How to solve a brick wall with DNA genealogy

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This is based on a real use case of mine, it was very difficult to identify that "Johann Hubert Stammen" who only had references to Germany and a wife he married there was the same as the "John Stammen" my DNA match had as their last known ancestor. John had no reference to Germany other than the country itself from a Census record, he married another (German) women in the US and had even more children with her. So surely a case where you normally would say "Could be but no proof".

It's the perfect example how traditional genealogy (using Census data and church records) is making a huge leap forward when it's combined with DNA testing. This merge would have been very difficult to prove if not for DNA testing which fit not only into both family trees but also fit the expected DNA shared percentage.

This video shows the merging of family trees between a DNA match and myself. Powered by Artificial Intelligence algorithm it has traversed both family trees and notified the user that a potential match was found between a "Johann Hubert Stammen" in my family tree and a "John Stammen" in the family tree of my DNA match:

More pictures of the family tree data before the join in the above posts. Hope that convinces many more to take a DNA test.

Disclaimer: I'm the author of the app used in this video:

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in The Tree House by Andreas West G2G6 Mach 7 (76.8k points)
I look forward to participating. Thank you for all the thought that must have gone into this.
Thanks Jean, those comments mean a lot to us and keep us going. We're pretty close to the general public launch later this summer and as you can see we can already use the app for it's intended purpose:

- Getting more out of DNA results

- Overcoming dead-ends of traditional genealogy (like in this case for my DNA cousin)

- Work together with our DNA cousins on identifying the most recent common ancestor (MRCA) and eventually the common ancestor of all DNA cousins in a triangulated group

- Help those in search of family members or close relatives (we have already helped one adoptee find her BF)

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I am confused.

How was the video of traffic in Hyderabad related to the DNA?

It also didnt help that noone was talking either. There was no audio.
by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
It's playing the correct video when I click on the link, Robynne. Not sure why you see a video of the traffic in Hyderabad (but I heard it's pretty bad traffic there LOL).

You are correct that there is no audio in the video that I've uploaded. If you check the post itself, it has a lot of background information (in the form of screenshots of family trees) and what information was found before positively identifying both individuals as one and the same (supported by DNA evidence not shown to protect the identity of my new living DNA cousin).

Hope this explanation helps.
I got a fuzzy video with no audio then it hopped into a texting message about divorce. You may want to edit the link you have provided above before you put people off even considering your app.
Had no trouble to watch the video (19 seconds long) on my end. After it ends Favebook switches automatically (if you agreed to autoplay) to the next video it thinks is best for your profile.

If it’s fuzzy it usually means your data connection isn’t good enough. Adjust the quality (click where it says “HD”) to your lower bandwidth

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