Powhatan family merger pending since April

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In route to looking up something else, I found that Unknown-418626 and Powhatan-42 have a pending merge since April 2018. This is not my family, and would be better served if those who relate to Virginia families descended from Rolfes, Bollings, and such,  to determine the  best way to go about this.  The two profiles represent the children of Powhatan-170. Thanks!
WikiTree profile: Opekenkeno Powhatan
in The Tree House by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.4m points)
Pip , I see no pending merge on this profile.
Oh I see.  You linked to a different profile from those involved in he merge.  Let me look.
When I went to Powhatan-42, there was a pending merge there. 170 is the parent. Check again, Jillaine.
Oops, never mind. You got it!
I thought this might be easy but maybe not.  

NA project guidelines are to use tribe as LNAB.  If we know he was part of the Powhatan tribe then we use Powhatan.  But the text in the profile of Unknown says he became leader of the Pamunky tribe.  And The source is Bill Deyo about whom there is no lack of controversy within the project.  I'd like Jeanie and Kathie to weigh in here.

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The two profiles do seem to represent the same man.  Nectowance was Chief of Wyanoak indians, and succeeded Opechancanough as head of what remained of the Powhatan Confederacy in 1645.  There is no contemporary evidence that he was the son of Opechancanough. The only members of Opechancanough’s s immediate family mentioned as individuals are an unnamed daughter and a wife who left him for another man. The Powhatan practiced matrilineal descent so sons could not succeed their fathers.  When all the men in a generation died (Opechacanough was the last in his)  leadership moved to the sons or grandsons of those men’s sisters. Nectowance therefore  was the son (or more likely the grandson) of one of Opechancanough’s two sisters.   Nectowance’s wife is unknown.  He died before 1655.  

Helen Rountree’s books are the best current references on the Powhatan Indians.  See “Pocahontas, Powhatan, and Opechancanough:  Three Lives Changed by Jamestown”  for an excellent discussion on the life of this family.

Martha McCartney’s biographical dictionary, “virginia Immigrants and Adventurers 1607-1635”  lists many early references to Opechancanough.

And just a note that there is no documentary evidence for the existence of purported sister “Niketti”.
by Kathie Forbes G2G6 Pilot (591k points)
edited by Kathie Forbes
Thank you, Kathie.  Do you have guidance for us on what we should use as LNAB for the merged profile?
He was the head of the Powhatan Confederation, so I’d stick with Powhatan.
thank you; I've protected that profile so the dupe will merge into the Powhatan profile.

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