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More than two weeks ago, I listed several duplicate profiles for mergers into the existing ones -- these were profiles created by my original GEDCOM upload only because some of my birthdate data was bad, but very definitely representing the same people. However, even though the manager of the other profiles agreed that they were duplicates, he rejected the mergers on the grounds of the conflicting data.

He then e-mailed me to reiterate his position that he would not accept the bad data, to which I politely (and correctly) responded that because merging profiles allows the profile manager to select which data to retain and which to reject, nothing about the process required him to accept any data he wasn't comfortable with. However, it's now been two full weeks since I replied to his e-mail, and I have had no further response at all: no reacceptance of the mergers, no explanation as to why he still thinks I'm wrong to say that merging the profiles doesn't force him to take any bad data at all, no clarification of exactly what he actually expects me to do with the duplicate profiles now. Just total radio silence.

So if I've already attempted contact and still can't get a resolution, what further recourse do I have to get the duplicate profiles dealt with?

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Update your info on the profiles you want to merge noting the corrected info with sources. Then he may see you have correct info now.

In other words, invest hours and hours of time into unnecessarily reduplicating research he's already got properly sourced anyway, without actually having access to any subscription databases in which to do any of that reduplicated research myself.

Given that the merger process allows him to instantly reject any bad data anyway, and thus there's no valid reason whatsoever why the pages can't just be merged as is right now, that sounds far more like "waste your time repainting the Titanic" than a useful or productive solution to anything.

Hi Craig,

I can understand your irritation however there is a protocol in place for dealing with such merges. I although believe If there is any uncertainty it should be set to Un-merged Match instead of Rejecting the merge. Alas, It is very important to make sure that the information matches before accepting a merge. When things don't match it creates Disagreements about certainty 


Please see instructions below.

Profile Managers who refuse to merge

If a manager refuses to merge a clear duplicate, politely point out the following pages to them:

If they still refuse to collaborate, see Problems with Members.

If they just won't respond, see the section above on unanswered merge proposals and the policy on Unresponsive Profile Managers.

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