Which cousin married which sister? french translation needed

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Judith Vasseur notes that two cousins (with the same name) married two sisters on the same day in the same marriage act.   Here is the link to the original marriage transaction


Cousins Pierre are Maheu-144 and Maheux-4

Currently the same sister Suzanne is married to both cousins.  Which cousin Pierre (with HIS parents) should keep her and which cousin Pierre (with HIS parents) should get the sister named Marie Louise?
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Are you able to provide a copy of the original document? The link does not work unless you subscribe to that site. Thanks :)
Good point, Christine.  I uploaded it to the profile.  Would appreciate your interpretation.
Oh dear, that is some terrible cursive! I will take a stab at what I can see, but I know there are better eyes around than mine. If you edit your question to add the 'quebecois' and 'quebec' tags, the right people will see your post!

The first part gives the date (the 11th? of February 1715) and looks like it speaks to maybe the banns being read (they had to read them at mass for 3 consecutive Sundays I believe) and then mentions there were 2 marriages done. About the fourth line you see the word ''premierement'' which means ''firstly'', so the first marriage is Pierre Maheu son of Pierre and Marie Louise Garnier ''on the one part'' (d'une part) and Suzanne Girou daughter of Jean Girou and Marie Suzanne Belanger on the other part.

''Second marriage'' between Pierre Maheu son of ?Charles Maheu and Marie Charlotte Garnier on the one part and Marie Louise Girou daughter of Jean and (can't read it) Belanger.

There are more names in there but I can't ascertain their significance, maybe witnesses or something.
make sure the children get properly sorted.  Listing them in bio would be good, given the easy confusion between the cousins.

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This is my best translation "First Pierre Maheu son of the defunct Pierre and Marie Louise Garnier married Suzanne Girou daughter of Jean Girou and the defunct Marie Suzanne Belanger....Second marriage of Pierre Maheu son of the defunct Charles Maheu and Marie Charlotte Garnier to Marie Louise Girou daughter of Jean and defunct Belanger."

So it appears the cousins married sisters, you can distinguish the cousins by the parents.
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Both of you have linked the same people together so it is enough to correct the profiles!  Thank you Kyla and Christine for your help.
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Le onzième de février 1715 après les publications des bans requises et faites aux prônes des messes paroissiales et ne s'étant découvert aucun empêchement, je soussigné prêtre faisant les fonctions curiales à Beauport ay célébré le mariage des sousécrits à savoir premièrement de Pierre Maheu fils de défunt Pierre et de Marie Louise Garnier d'une part et Suzanne Girou fille de Jean Girou et de défunte Marie Suzanne Bélanger d'autre part, tous du dit Beauport,  Second mariage d'entre Pierre Maheu fils de défunt Charles Maheu et de Marie Charlotte Garnier d'une part et Marie Louise Girou fille de Jean et de ladite défunte Bélanger tous dudit lieu.  Présents Jean Girou, Noël Vachon dudit lieu, Jean Baptiste Prévost de Québec, Valentin Marchant de L'Ange-Gardien.  Les dits époux et épouses ont dit ne savoir signer de ce enquis, ont signé Jean Girou, Valentin Marchant, J.B. Prévost, ___ (ilegible), Boullard (the priest)

There you go, slightly modernized spelling and punctuation.  Pierre son of Charles married Marie Louise, Pierre son of Pierre married Suzanne.
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Thank you, Danielle.  Would you be OK if I put your translation on the two Pierre's records?  Would like to document to avoid further confusion.

certainly you can put the transcription, didn't translate most of it.  wink  Source is actually the one you provided, I do have access to Drouin Institute.  

Danielle: le nom illisible serait "Noel Vachon" - selon moi.
oui, tu as raison Gaston.

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