The meaning of some Jewish terms in records please?

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I aam researching some Cohen synagogue records of marriage, but am finding terms I'm not familiar with, can someone help please?

I have Nathan Cohen Tentstrike(tentserke) what does this last part mean?

Also I have Moses Cohen s/o Nathan Cohen, but if this is my Nathan all his other sons have Nathan as a second name, any ideas?

And lastly what does HaCohen mean and is it the same as Cohen?


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I believe - but not certain - that "ha" preceding a name means "child of".  The "ha" is typically used with an apostrophe after it, as ha'Cohen or Ha'Cohen (I'm not sure whether it is normally capitalized).

I also believe this is part of the Hebrew language, rather than a "Jewish term".
Thank you Gaile, for your answer.
"Ha" means "the", so "Ha'Cohen" means "the Cohen" or "the priest".
Thank you

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"Admor" is an acronym for "Adonainu, Morainu, VeRabbeinu," a phrase meaning"Our Master, Our Teacher, and Our Rebbe." This is an honorific title given to scholarly leaders of a Jewish community.
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Thank you Roberta, the wiki article was very helpful.

Still don't know what Tentserke means though.
Apparently "Tenstrike is a phonetic rendition of the Hebrew Characters that appear in the patrynomic.  Such additions usually refer to a town, occupation or physical attribute, but what this word means is not known as yet".  Quoted from a reliable source.
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“Ha” means “the” in Hebrew. Hacohen could be a variation of Cohen surname (this is more of a recent usage though), or just a honorific indicating that the person is from the CohanIm  tribe.

Good luck!
Cohen indicates a family of priests, and Ha is as stated above.
Yes, but the HaCohen only applies to the person in question, not his father.
Thank you Roberta.
Thank you all for your replys.
That seems logical, BOB. but why then does my DNA cousin treasure so, the one Cohen in her tree??? (I think she's just wanting the attention that it might give her.) OH WELL.

When in doubt, Google it: https: Cohen_(surname)

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"Ha" before a Hebrew word means "The". So HaCohen translated is "The Priest." Son would be Ben ... and daughter would be Bat... Like Ben Moshe would mean son of Moses.
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Thank you everyone who has answered my questions, and put forward articles to read.  It has all been very helpful.



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