Profile should show cemetery location

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Hi:  please add cemetery location to the profile

This info is important when I create Gedcom download to import into Family Tree Maker to use the Family Book Creator feature

in Genealogy Help by Lewis Buttery G2G2 (2.2k points)
recategorized by Steve McCabe
Hi Lewis,

Depends on the profile in question it may be possible that the Profile Manager was not aware of the location. If you could post the link to the profile of the person you want searched. I'm sure a Genealogist would be able to search down a possibility.

Best Regards
this was a generic question

I need to have the Cemetery location appear in the Gedcom download

If I use a Cemetery Category will it appear as a Gedcom field and

be able to be imported into Family Tree Maker ?

I don't believe it would however it may be in the biography of the profile in question
I had planned on having Wikitree profiles be the primary source of data and then export Gedcom to Family Tree Maker to create the family books

It looks like I will have to keep minimal info in Wikitree as I don't want to maintain two sets of trees and doing duplicate data entry

I need cemetery location as part of my family books

this is a bummer :(

To clarify (let me know if I'm off), are you submitting a feature request that there be a field in the top part of the profile with burial information, similar to the birth and death location fields?
yes, Burial place should be there also, similar to birth and death


Similarly add baptism date and location. Many early church records record only the baptism date.

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No tree site should ever be used as a source.  The source is where you find the documentation that proves the lineage, such as census, birth, death, wills, marriage records.

If you use a tree site as a source, and someone makes changes, how are you going to verify those changes?

If from a tree site, someone has an erroneous tree, and you copy it... then you are also passing on those errors. Do you want to know how many times I have heard "Its on XXX site so it has to be true." When I'm looking at the documentation that says otherwise. 

Do you own research, and source it with proper documentation yourself, add it to your database. Then you know if your research is correct or not.   I like family because their sources are more user friendly for databases.

by Lynette Jester G2G6 Mach 7 (73.5k points)
I'm sorry but you do not understand my question

please read it again


for the record I am NOT trying to use trees as sources

not sure where you got that from ???

maybe from this part...

This info is important when I create Gedcom download to import into Family Tree Maker to use the Family Book Creator feature


Lynette, I read it the same way as you

I had planned on having Wikitree profiles be the primary source of data

Karen, I'm on other sites also. And my cousin has an ancestry account. I do not use any of the other sites as a source. I have them all independently sourced. I do have a note that says "This person is the same as Person 123 on site XYZ because I personally have entered the data with sources or my cousin has and/or I have verified it.  I have also threatened him to an inch of his life if he attempts to connect a person in the tree to another tree that contains errors.

But yeah, your quote of his later post says it all.
sorry, I see where the confusion came from

I want to use Wikitree as my primary repository where I do all my work

and create all my sources

I have many, many family lines that date to 1600's and earlier

I want to create a book for each family line by exporting a Gedcom from

Wikitree to Family Tree Maker and use the Family Book Creator to create the books

I don't want to make ANY edits in FTM

all editing and creation and sourcing will be done in Wikitree

FTM will be used solely to use FBC for making books

sorry for not being clear

to this end I need the Wiki markup tags to be removed from the Gedcom when doing the export

Well, you are still using it bassackwards.  I haven't used FTM since I had a 486 computer.

Your database should be your primary storage.

Other people can edit your data here. So you will need a update your db. Same happens if you find more sources you will need to update  both the published tree and your database. And you can't upload another gedcom for the same family to update sources.

Also, you will want to keep your sources in the db. A written book on genealogy without documentation is still mythology, even if it correct.  Always PROVE YOUR WORK when you publish.
I'm sorry you are misunderstanding my question and my work flow

My question has NOTHING to do with sourcing

Let me try again

1. I want to do ALL work in Wikitree, create the profiles, source them, EVERYTHING in Wikitree

2. I need a Gedcom download that includes Burial Place so I can use the Family Book Creator feature of Family Tree Maker to create a Family book for each of my many family lines

3. I do NOT want to make any edits in FTM or FBC


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