Struggling to find anything beyond my grandfather Roland Gilbert

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I have been struggling with my maiden name & family, I struck gold on Ancestry w my paternal grandmother & her family how for some both my paternal grandfather & dad are basically ghosts- nonexistent it’s really becoming creepy to be blunt! I wonder if I can somehow show the great upon great upon greats I’ve found for my grandmothers side yet nothing past my grandfather??? I can’t even locate my dads vital records :(

 witness protection??? Lmffao seriously kidding on that but I’m trying to find my grandfather Roland Gilbert’s family mother father anything??
in Genealogy Help by Liza O’Neil G2G1 (1.3k points)
Hi Liza, It would help if you could supply a few hints like do you know what country we are looking at, who your grandmother is/was?

All clues help but I would recommend starting with a country.

Cheers Rionne
Sadly, no I have zero information in fact I only learned my grandparents names by miracle running my living father- please don’t get me wrong I had searched & searched w nothing for weeks and it was a typo that pulled the record!!! He & I had a falling out when I was 14- so trying to get anything from him not in any reality for any amount would he divulge any information shoot we litteraly do not speak/text/email nothing! All I know I found in ancestry but struggling to match/compare etc on here  :( what if I could link to my ancestry??
Could you furnish your father's first name and/or birth location?
Roland M Gilbert

B: 20 Mar 1909

D: 3 Nov 1994 Plattsburgh, Clinton, New York, USA

His Social Security Death record shows he was born in Ohio, Febuary 9, 1909, there is another record with the March 20, 1909 date.
1930 census has a Roland Gilbert  living in Chillicothe, Ohio on Lillie Street single and working in a paper mill, parents are Charles M and Flora Gilbert. The 1940 census has him married to a Mary E Gilbert and living with an aunt and uncle Austin P and Tacie P Raynes in Columbus, Ohio.
Yes- but I have him w Genevieve Gebo- and that Roland’s spouse is Mary if I’m remembering correctly. I got so frustrated and tried asking David (father)  We’ve been out of one another’s life for 30yrs. He won’t answer! So how do I figure out which Roland is his father?
I have both of those- but see that’s the problem there are 2 Rolands w 2 different spouses 1 w the family listed below and the other married Genevieve gebo- that’s the one I thought was David’s father- how can I figure it out?
Roland M Gilbert's parents are Charles M Gilbert born in West Virginia and Flora Gilbert born in Ohio. Roland had an older sister named Ruth and four younger brothers, Lowell, Harold, Warren and Charles. In 1910 the family lived in Waterloo, Ohio, Charles, Flora and children Ruth and Roland Gilbert.
Would you mind terribly linking me to where you found that? I read his obit I rcvd from his wife my paternal grandmothers side of the family and he was as you said born in Ohio, I’m starting to think I dismissed that info do to incorrectly enetered info- it said his wife was Mary & well it wasn’t confirmed by a relative. So weird I have such a large ‘family’ they’re all still extremely close- David is the only on who moved away & no1 heard from him until now & they’re hearing from his 44yr old daughter!!! Crazy!!!

Oh and THANK YOU!!!

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Name: David M Gilbert
Birth Date: 28 Nov 1945
Address: 1726 N Banning Blvd, Wilmington, CA, 90744-1505

by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.7m points)
selected by Liza O’Neil
Yes- that is David (father) but try as I might no birth record not attached to his mom nor dad?
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If your father is no longer alive, you might try getting a copy of his social security number application. The form has a place for parents names, but they are not always filled in. Through you can get the paper work/electronic application. It costs just over $20, but the social security administration is slow in responding.

BTW: with the very limited amount of info linked to your WikiTree I’d is hard to provide more than general guidance and suggestions.
by George Fulton G2G6 Pilot (666k points)
Looking for grandfathers family- David is alive but cannot locate vital records yet addresses tons n tons ugh!! Found his mom ) I think) but still no

Vital records
Yes, I know very little info that’s why there isn’t much. My family siffered a great loss that ripped it apart in 1978- my 1/2 brother & I had hellish lives no one would wish on someone they despise, sadly I reminded everyone so much of my mom (killed 1978) it was to difficult for them- one by one they walked away till 14 when I was a street rat. So you see I’m searching these sites because I was denied knowing everyone & most are deceased now.
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Do you know what year your grandfather was born?
by Living Jones G2G6 Mach 2 (20.2k points)
Roland M Gilbert

B: 20 Mar 1909

D: 3 Nov 1994 Plattsburgh, Clinton, New York, USA

But I cannot seem to find his parents etc- wife my dads mom yes

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For what it's worth:

You might find a place to start here on this page.

by Gigi Tanksley G2G6 Mach 4 (45.1k points)
I paid for MyHeritage and despite my sending rcpt etc of payment they continue to tell me to upgrade to see the records & wow they find a lot!!!

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