Any info on the Muir/McNaughton settlement Huntington Quebec?

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My grandparents were James Barclay Muir

And Elizabeth Mabel McNaughton
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Census of Canada, 1901

(Line 6) Barclay age 7

in the house of

(Line 49) Muir Archie Jr and Annie

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Thank you that is the family.  Do you know when Archie’s father came to Canada?  They were from Lanarkshire Scotland.
Barclays parents were Archibald Junior b. 1856 Huntingfdon and Annie Elizabeth Cameron married 1883-02-21 Archibalds parents were Matthew Muir native of Bothwell, Lanarkshire born 1813 Glasgow Scotland and Agnes Nancy McNaughton b. Aug 21, 1815 Sterlingshire, Scotland.  I have that Matthews father Archibald Muir was born 1777-1780 Bothwell Lanark emigrated 1827 d. 1855 Huntington.  I don’t know if he was a farmer or a grist mill operator at Franklin Quebec.  He married Agnes? And Mary Scott I think but have no info on where or when.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  I am new at this.

Marriage 1843-03-31 Huntingdon (Presbyt., anglicane et méthod.)
Source PRDH (Membership)

Census of Canada 1851-1852

Arch (age 73) and Mathew (age 37) are Farmer

I have found a Mrs. A Muir , and also a Mrs. Muir in the Huntingdon Protestant Cemetery. I need some more sources that will tell me that is Archibald Seniors wife and mother.  Archibald Junior and his wife Annie Elizabeth Cameron are buried there.  I think Elizabeth Campbell Brown has her own Grave.?? Thank you
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There are two marriages for Archibald

1) Archibald Muir Jr & Elizabeth Campbell Brown
1878-01-23 Huntingdon

2) Archibald Muir (Widower) & Annie E Cameron
1883-02-21 Huntingdon

See also ...

Census of Canada 1881 - Page 1  (Line 2  Lizzie  age 21)

Census of Canada 1891 - Page 1 (Line 2 Annie E. age 31)

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edited by E Martin
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Census of Canada 1871

There are two Archibald with age 24

Page 50 Line 20 Archibald age 24
Son of John age 55 and Margaret age 53

Page 51 Line 11 Archibald age 24
in the house of Matthew age 57

The link is

* * *

Census of Canada 1861

There are two Archibald Muir

Page 190 Line 50 Archibald age 15
Son of John age 46 and Margaret age 43

Page 191 Line 46 Archibald age 14
Son of Matthew age 46 and Agnes age 45

* * *

Census of Canada 1851

There are two Archibald Muir

Page 43 Line 04 Archibald age 6
Son of John age 35 and Margaret age 35

Page 41 Line 48 Archibald age 5
Son of Matthew age 37 and Nancy age 37

* * *

Census of Canada 1881

Census of Canada 1891

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Yes, one was Red and one was Black Archie due to hair color.  I also wondered if one wasn’t Sr and one Jr..  Is there any way I can find out more about the muirs.  Archibald emigrated in 1827 with no wife and didn’t seem to get married.  Thanks again.
In the marriage certificate for Archibald Muir and Elizabeth Brown I think it says “(by special permission)”.  Does this mean she was under 21 and neaded special permission?
Hello I have been researching this family among others As I am working on putting something together regarding our community (I live on Boydsettlement in Hinchinbrooke, which is one road further south than Fairview Road - Muir's lived there.) Black Archie and Red Archie were first cousins. Not far away (on the same road) from where Archibald Muir and his Sons John and Mathew Muir settled, settled sometimes in the 1850's a Scotsman from Lanarkshire with the Name of James Gilbert. His wife was Agnes Muir. (died May 23 1885 native of Bothwell, Lanarklshire, Scotland) There are some that claim she is a daughter of Archibald Muir, but this would mean that Agnes stayed in Scotland and did not emigrate with her father, even though she was only about  9 years of age at the time Muirs settled in Hinchinbrooke. My question is: is this really a real p[ossibility? and with whom would she have stayed in Scotland??? an aunt, grandmother or maybe even the mother????  The last assumption of course would imply that Archibald and his wife split up, very unlikely I would think.

There is also the fact that on Boydsettlement lived more Muirs. One Mary Muir was married to John Watt and the lived next door to where my parents live now. She died in 1850 and in the 1851 census a Janet Muir lived with John Watt. I believe it is the sister of Mary Muir. Then there is a Mathew Muir, born about 1785 in Lanarkshire that lived and died on the Boyd. I believe this to be the father of Mary and Janet. I also believe that it is quite likely Archibald Muir (1780) and this Mathew Muir were brothers and that their Parents could possibly have been Mathew Muir (born about 1750-1760 in Bothwell. Lanarkshire and Janet Rauand. Apparently married on May 30. 1779 in Bothwell. Any thoughts or additional info would be greatly appreciated.
Mark Mu,

I am sure that Mary b 1819 Glasgow, Scotland and Janet Muir b 1814 e. 1828 were sisters.  Mary married John Watt and had 3 girls, and one boy. Mary, Jane,William and Janet.  

