for the local folks that couldn't attend the graduation a couple of weeks ago ... good times ... and way too much food and drink!

Looking at Doug Lockwood's pictures ... we have some of the same things sprouting up ... Canna Lillies, and it looks like that orange flower may be an Asiatic Lilly that we also have and just starting to bloom ... love the spring time.

Finally cooled off here a bit ... 'bout time ... we don't deal with 95 degree temperatures all that well ... lol
by Bob Jewett G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Happy Father's Day Bob!  That is something to be proud of... pharmacy school is really hard from what I have heard.  Glad your party went well.. .now you get to kick back and relax!

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