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Is James Cole who migrated to Plymouth Colony  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Cole-661 - the son of James Cole who married Mary Feake - https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Cole-10800 - or the same person?
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in Genealogy Help by Valerie Willis G2G6 Pilot (119k points)
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There is this information coming up now for those of you on Ancestry :  New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial New England Families: Genealogical and Memorial, Vol 3 New England Families    .   It is showing Henry Cole as an "ancestor" , not sure how may fit in the line, father, uncle or cousin ?  And describes in great detail the relationship of our Plymouth James Cole-Coles' son Hugh with King Phillip.  That would seem to fit with the London William family in some way.   So is there something to this or just another family story ? I would love to learn who the real parents are in your expert opinions, even if not ready to go onto profile.

You don't need Ancestry membership to view that book -- it's freely available. I think this is the page you reference?


That is a secondary source. Unfortunately, as sources go that one does not pass the quality test. Secondary sources can be found pretty trustworthy if they cite their sources, including a lot of primary sources of a variety of types like land, probate, legal, church, and private records. While anecdotes about specific connections, like that to King Philip, sound specific, they are sometimes provably false or even fabricated. I wouldn't trust them if they come from a book that cites no sources.
Yes , Barry I am pre 1700 certified and of course not suggesting it as a source on its own. Just throwing it out there to see if anyone can help make it stick...or disprove with alternative facts as parents for him.  Anyone a member of Plymouth historical society ? They  may have additional records.  Anyone direct DNA y-line tested at FTDNA that could provide very useful match info to a specific male ancestor.
The Henry on that page supposedly lived 1800 years ago. It makes no mention of James’s parents, uncles, etc. And I don’t see mention there of William Cole of London. Where do you see that? Anderson is *the* expert and doesn’t have an opinion on James’s parents. I don’t believe he or other experts will have a different opinion until such time as a new primary source is found in England.
Okay, thanks Barry for the information!

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He's the son.  Cole-10800 is the same person as Cole-666 and they should be merged.  I question whether Mary Feake is the mother. It could just as well be Susan Bale.  I've initiated the merge.
by Stu Ward G2G6 Pilot (165k points)
His origins are unknown, unless something more recent than Anderson has published them.
Thanks Stuart, and thanks Jillaine for taking this profile in hand.
And I went back in again and aligned his profile to Anderson's profile of him.  He's not the same man as James Cole of Saco, Maine.
Several conflated Cole profiles have surfaced, I think the only thing to do with them is to find some link to a child or spouse that makes sense, scrub the profile clean and start again with sources.

At present, I am trying to make sense of the "William James Cole" that was the original problem, found source for him & parents but nothing else yet. Have also identified the source of the incorrect genealogy linking him to Enniskillen  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Cole-666
As long as they are separate from the immigrant, I'm fine with that.
Have removed my note on James Coles' (Cole-661) profile re possible connection now that Jillaine has noted them.
Valerie, thanks for bringing this mess to PGM's attention.  

I think we should keep the family unit of James Cole and Mary Feake of London with son James BUT distinguish them and keep them separate from the immigrant to Plymouth.  I don't know who the Saco man was but Anderson clearly states he's not related.
Thanks, I saw that you had them protected now. I think that the William Cole profile will be OK too, will keep an eye open for more sources for him.

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