Why am I getting this "Add Unrelated Person" form?

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I added sysops to a previous G2G  and have not heard from anyone so I thought maybe it didn't go to sysops when I tried to repost it. I am trying to create a new person, initially I am not trying to connect him al though I am hoping I will work him back into some of the Bell profiles I have added previously / I have tried multiple times. I am keeping the profile opened until I know someone has been able to look at it, in hopes they will be able to tell why it won't let m

Add an Unrelated Person

If you're adding a family member it's better to add them as a parent, sibling, spouse, or child from your profile or from someone else in your family tree or Watchlist instead of using this form. This form is for adding people without a known family connection to anyone else on WikiTree.Help

First   First, enter the first name and last name at birth, and a birth date and/or death date.
(Help: Enter "Unknown" if you don't know the first or last name at birth. You can enter an initial if extra privacy is required. Never enter a fake name. The dates can be skipped if the person is still living. If they're non-living but you don't know either date, enter an estimate for one of them. Mark it "estimated/uncertain" and then explain how the estimate was made in the "Notes" field lower down on this page.)

First Name at Birth: Help
Preferred First Name: Help (if different from First Name at Birth)
Last Name at Birth: Help
Current/Married Last Name: Help (if different from Last Name at Birth)
Birth Date: Help
estimated/uncertain certain/exact before this date after this date blank for extra privacy
Death Date: Help
estimated/uncertain but non-living

e save it


in WikiTree Tech by Anonymous Snyder G2G6 Mach 2 (24.0k points)
edited by Dorothy Barry
When you add your tags such as bells and sysops, please don't put a dash "-'  between the two. It will not go to them if you do. Just list tags with a space only, then they show up with a green background as I have them now. Thanks so much. Dorothy G2G moderator.
Thank you I thought we were suppose to. Sometime ago I had seen where a lower hyphen was used.
Some times they are... take for instance "data doctors" one of our projects... the tag would be data_doctors. Or a state like South Carolina... the tag would be south_carolina.

But in your case you had a surname Bells and you wanted sysops so they were two separate tags indicating two seperate things.

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You have not received an answer because you have not been clear about what you are trying to add, all can see the error report that you are receiving, but we can't help unless we know exactly what it is you are trying to add?
by Shaun Doust G2G6 Pilot (345k points)
I closed and just did a new one. I was trying to save the profile. If there is a reason I had the problem I would like to know it. I would've hoped someone would have told me that my question was not clear enough
Ok Anon I am trying to help you here, what did you just close and what new one did you do?
I closed the Isaac Bell page I couldn't save and opened a new one which allowed me to save it. I appreciate your help. I included the part of the profile where it showed me not letting it save it in the post that I sent to Tech Help and to sysops.. I had kept it open for about three hours. maybe longer, hoping someone would fix it or tell me why it wouldn't let me add it. I would check to see if the problem had been fixed. When it hadn't I just closed it and opened a new one and I didn't have a problem with it.

Thank you Jenny
Great I'm glad you came right
If you can tell why it wouldn't let close the old one as a saved profile, I would appreciate knowing because I seem to be getting sometimes. If it is something I am doing or not doing or my computer please let me and I'll adjust it if it is me. I did not know about sysops or I would have sent it to the sysop group to begin with. I'm still learning

Thank you
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When you are creating a profile, there is certain time limit in which it must be done. I think this is no more than 30 minutes. Anything beyond that and the profile "times out" and will not be saved. Thats when you have to close it and create a new one.

What I usually do is the minimum necessary to get the profile created (first and last name, DOB or DOD, gender and 1 source minimum) and then save it. Once it has been created and saved, then you have time to go back and add further details and sources.
by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (987k points)
Thank you. I usually do that, but sometimes time may get away from me. I'll try to be aware and see if that is why I am having issues

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