Found Jacob Neville/Nevill at two spots in my tree with birth dates 70 years apart

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Neville-2133 Nevill-189

So I found an unexpected match at two spots in my tree and the wives' names look the same but when I get to looking at it the birth years are 70 years apart and I need an expert's help, perhaps because it's a Saturday and I've dragged old furniture to the dump solo and can't think straight, but even fresh in the morning I think this one would stump me.

There are other managers to the profiles because of merges. I haven't asked them yet but that far back I doubt any of them is an expert either and so reconciling these records is likely to be a bear.

Neville-2133 Nevill-189
WikiTree profile: Jacob Neville
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Mark, there doesn't appear to be anything to indicate the profiles are intended to be the same person. Different birth dates/places, different death dates/places, no children named the same, etc. You added two different Nancy Henderson profiles as spouses to both profiles, which may not have been prudent, as you don't provide justification for doing that.

N.B., unsourced family trees are not sources.

Further, both profiles are unsourced (except for an 1850 census in Nevill-189), so, at present, there aren't any "records" to reconcile.

I would suggest the FIRST thing to decide is WHAT person each profile is intended to represent. Is it a child's father? Is it the Jacob Nevil that appears in a census? Until you know WHO you are researching, comparing unsourced profiles doesn't really make sense.

EDIT: In my opinion, until sufficient sources have been found and added to both profiles to document dates and places, merging those two profiles should wait. At present, you don't have any information to indicate they represent the same person.

by Bruce Veazie G2G6 Mach 5 (57.6k points)
I ran this search over at Familysearch and got results that are literally all over the map. He's a popular guy in family trees, but agreement on the death date and place seems the only real consensus. Will have to explore each record to see whether there are sources and how reliable those might be. Haven't checked on the younger individual yet, but I'm guessing he's a grandson, and that some of his personal stats may be reflected erroneously in hi his grandfather's record by many geneologists. This will be a hard one.

Mark, it appears that one of the biggest problems you're running into trying to document the father of John Oliver Neville (Neville-2363) is not using sources to decide who's who.

As mentioned above, your original post regards the comparison of two unsourced profiles.

Reminder: the Honor Code that all members agree to emphasizes the value of sources! Without source documentation, we can't objectively resolve conflicting information. The comparison of the two unsourced Jacob Nevil/Neville profiles is a case in point. Referencing unsourced family trees found elsewhere won't resolve the conflicts.Those other unsourced family trees are ONLY the opinions and possibly just guesses about relationships.

The use of sources to document relationships, dates and places, can't be emphasized enough, Mark.

At present, quite a few profiles related to the Neville and Williams families are unsourced and/or poorly documented, and merges and changes have been made without careful consideration. As a result, Jacob Nevil is his own grandson, etc. Those profiles have really become tangled, Mark.

Before complicating the relationships further, I would strongly suggest you go back a few generations and make sure each profile is well-documented with sources, and relationships are clearly and well established.


Update: Nisy Henderson was real and she's pretty well documented and she was the wife of the younger Jacob Neville.
I'm working with a couple of other PMs to clean up the rest.

It's likely all the profiles represent real persons - just a matter of determining and documenting their relationships.

Working with the other PMs is a good way to go, Mark.

It's certainly up to those working on the tangle, but, looking at the existing profiles, Nisy Henderson may not be the best place to start. Several generations of Nevilles and Williams are unsourced, and it might be better to lay a good foundation of research with sources on which to build.

I.e., even if you find sources for her marriage to a Jacob Neville, you will still need to research that Jacob Neville - wihch is where the situation is currently.


As long as WikiTree accepts any "source" as a source, people will not understand that family trees, even those listed on FamilySearch, are not a source.
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There's a book by Hugh Floyd (1980) about the Nevilles of Bulloch County.  (I haven't seen it)

Geni says "John Oliver" was the son, brother and father of 3 different Jacobs.

Not convinced he was called Oliver.

I'd start with him because the war service might help.  This looks like him

Not a colonel though, Colonel John Neville was somebody else.


by Anonymous Horace G2G6 Pilot (568k points)
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my grandmothers dad was also a jacob neville and his wife was sarah neville,my granmother was mary monica neville who has broters patrick neville,gregory neville,ted neville,bernard neville and albin neville..not sure if the same jacob neville or not

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