Gibbs Surname Study Started Need Volunteers

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We have started the Gibbs Name Study and are looking for those willing to help in our collaborative effort to find the history of this surname and help also categorize this name into regions as it’s a very common name. Anyone willing to join please comment.
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Have no Name Study how-to knowledge to contribute, but do have some Gibbs profiles to include in the project.
Excellent add them !
Can you provide us with a link to your study please?
I just want to make sure the Gibbs name Study is properly categorized and in proper order
Had presumed that most Gibbs came from common family, way back when, and started adding some that I've worked on, to the study, but in viewing your Gibbs tree branch, think they are two, very different families, so will likely confuse your research by mixing them in.  The ones I've worked on were from Scotland and fled to Germany in the 1600's.
Most of mine from New England then back to England some moved to Wisconsin as Oliver Wylie Gibbs. Most resided in New York and Vermont.  However there is a way to create subgroups to organize better, but it’s the same surname so it’s fine in one name study until I can learn more on how to create specific regions etc. I’m sure their all related in the past.
It’s a very common popular surname so am hoping to get some volunteers to help in the Gibbs project that have more experience on wikitree than myself at this time
I’ve added information and resources on the Gibbs Project free space page including the Gibbs Dna Project which is gaining much traction (very informative) and also the surname history origin etc
We have updated the Gibbs study surname come visit the page and see how you can contribute

Thank you
We have updated the Gibbs Surname Study took a while but it’s up and running. Come visit the page and see how yo can contribute. Thank you

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There is a Gibbs Surname Y-DNA Group very well established and the different Family Groups already categorized.  There are quite a few totally unrelated Gibbs lines, indicated by haplotypes, which even lived near each other, so with that and some common given names have confused some researchers who have not used this valuable Y-DNA tool for genealogy.  I have 3 Hawkins men from 3 different generations, who because of a false paternity, taking the maiden name of a Hawkins mother in 1824, are grouped into the Giles Gibbs Family Group at the Gibbs Surname Project. I would like to encourage any Gibbs men to Y-DNA Test and join our project, to help solve and untangle our Gibbs Family lineages.
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Hi Cheyenne

If you would like to be part of the Gibbs name study just request to be on trusted list. We need more volunteers and pm’s  

Kind regards
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Hi Andrew! Welcome to the One Name Studies Project!

You might like to re-read the ONS Project page here

as there are a couple more things you need to do.  You need to sign up here

And at the same time, go through all your Gibbs profiles and remove the top-level [[Category:One Name Studies]] from each one, which should not be on individual profiles.  If you look at the ONS Index here

you will see that all those Gibbs profiles have appeared, right where they shouldn't.
by Ros Haywood G2G Astronaut (2.0m points)
Thank you for all the advice and help I fixed the errors mentioned. I’m new at this part of wikitree and am reading and learning more about the process.
I would like to create subcategory for the Gibbs one name study for specific states areas as it’s a common name. How would I do this? Any help is appreciated

OK, you will name them things like:

  • Alaska, Gibbs Name Study
  • Georgia, Gibbs Name Study
  • Utah, Gibbs Name Study

Here is a link to my Haywood Name Study so you can see what it will look like:

and the categories which will go on your profiles will say

  • [[Category:Alaska, Gibbs Name Study]]
  • [[Category:Georgia, Gibbs Name Study]]
  • [[Category:Utah, Gibbs Name Study]]

When you put one of these categories on a profile, it will be red.  You click on it, and in the box which appears on the next page, you type
[[Category:Gibbs Name Study]] and save.

Thank you Ros! very easy! I already have the New York Gibbs set up! I’m more familiar with categorizing than when I first began. This helped!!
Do you use same format for a country like Quebec or Canada etc?
For a whole country, you would start with
Canada, Gibbs Name Study

then go:
Quebec, Gibbs Name Study and nest it within Canada, Gibbs Name Study, which is already nested within Gibbs Name Study as above.

See the ONS Project page for examples:

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