Could I use WikiTree to find birth family members if I am adopted?

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I am doing some research to find out if WikiTree has the capability to help me locate birth family members through DNA. If so, how would this work?
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If you have learned how to download your raw dna data file from your testing company, then you should also upload to, here you can find matches who also uploaded from the other 2 sites mentioned below (MyHeritage, FTDNA) but added in this mix are matches from 23&me, and ancestry who have done the same. On my gematch match list, anyone who has a tree linked to their GEDmatch acct.  from wikitree have a link to their tree, which might aid in your quest. You can then go from the profile of a tested person, and cross check their other other DNA matches from different lines of their tree. Search Angels are top-notch, and will help!

Last year, in October or so, the daughter of an adopted 1/2 sibling of my father’s showed up on my ancestryDNA match list. So, she is my 1/2 1st cousin! My aunt, who is a full sibling to my father, and 1/2 sibling to her father, has also tested, and the shared amount of DNA between all of us confirms this relationship, fitting within the common, proper ranges for our relationships, on top of our collective shared matches, and some adoption paperwork, family is confirmed. Her father, who was adopted, has not tested, but that is ok, since she is still a very close match. He does not want contact either, and that is fine. Maybe someday?

I myself, have found a new 1/2 sister, confirmed with DNA! Very exciting to locate relatives who you never knew existed, like a 38 year old baby grown up sister! Dna will find your family! It may not find open arms, but chin up if you encounter the negative! Not everyone will be that way! People who aren’t adoptees are just as suceptable to negative responses or no responses from matches. Good luck!

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Hi Erika,

Welcome to wikitree! Some members have had success finding biological relatives. I'm currently waiting for my DNA to come back so I can explore the unknown. What I would suggest for now is contacting the adoption_angels here on wikitree to see what they can do for you. There will be a form to fill out. The more information you're able to give the better. As always if you have any more questions feel free to visit the G2G forums. Also feel free to dialogue in other conversations that may be of interest. 

I wish you the best with your endeavor


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Thank you Steve!
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When you do a DNA test and you get your DNA matches, if you are lucky then someone from your biological family may have already done a DNA test, so that you may be lucky enough to find a match straight away.

DNA is an investment. If noone from your biological family has done a test and uploaded the results to the same company you are using, then you will have to wait.

But the more places you send your raw data to, the better your chances.

The most ideal situation is to pay for and take an Ancestry DNA test, and then upload that raw data to FT DNA (Family Tree DNA) and My Heritage. You then pay for another DNA test from 23 and me as well - no need to get the health portion of that test if you dont want to.

The reason for this is because My Heritage and FT DNA both allow free uploads of DNA raw data from other companies, whereas Ancestry and 23 & Me do not.

My Heritage and FT DNA both have smaller data bases and this is the fastest way they can increase their database size. OTOH, they also have databases that cover a wider part of the world.

Ancestry and 23/me have mostly American clients, a good portion of whom have ancestry that is based in the USA for the last 3 to 400 years or so.

In terms of Adoption, I am not adopted myself, but my mother is. If you look at my profile, I have one grandparent and one quarter of my ancestors (currently) missing. (As of 21 June 2018).

I did my test through FT DNA and my top matches seemed to have a specific Irish family in common.

When I uploaded that raw data to My Heritage, my new top matches also had that same irish family.

Right now I am just waiting for the results of my mothers DNA test to show up. We hope that she too has connections to this same Irish family, which means that she will have been very lucky that other members of the family have already done the test and were waiting.

Some adoptees are not so lucky.

I hope you will be as lucky as I am. :)

And yes the Wikitree adoption angels can help. They can be your go-between, between you and the family if you are lucky enough to find some matches.
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Thank you so much! This information is very helpful.

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