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in The Tree House by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.6m points)
closed by Dorothy Barry

Are you ready for Weekend!! smiley 

Here in the mid south (United States) we are starting our first couple of days of summer with rain, and high temps!! cheeky

Do you have summer plans this year? A trip to the beach, Disney World, Aunt Alice's house...  won't you share with us, and if you have a picture or two, we would love to see those too!!!  

Thanks for hosting Dorothy. I am in the same area you are Dorothy. Our plans is getting my dad home not today but next Friday. I will explain this in my answer. But I am here early again. But we only planning on getting ready to move up to Greeneville, Tennessee before or after it gets cold. I will go more in depth in my answer.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.
Thanks Linda for posting, appreciate you. I replied to your answer below.
Thank you Dorothy for hosting the chat!
Hi Dorothy thank you for hosting how is your gorgeous dog?

Thanks Mindy and Susan. 

Susan, my dog is doing fine, 7 years old yesterday. Just can't go too many places with the temps in the 90's. Too hot even for a few minutes in the car.sad

So our genealogical surprise of the week is that my husband of 45 years and I are DNA matches (distant cousins - probably 5th-8th) !! Both families have always said that we are descended from Patrick Henry, but I doubt that is true for either side, at this stage of the research! So, he has  committed to study the DNA results to figure out which segment needs further research, etc. If there's anyone out there who needs a challenge, drop me a note!! :)

Wow, that must have been a big surprise!! Glad to hear hubby is willing to help. Also if you would like a larger audience to see if you can get some assistance, don't forget the G2G forum. Lots of researchers on board!! Good Luckwink

Funny. I am related to my wife's father according our DNA. looking into, it appears that intersect a couple of times.
Pamela autosomal DNA results really only reliable for about 4 generations so at 5-8 there are a huge number of false positives.  To be a true match you need to go down to the chromosome level and find an overlap of at east 7cm and at least 700 SNP.

15 minutes to closing. Just wanted to say "Thank you" for joining us this weekend, and look forward to seeing you again next weekend. smiley

Hoping you have a great week ahead!!   Dorothy B. this weekend's chat host. 

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The weekend chat is here already? WOW!!

 OK well not much to report this week except that the My Heritage DNA kit I had applied for under the DNA Quest program, finally arrived at my mothers home in NZ.

She and I had a skype chat on Tuesday while I walked her through the process, and her DNA is now on its way back to Texas. All we can do now is wait!!

My family chat starts in 5 hours.

Congrats to Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of NZ,  on the birth of her baby daughter. No name has been announced yet!!
by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
Hi Robynne, Thanks for sharing!! What's the weather like there where you are at???
Overcast. Supposed to rain later today. Am in Toronto, Canada
Patience... I hear some of the tests are coming back quickly while others are taking some time...

indecisionWelcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.indecision

Hi Robynne,
Congrats on the dna kit!
Thanks you Mindy.

Update on Jacinda Ardern. Her new baby daughter has been named Neve Te Aroha Ardern Gayford.
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  Yesterday was the first day of Summer for us in the United States!! 


In honor of "Summer", this week's "Summer Solstice" puzzle was put together by Laura B, our puzzle extraordinaire!!  Thank you Laura!

The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice is the shortest day in the Southern Hemisphere.   The people in this puzzle have some relationship to June 20th through June 22nd when the solstice normally occurs.  

June 20: 

1.  In 1837 ascended to the British throne.   2.  In 1840 this inventor of a major communication device receives the patent.   3. In 1877 installs the world's first commercial telephone service in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.   4. 1893 acquitted of murdering her parents.   5. 1979 ABC news correspondent killed by Nicaraguan soldier.   

June 21: 

1.  1905 French existentialist philosopher and author of Being and Nothingness is born.   2. 1921 American actress who was linked to, but denied ever dating Howard Hughes, was born.   3. 1925 American actress who was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress 3 times before winning for her performance as Emma Goldman in Reds (1981).   4. 1908 Russian composer Scheherazade died.   5. 2001 Best known for his role as Archie Bunker, died 

June 22: 

1.  1633 Rome forces this scientist to recant theory the sun is center of the Universe, not the Earth.   2. 1906 birth of Hollywood’s Austrian born was first to win an Academy Award as producer, director, and screenwriter for the same film, The Apartment.   3. She died in 1969 and some say went “somewhere over the rainbow”.   4. 1987 this quintessential American dancer and actor died.  Often paired with Ginger Rogers.   5. 2008 comedian, actor, and author died.  His routine that compared baseball and football hit a home run.   

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.6m points)
edited by Dorothy Barry
There is a docx and pdf version in dropbox at


And the answers are in the answer folder at that location.

Laura you always do marvelous, great and as Dorothy  said  above  WikiTree weekend chat puzzle extraordinaire.

indecisionWelcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.indecision

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Hi Everyone!

Thanks for hosting, Dorothy!

