Failed GEDCOM import doesn't have names on profiles. Is there a way to fix it or remove its tree if the PM wants?

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While going through the merging duplicates list I came across some profiles which are connected to each other but don't have any names - only dates and GEDCOM-import styled biographies and sources.  Most say "Couldn't find any valid last name at birth. Couldn't find any valid first name."  Apparently, the database is reading several as having duplicate marriages, but it isn't immediately obvious, because they all have the same Unknown name.

They also don't seem to connect to the outside tree anywhere that I've seen, so it's a bit of a sandbox to otherwise play and learn in.  Is it best to leave this grouping as a number of database flags, notate it and move on?

WikiTree profile: Maren Kirstine Kofoed
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It would be interesting to see how much crosses over to the greenwald-millerGEDCOM.ged upload.

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Looking at the profile you linked, one of the sources has the text 'Maren Kristine Hansdatter'. I believe that is the same person as --the dates match up. Since the dates all got transferred, I think the best course would be to match up the UNKNOWN UNKNOWNS with their 'real' named profiles and merge them. I didn't click on every profile, but all the UNKNOWNS I clicked on have their names at the bottom--although they don't quite match up with the already-named-profiles' names, so that would have to be worked out with the profile manager of those.
by G Gaffin G2G4 (4.2k points)
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Oof, with about 1k of those profiles to go through, that would be no easy task, but you're right - they do have the names hidden away in the sourcing.

I think I'm pretty happy with just letting it rest a while longer as an amusing oddity laugh

Yeah, that's a lot. I didn't realize how many profiles it was. And the uploader did a dump-and-run of his GEDCOM, too, and then never came back :(.

You could message the Data Doctors project and see if their members would be interested in chipping away at it.

Yeah, I'm sure he was in the hopes that it would be a simple upload.  I can definitely commiserate with the level of frustration he probably felt.

It's a bit curious how his GEDCOM both sourced the names and noted that they couldn't be found.  I just might ping the Data Doctors group to see if we want to do some ugly data mining on this one.  Here's to hoping it all gets fixed yes 

I've never had a GEDCOM and I don't know anything about how they work, but it seems like importing them into Wikitree frequently produces bad profiles of varying flavors. Hopefully they can all be successfully merged.
Names were probably in a different field from the standard.
I guess it might be an idea emailing him and asking if he would let us have a copy of his C og C.ged file. I will be honest if that had happened to me when I started on Wikitree I would have done a runner. A few of the profiles have had work done on them which slowly leaves some clues but it would be a pretty futile task trying to piece it together.
And names in the "sources" (it's only a Smart Match) are not always correct. I see a few girls with -sen names in the first half of the 19th century, which probably should be -datter.

They are Danish, moving to Utah around 1850.
I checked the GEDCOM, and there were no names in it. Looks like a bad export from MyHeritage back in 2012.
Steven asked for the list of all profiles from this gedcom, so here it is
and with relatives
But if you ask me, I would delete whole gedcom. He is inactive since his first week in 2012.
There are also profiles, that got unlisted with GDPR.
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This definitely looks like a fun task. Oh Boy. I see where the name is buried at the bottom and even put the dad. If this is a hit and run then hopefully they are mostly open. We will have to put the name but not be able to change LNAB. Then find the duplicate and initiate a merge. Then we will have to wait out the time. (one month?)

Feel free to look at it. LOL
by Steven Tibbetts G2G6 Pilot (419k points)
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Yes, looks like he ran.
It looks like trying to contact him to eventually have the profiles orphaned (UPM) would be a better option. There's a lot of private profiles which would be deleted. Not really a bad thing IMO.

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