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https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Hough-215 has been contacted several times. I sent a private message on 4/28 but apparently forgot the profile page method. I have a copy of it. HUff-1544 has sent two messages via the profile page explaining and requesting a fix. It is an open one but I hesitate to simply unlink the problem son (who is not a son).  Please help?  Thanks, Barb

WikiTree profile: Joseph Hough
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The profile is open.  Just make the change yourself.

Unresponsive PM process will take like a month.   No reason to go through all that to just make a tweak IMO.
With something as major as deleting a relationship, I wouldn't do it.  I would go through the Unresponsive Profile Manager process first.  It's only if it's something minor, like a typo, that I would do it myself to a profile where I wasn't the PM.

Serious question here, then, if people should not change other people's "Open" profiles, what is the point of this being a "Wiki"?  

That is point #1 in the Wiki Honor code: We collaborate.

If the profile is open, what is the harm in making changes? How is that not "collaborative"?   

I agree that changes should be properly sourced and carefully documented with reasons why, especially when it is a major change.  I also agree that changes should be thoughtful, i.e. there's no point in completely redoing a profile in a different style when someone has obviously put a lot of hard work in there.   I can also see why removing an ancestor would call for a bit more of a gentle touch, i.e. lots of documenting your reasons, etc., but again, it's an OPEN profile and this is a Wiki. 

Also, the problem I have with the Unresponsive Profile Manager process is that when that is done, the unresponsive profile manager loses all entries he/she has made about LIVING persons.  They are DELETED.  I went through the Unresponsive Profile Manager process about a year ago and the member turned back up six months later. She had been off the internet for an extended period of time.  I didn't know, she could have been dead.  Anyway, she lost all of those profiles of living persons and boy howdy was she pissed.  Understandably so. 

I wouldn't recommend doing the unresponsive PM if it all possible. Just my experience. 


Maybe I'm just being overcautious, but I see many horror stories about people just going in and editing - major stuff, like deleting parents.  I'm not saying you can never edit an Open profile, of course I'm not, but some people seem to think that "because it's a wiki" is a cover-all justification for making the profile and tree do what they want to do, the way they want to do it - and do it now.  

It's just that so many feelings can get hurt and tempers frayed  if you are too bold.  And I'm suggesting putting their feelings before your own desire to work quickly. Try and think of 'add, don't delete', and always always fill in the box on the edit page to say what you've done.

And I know that waiting 30 days can seem like an eternity, when you want to get a move on NOW.  But the lady who was on an extended absence is probably (hopefully) an exception.  Most of the time, UPMs are just that - unresponsive.  Don't want to know any more, not interested, do whatever, too busy right now.  And it's always worth checking that they're not going to rise up and delete all the work you've just edited in.  The UPM form comes at the end of repeated attempts to contact the PM.  Better to repeat than to offend.

Fair enough, I don't mind waiting on the unresponsive profile manager process, I am just a bit leery of it now because of my experience.  

Apparently most of my relatives are a tolerant lot. I've been tweaking stuff all over the place on other people's profiles.  Largely adding, to be sure. :)
I understand, Cris, and may try doing that for minor issues.  I usually make a request and mess it up somehow and have to redo then wait a second month.  My bad. Thanks for your input, I do agree as long as I don't  get chewed out for it.  LOL!

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PM has not been active in 6 months.

Recommend you click on the profile's tree, then waaaaaay down at the bottom file an "unresponsive PM" report.  If the PM doesn't reply to WT admins, the profile will be orphaned.  You can then step in and take over as PM and make any changes you see fit.
by SJ Baty G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
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I will do both.  Remove and file report since the research was done 50 years ago and updated 20 years ago. I can probably find who the child's father is so he isn't orphaned. Thank you for the idea before I made mistake.  Barb
But don't do both.  File the UPM form first and do not do the removing.  Only do the removing when *you* are the PM.
As we learn, patience is a virtue in genealogy ;-)
Thanks again, Ros, I will not remove it.  I've stuck my foot in my mouth too many times already.  This is wikitree's biggest PLUS that we are very careful and couteous about what we do.  If not, we could ruin a lot of good history.  I will report but not remove!  :)

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