We got some great rain last weekend, and no lightning.  Back to beautiful sunny weather for this brand-new summer.  Nothing burning in my 'hood, except my rage.

Stay cool, y'all!

Edit to add:  Forgot to mention, I made it through a year on WikiTree.  Who'd'a thunk?



by Living Tardy G2G6 Pilot (733k points)
reshown by Dorothy Barry
I dunno Pip,  Naked mole rat, unicorn.  Tomato, tomato.

Congrats on your Pilot badge!
What pilot badge?

Oh, that pilot badge! Thanks! Much appreciated!

Glad to see you here Herbert! I've missed the Origami
Hi Herbert glad the sun has return, it might have been your rain that we got in Denmark, I will glad returning it should you need rain. Tonight it is saint Hans day so that mean bonfire on the beach and tivoli garden so hopefully no rain Wish you a great day
I don't appreciate my answer being turned into a debate about Best Answers on the Chat, given that I had nothing to do with the policy or use of it today.  For that reason, I tried to hide my answer.  Unfortunately my choice was not respected.

Sent you a message. I put it back as this week's host. Please know this wasn't about you. We loved your answer.  15 up votes, nice!!  It was my job to explain the situation, that's all. I for one appreciate you and wanted to put your answer back. I loved your answer. laughangel

Thank you Dorothy.  If you really want to help, please use your superpowers to remove the irrelevant comments about BAs.

DONE!!! wink

Thank you!
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Today is (for our chocolate lovers):



National Chocolate Eclair Day is observed annually on June 22nd.  This is a day for everyone to enjoy a delicious cream-filled pastry that is covered in smooth chocolate.

The French make many delicacies from a dough called pate a choux. One of these pastries is the Eclair.  It is piped into an oblong shape using a pastry bag.  When baked, it is light and crispy on the outside and hollow on the inside making it the perfect avenue for transporting creamy vanilla or chocolate creme.

The word “eclair” comes from the French word, meaning “flash of lightning.”   The connection between this and this French pastry remains unclear.

Originating during the nineteenth century in France, the eclair was first called “pain à la Duchesse” or “petite Duchesse”.   It is believed, by food historians, that eclairs were first made by French chef Antonin Careme (1784-1833).

The 1884 Boston Cooking School Cook Book, by Mrs. D.A. Lincoln, has the first known English-language recipe for eclairs.

Long Johns are marketed under the name eclairs in some parts of the United States.  The two are not quite identical.  Long Johns are made with donut pastry and typically filled with a vanilla pudding or custard, making it a simpler and less expensive alternative to the eclair. 

Following are a few of our recipes for you to make, share and enjoy #NationalChocolateEclairDay!

History of Chocolate Éclair Day

Éclair… An enticing name for a treat, it even sounds decadent, but what does it actually mean? Éclair means “flash of lightning” and describes the speed at which these delicacies will disappear if left unguarded. These delicious treats were said to have first been invented by the French Chef Antonin Carême, a man with a tragic history that led to a grand creation in the early 19th century.

He was abandoned by his parents in the tumultuous days of the French Revolution and found work as kitchen boy to keep himself housed and fed. Some time later he found himself working as an apprentice to a famous pâtissier named Sylvain Bailly.

The young boy blossomed into an amazingly talented chef, so talented in fact that when he left Bailly’s training he was able to move from employer to employer with impunity. This was rare in a time when one’s employer practically owned them, in this case, he could move freely, such was his talent.

Out of that talent came a long-standing love for the delicacy that would disappear so fast it was named for this tendency. Some time later the Chocolate Éclair was invented and took its well-deserved position as the King of the Éclair.




by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.6m points)
edited by Dorothy Barry
Ohhh, making me hungry! I used to make these when I was in about 8th grade and completely fearless. I'm sure I've lost the knack by now.

Hi Kay,  thanks for stopping by!! 

Yes, as a young teen, I would make a chocolate MESS!!! And do you remember "Home Economics" in school?? (including cooking and sewing)  Never picked up the urge to do a whole lot of cooking, I prefer eating out myself. Sewing, do you remember doing those "A line" plain Jane dresses... what a hoot. laugh

In home ec we made creamed tuna on toast, and all got sick. I have not eaten that since.

Sewing was a different story. By the time they taught us to make the A Line dress, I had learned to sew from my mother, and from my aunt who was a seamstress, and had already made a corduroy suit. I also had a cousin who lived with us while earning her master's degree in home ec, and she working on teaching me more sewing.

This is my father's favorite pastry, the first thing he wanted when he visited us (here in France) last year was an éclair, he had never known you could get it in different flavors so he got all the flavors! laugh

Oh man, good times, Dorothy!

I made eclairs in Home Ec, along with several other things. I can remember one classmate who decided to melt his chocolate in the microwave instead of double boiling and ended up making an entire section of the school smell like burnt chocolate.

surpriselaugh oh the memories!!! 

