Why can’t I add a surname to follow tag/add

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Why can’t I add Oleson? I’ve tried several times to no avail
WikiTree profile: Virginia Browning
in WikiTree Help by Liza O’Neil G2G1 (1.3k points)
retagged by Dorothy Barry

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You cannot add a tag to the profile for Virginia, but you should be able to add one to your own profile. Underneath the tags you have already added is an option to edit tags. On that page you scroll down until you get to boxes to add a new tag.
by Lynda Crackett G2G6 Pilot (634k points)
selected by Pip Sheppard
Lynda always ready to assist, I like that.
Pip, Thanks for the best answer star. I am still not sure if this has solved Liza's problem though as she has just commented on another person's process that this does not work for her.

Well, we don’t always have the exact right answer, but I’ve got to hand it to you, Lynda, you always make the attempt. And that’s what I love about everyone here. At least we try!!!

No, that’s what I’ve been trying to do- obviously my grandma wouldn’t be tagging & or following herself even more so for the fact she is deceased- but every time I try to put oleson in it gives same ‘only enter one tag at a time’ or something like that- which I am 1st so I try again the next day & yet again only 1 name w the reason & same message!!!
Yes- you all do try very appreciative of that!!! Thanks
Is it just Oleson it is having a problem with? Do you get the same message if you try a different tag?
I just added Oleson to my own profile for a test, and it added fine.
That eliminates one potential source of the error then Ros. Any ideas on what she should try next?
Yes, it’s just Oleson.

How’d it add to yours?

I’m doing something wrong here
Went to my profile. Down the right are all the tags I follow. At the bottom of the list of them is a tiny text link [edit tags and tag comments], so I clicked on that.

Took me to a page entitled 'Tags Followed by Ros Haywood'.  Scrolled down to the section 'Add New Tags'.

Typed in Oleson, and in the comments box I just put testing.  Clicked on dark green button 'Enter New Tag'.


If you want to give me Trusted List access to your profile, I will see if I can make it work. I've sent in a request so it's easier for you.
I gave you access-

It won’t allow me to add anything :(
Didn't you get my email, saying thanks for the access, but I still can't do anything.?

Try going back to your profile and pressing F5 to clear the cache.  When you get to the next page (with the tags) press F5 to clear the cache again before you try Oleson again.
That’s funny and very apropos

Thanks for trying
Sorry, don't quite understand.  What's funny, and what's a propos?

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