Clean up early Habsburgs and Zähringers

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I'm proposing the following changes to the Breisgau/Altenburg/early Habsburg/early Zähringer profiles:

  • Change LNAB of Calw-2 to Altenburg, or possibly Breisgau following his father Breisgau-1, but that would result in the same LNAB as a different family proposed below.
  • Change LNAB of Von_Breisgau-3 to Altenburg.
  • Disconnect Von_Breisgau-1 from Von_Breisgau-3.
  • Change LNAB of Von_Breisgau-1 to Breisgau.
  • Change LNAB of Habsburg-22 to Breisgau, delete birth date and place, change death to about 1005.
  • Merge Von_Breisgau-2 into Habsburg-22.
  • Merge Von_Thurgau-4 into Habsburg-22.
  • Disconnect Von_Buren-3 from her father and change her LNAB to Büren. Delete birthdate and place, change death to after 1000 and delete that ridiculous Hungary as death place.
  • Change LNAB of Von_Villengen-1 to Breisgau. Change birth date to about 985, delete birth place.
  • Change LNAB of Ortengau-1 to Breisgau, perhaps Zähringen as the first of the family, Nickname cum barba, mit dem Barte, Herzog von Kärnten, Marchese di Verona; change birth to about 1000, delete birth place, death 6 Nov 1078, place Limburg, Weilheim an der Teck, Herzogtum Schwaben.
  • Change LNAB of Von_Schwaben-9 to Unknown, delete birth date and place, change death to before 1056 and delete Hungary as place.

I know this sounds like a lot but it would establish a basis to clean up the rest of these early profiles. The major sticking point I'm seeing in these changes is that it would require a departure from Medieval Lands. Charles Cawley follows Europäische Stammtafeln in making Berta von Büren's husband Landolt/Lanzelin whereas Heyck and others regard Berthold Graf im Breisgau as her husband.
Sources for the proposed changes besides Medieval Lands: Geschichte der Herzöge von Zähringen, E.K.H. Heyck; Genealogie-Mittelalter, Manfred Hiebl; Heinz Bühler: Zur Geschichte der frühen Staufer. Herkunft und sozialer Rang - unbekannte Staufer, Sonderdruck aus: Stauferforschungen im Stauferkreis Göppingen 1977 (unfortunately not digitized); a variety of articles by Heinrich Büttner available in pdf here.

in Genealogy Help by Helmut Jungschaffer G2G6 Pilot (617k points)

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On a side note, I'm on ship going from Budapest to Passau right now. Every tour guide seemed to discuss the Habsburg (actually just a couple of them over and over). After buying a postcard with "Habsburger" line on it with with Rudolph at that top,a I decided to dig deeper. I'm possible a descendent or Rudolph I and his son Albrecht and two different daughter's lines per WikiTree.

Rudolph I seems to be a bit of a mess with at least two doubtful offspring (not in FMG or WIkipedia or in quick google searches), Euphemia and Frederick.  I will try to add some sourcing during Source-A-Thon. Some of the profiles have primarily German content with duplicate content and text bulk copied from German Wikipedia. I can't do much with them. Also, his children are largely unsourced and some have text for Rudolf versus the child. The bad children may have come from a unsourced profile.
by Marty Acks G2G6 Pilot (159k points)
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Sorry Helmut, I completely missed this, I'll see what I can do as well.
by John Atkinson G2G6 Pilot (641k points)

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