According to the H Gleaner extracts, Janet was a sister of John Muir, Apple Hill farm.  And Janet took over the care of Mary’s family. Matthew Muir also died at the house of son in law John Watt in 1878.  

The other Matthew Muir Died 1871, I am very confused at how this family fits in.  

Archibald and two sons came in 1827,John and Matthew.  These are my ancestors, along with three of the McNaughtons.  

Sorry if I have replied or repeated myself.  I may have answered your message in the past.  

Mark Mu,

All of Agnes Muir Gilbert’s family was born in Scotland.  Not sure why they would have left her in Scotland.  

Also in one Census there was an older Agnes Muir living with John.  ?? Not sure what relative that was.  

Hello Donna,

if Mathew Muir died in 1878 at the house of his son in law John Watt (as you said in your message), then Janet and Mary were not sisters. Because Janets brother was John Muir. John Muir was the son of Archibald Muir (b abt 1780). But in the mean time I have received a message from someone (cant remember who) the will of Archibald Muir. In it he mentioned that Mary and Janet are indeed his daughters.

So this leaves us with the question who was this Mathew Muir that died in 1878 on John Watts Farm???? He was 84 at the time of his death. So I think he could have been a brother to Archibald. I have a Mathew Muir and Janet Rouand as the possible parents of Archibald Muir (b abt 1780).

The Mathew Muir who died in 1871 was the husband of Agnes Nancy McNaughton. According to the Church records he was 57 years old.


PS Sorry I had to re-register as I could not remember the details to log in.

Each generation had a Mary and Janet.  Archibald came with is two sons in 1827.  I assume they were Matthew and John.  There was also Agnes, Mary, and Janet.  I have found Mat Muir b. 1871 in the HPC and a Mrs. Muir.  I think he was Archibald’s brother?  But that is a guess.  Wondering if Archibald’s wife stayed in Scotland, I believe she was Mary Scott, but who was the Agnes Muir in the Census living at John Muir’s house???

Wish we could find more records for the burials.  

Archibald( Matthew’s ) son had siblings Agnes, Janet, Mary, Barbara Malcolm off the top of my head. He also had a daughter Agnes.  

Margaret was another Muir, married Robert Hall, a marble dealer at Franklin.  I have to look in the extracts to find which generation that was.  

I am a descendant of Muir’s and McNaughtons! So very interested in coming to Quebec to see where they lived and worked!

Agnes Nancy McNaughton seems to have gone by the name Nancy, and was married to Matthew Muir who died 1878.  Their son was mostly called Archibald Jr. except for a record in church registers data base.He was also called Black Archie.  If I remember correctly he was born Nov 1846.  

His cousin, John’s son was also Archibald, b. Oct 1846 so one month seems to have given him the Archibald Senior title.  My mom talked about one having red hair, so he must have been Red Archie.  

Yes they were Red and Black Archie. The question about Agnes Muir living at John Muir's place also puzzles me. In the 1851 census Archibald Sr. is living with Mathew Muir, while this Agnes is living with John...... The name Mary Scott (in my records also as the wife of Archibald Sr.) can be found in the 1861 census but listed as 22 years old. Maybe the age is a mistake and it supposed to be 72 ???? but then why can she not be found in the 1851 census?      

In the 1851 census wifes are usually listed by their maiden names, so Agnes Muir was maybe a sister to Archibald?????


I think the Mary Scott you mentioned was living with Agnes Muir Gilbert and James Gilbert as a helper.  22 years of age.  

John Muir’s family, as I have found so far were the usual names, Agnes, Archibald, William, Mary S.(Scott), Margaret, Jannet, and Jane.

Black Archie is my grandfather’s father.

Or, was the Agnes Muir living with John, the wife of Mat Muir.  

What I don’t understand is if the other Muirs from Riverfield, or Howick or NewFoundOut, Quebec.  

I don’t know how Arthur Muir b, 1825 fits in, or Archibald Muir that married Margaret Blue NorthGeorgetown

Thanks for the conversation!

Hi Donna,

I am wondering if that Mary Scott mentioned in the 1861 census could be Mary Scott Watt, daughter of Mary Muir and John Watt? In census it says she is 22 but I have her birth date as 18, Dec 1843.

Also which son of Archibald is your grandfather?

Thank you


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