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I've been putting off talking about this guy for a while because I can't find much about his parents. His profile, I think, needs some work. He isn't in Fischier as I just checked and here he is on Nos Origines:

I am wondering something. Is there anything more about this man? We know he didn't just appear out of the ether. Sadly his birthday isn't pinned down to a specific day. I am connected to him and I was just curious if there was really nothing more on him. Seems kind of a shame. Ancestry has those green boxes for him and I am hesitant to use them.

So, I call upon the combined talents of Quebecois and French roots to help me figure this guy's life out. Some of his sources seem valid but they don't tell me anything.

Any help would be good. Or is this guy an unbreakable wall?
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His marriage record says he was a soldier in the company of "Mr Denimes?" I tried to copy the picture of it here, but it wouldn't work.
by Kyla H G2G6 Mach 5 (56.9k points)
That's okay. I'll see if I can find something about that. Would have to translate, though.

Does it give the name of his parents ?

Originaire de Bourges ?

I linked to FamilySearch's image of the marriage in his profile. It's here on the first record on the left - can someone more fluent than me translate it? I couldn't tell if he was getting permission to marry in six months or if he was getting married that day.

"Québec, registres paroissiaux catholiques, 1621-1979," database with images, FamilySearch( : 16 July 2014), Saint-Louis-de-Terrebonne > Saint-Louis-de-Terrebonne > Index 1727-1876 Baptêmes, mariages, sépultures 1727-1765 > image 173 of 482; Archives Nationales du Quebec (National Archives of Quebec), Montreal.

I would use Google translate if I could read the handwriting a little better.
he had written permission in hand which was dated, and he showed it to officiating priest.
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I can't copy and paste anymore. Am I the only one ?

I made a very quick transcript of the marriage record. A second reading is needed.
by D Q G2G6 Mach 8 (80.3k points)
the copy/paste function has been acting up, had to try it repeatedly before I could do it yesterday.
Try pasting it into the biography instead? We've just had an update to the G2G software.
To paste use Ctrl-V works.  See announcement on changes to G2G.
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Entered the data I found for him, you're out of luck so far, neither his marriage record nor his marriage contract named parents for him, and even his place of origin is uncertain, PRDH gives 2 options.
by Danielle Liard G2G6 Pilot (703k points)
Thanks. I know David is trying to translate the document. He's having issue trying to pin down the Quebec city mentioned. He said the priest was currently in somewhere. Couldn't make out the word. I can't either.
The priest calls himself canon of the cathedral of Québec and "vicaire général" of the present diocese of .... can't make that out.
*Pencils in "Montreal"* There. No one'll notice. =P

Yes. That is tricky. This is why I "phoned a friend". =)

Moi je lis qu'il est de présent à ...

C'est un avis personnel mais je sépare sa fonction chanoine de la cathédrale de Québec et vicaire général du diocèse (sous-entendu de Québec) du reste de la phrase.

Je pense qu'il est de passage dans ce lieu que je ne déchiffre pas au moment de la rédaction de cet acte. C'est logiquement autour de Terrebonne.


J'ai trouvé c'est Terrebonne en abrégé

Voir à la page précédente le baptême de Michel LIMOGES
Ah oui, en effet "présent à..." . Je suis d'accord, il se présente comme quelqu'un de passage.
Merci tout le monde! Vous avez été d'une grande aide!
yes indeed, it is written Terbon, should read Terrebonne, which is the actual parish where the marriage was done.  The celebrant's name is Lepage de Ste-Claire.  The ''St-Maurice'' is the man's dit name, he is a soldier, still active as such since he had to get permission from his commanding officer to marry.  Commanding officer's name has been read as Denivier by Drouin institute.  Don't find that name in the list of commanding officers in the book I have (published in 2017, major piece of work).  The only CO named Duvivier was named Henri Jules Le Fournier du Vivier.  Time frame for him fits, 1712-1738.  From France, married here and stayed.
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Je me demande sur quelle base il est dit du Berry.

Il est certain que patronyme est représenté dans cette région.

Pour la compagnie, c'est peut-être  celle de François DUPONT DUVIVIER


Sieur Jules Le Fournier du Vivier (1666 - 1738)

by D Q G2G6 Mach 8 (80.3k points)
edited by D Q
Mais oui! C'est bien Duvivier qu'on lit sur l'acte de mariage...

Je me demandais si son surnom,  Saint-Maurice, pouvait faire référence à son lieu d'origine... c'est possible mais cela reste une hypothèse hasardeuse.
non pas François Dupont Duvivier (qui n'est pas un capitaine des troupes de la marines venu ici) mais Henri Jules Le Fournier du Vivier, qui était originaire de Spoy (Côte-d'Or).  Aucune idée où ça se trouve.  Ni si celà a rapport avec l'origine de ses troupes.
Spoy (Côte d'Or) is in Burgundy, about 20 km North/North-East of Dijon.

It sure doesn't help explain why Claude is said to be from Bourges.

well,   PRDH says: Évêché de Bourges, Berry OU St-Maurice, évêché de Limoges, Marche (aujourd'hui St-Maurice-la-Souterraine, arr. Gueret, Creuse).  Are Bourges diocese and Limoges diocese close to each other?

Edit: never mind, Berri and Marche are next to each other.

I was going to say not exactly - Bourges and Saint-Maurice-la-Souterraine are about 80 miles apart (more by road). Limousin and Berry are culturally very different; the frontier between "oïl" (North) and "oc" (South) goes between them.

Still, not ridiculously far apart. I'm wondering why they did not consider another Saint-Maurice (Nièvre), this one East of Nevers.

think I'm going to send them an e-mail, I have subscription to Drouin Institute, which is now the company managing the PRDH database, and some of the main people from PRDH are now with Drouin.  laugh  See what they say about how they arrived at his place of origin.

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