I Had the #1 Answer

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But I didn't.

I received an e-mail that said my Answer was #1 and when I checked, it really wasn't.  

How does that happen?

Thanks. angel

in The Tree House by Cheryl Hess G2G Astronaut (1.8m points)
Me too, Cheryl.  Email was at 3:13 PM.  Is this a bug?

Thank you Kitty for answering. It was kind of funny. It was several hours before I looked and when I did, I saw someone else had the best answer.

So, I thought - OK. This is strange.  Was just wondering how the e-mail was generated.

You are sweet for answering. heart

If it's a bug it must be a cockroach what ugly things cool

4 Answers

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If someone selects your answer as best, then you receive that email message.

If someone else later decides to select a different answer as best then the best answer star goes away from your answer and is placed on the new person's choice.  You won't ever see any notification of that, though.

Please don't shoot the messenger - I am only saying how it happens and carefully avoiding giving my opinion of the way it works!
by Gaile Connolly G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
selected by Michael Stills
Strange part was that I got the email, but when I looked at the thread, no one had a best answer box.  There was no Best Answer.
Thank you Gaile. I have seen other answers that I thought were better than the best answer. Didn't think I could vote for another best answer.

You are the best!
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I tend not to vote for best answers, especially if I asked the question, because someone else will often remove the best answer that I chose, by chosing another one.

IMO I think that if we are going to have best answers then ONLY the person ASKING the question has the right to choose the best answer!!

For now, there is one thing to remember. You gain points when you have a best answer selected - and you lose those points when your best answer is DESELECTED - or if another best answer is chosen instead - hence the reason why I dont like choosing a best answer.
by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
Robynne, I agree with you 100%, which is why I was surprised to see somebody else vote for the best answer on one of my first questions.


I would have to disagree with only the asker being able to select the best answer.

  1. In some cases, there are multiple answers that adequately respond to the question asked.
    • "Check the Gedcom Help Page" is not nearly as robust as providing a link to the page in question, and giving evidence of how that page answers or relates to the question being asked.
    • While both answers above are technically correct, I tend to prefer detailed answers with links and descriptions. This helps not only the user asking the question, but future users who may have a similar or related question (they show as options when creating new questions).
  2. The user asking the question may be inundated with multiple answers on their question and not know which answer is correct or 'best'. Due to the nature of online communications in general, there will most liekly always be differing opinions, thought processes, etc.
    • If I run across a post that is marked as the best answer by Eowyn, Jamie or another 'super user', I am more likely to take their answer or suggestion to heart, rather than one selected as best by a user I am not familiar with, or is new to WikiTree.
    • In some cases, the general community already knows the best answer even if no other (or hundred of other) comments are present. Allowing other users rather than the poster to select a best answer shows the person who asked the question which answer they should be following.
Steve, the words "ONLY" and "100%" were not the best ones to use when answering this question. I think in all matters, an individual would have to use their own discretion when choosing which answer they would choose as the best answer to any given question.

I tend to lean to your first response rather than your second one however.  If we trust someone's judgment and knowledge on a given subject, I would give more weight on their answer than to an answer that received more votes.

Thanks for considering my question and responding.

I appreciate every time someone takes the time to read and respond to my questions as I am still very new to WikiTree and am trying to learn everything there is to learn.

God bless all of you, and have a wonderful rest of the afternoon.
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It could be something really simple like someone accidentally clicking the 'best answer' star then unclicking?

I did that the other day in reverse - I accidentally hit the 'best answer' star while browsing with my fat thumbs on my little phone, which unmarked the answer as best. I felt bad so I marked it again...
by Suzanne Doig G2G6 Mach 3 (39.8k points)
Good answer Suzanne Doig. Never thought of that one since I always use my laptop.

I am sure this was discussed on here some time ago. A suggestion was made, that anyone de-selecting a 'best answer' should give a reason.

Sometime there can be a 'better answer', and a comment to prove why should be needed.

Also as you say, with a lot of folk using touch screens, a 'fat thumb' can sometimes be missed. A comment box popping up would prevent this, even if the comment is only 'OOOOPS'
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I know that I recently deselected a Best Answer to a question I posted.  The question had been posted for a mere hour, and there was only one responsive answer. A person with very few Wikitree contributions and few G2G points selected a Best Answer.  It was probably an error on the part of the person making the selection, not realizing what she was doing.

I believe that, once a Best Answer is selected, others are discouraged from answering the question.  Although the answer she selected may be the best, I believe that Best Answers should be selected by the person who asked the question, or at least by some one who has knowledge of the subject, and enough time should be given to allow the community to see the question..
by Vic Watt G2G6 Pilot (366k points)

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