You just made me hungry. yes Time for late lunch

I remember home ec.   I had been doing simple cooking at home by the time I was a sophomore in highschool and was required to take it.  One project required making the dreaded white sauce with no lumps.  25 girls
trying to cook on two stoves made it complicated.  My partner and I had the required lumps  problem, but smart me, we strained it through a sieve and we were the only lump less sauce presenters.  Lyda and I just looked at each other and smiled when the teacher explained to the others how theirs could have been made to be as smooth as ours " if they had strained it".  We never let on how we had gotten ours!  Made in 1952.  No microwaves for us poor folks.
Good and bad news on chocolate.    Dark is good for the heart.  Milk Chocolate is not.   Some of the chocolate / cocoa coming from South America is tainted with Cadmium.  They don't know why.  Does not seem to be in the beans so perhaps something in how it is processed there?   The chocolate coming from Africa seems to be ok with no Cadmium per the latest tests I have seen.  

The Belgium and French chocolates seemed to be mixed based on if they sourced from South America (and it was not just one country which is kind of weird) or Africa.

One of my great great grandfathers was a candy maker so I get to claim genetic relationship to chocolate!  When he retired his firm was sold to his nephew who in turn sold it to what became Mars who was acquired by Cadbury and I don't know after that....

indecisionWelcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.indecision

Ugh! The diet, the diet!!

ha, ha, I am always breaking my diet, either donuts or chips or somethin..cheeky

I love eclairs smiley Dorothy, do you have enough for everyone here? wink

Morning staff on duty an hour ago, nice warm eclairs on display...  don't push lol laugh

Yummy I will send you my addresse Dorothy you always are sharing some delightful thing to put in a mouth, I wish you was my neighbor

Talking about diet I can refuse everything except temptation
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Greetings, Weekend Chatters!

This week I cleaned up this guy's profile: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Tufts-9. What happened was I was checking out SmartCopy on Geni to see what historical links I missed. There's a feature that shows what notable figures you have in the tree. It's handy.  It helps if someone is in a specific project, too. Like American Revolution, Kings Daughters etc.

I see this guy listed in the Salem Witch Trials. I go to his profile and see a link to his wikipedia page. I go check out our page for him. What did we have? A tumbleweed rolling by. I was also out the door as I was going to dinner. So, I c/ped Wikipedia's article and slapped it on the guy's profile with a couple notes, the Notables banner and the Witch Trials banner.

T'was my good deed for the day.

So, my tip this week is to sometimes cross-reference a profile with other genealogy sites.

I also worked on this: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Chris_Ferraiolo%27s_Notable_Relations

That's a work in progress. =D

In other news, I talked to some other cousins. Is it me or are some cousins like "Hi! How are ya? I haven't seen you since you were a baby. My grandfather was at your parents wedding!" and others are like "WHO SENT YOU?!"

It might have to do with how close/distant you are with the cousin. One might be close and send pics and stuff. Best thing to do in the latter case is to be patient. =)
by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (571k points)

Nice job Chris! Thanks for the tip too! yes

Thanks! =D
Good work!
Thanks. =)

Ditto to all the chats on this chat.

indecisionWelcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.indecision

Hi Chris. I love the 'Notable Relations' page! What a great idea. And your WikiTree cousins... you have some great people on that list wink  I like the idea of keeping your bio a little cleaner and moving those to their own page. I did that with my brick walls, but I haven't made any others. 

As for 'cousins' I have that only responded once, and others that i talk to weekly now. I accept those gifts of life and don't fret over the ones that don't want to connect. Maybe some day they'll come around for you!

You are right. Perhaps they will.

Yes. Some great cousins indeed including some Mindy lady. I dunno who that could be. =P

Hmmm, I dunno but the name sounds familiar angel

Mindy Gold? Mindy Silver? Yeah! Mindy Silver! =)
And then I broke 100k points. WOOT! All I did was adopt a profile. XD

Congratulations Chris! Way to go  image

Thanks! I am still not sure what I did. I just was surfing the tree and came across an abandoned profile. I snatched it up.
+15 votes

It is summer in the mideastern US.. hot and humid! The garden seems to be happy with this as we have had yellow squash, green beans, cucumbers, and even an early tomato! Soon the zucchini will turn into a monster, but I have some great recipes.

Our grandson spent the week with us, and attended Cub Scout day camp. We did get to read a Captain Underpants book. He and I agreed that the sandwich that the kids in the book made sounded disgusting -- peanut butter and gummy worms with chocolate sauce. My cousin said what a waste of good chocolate.

My WikiTree this week as been willy-nilly, literally. I found an unrelated family that I wanted to source to better distinguish them from "our" Billy Knight, so added the wife's father's will so she could be connected. Then I thought great, lets start with Billy's youngest son named after his maternal grandfather since that's some good evidence. Well, to add Billy's second wife I looked for her; she wasn't out there, but her father had three or so profiles. I added his will, which named all 14 of his children, to the one that will likely survive. Then I adopted several of his orphaned children. Her first husband doesn't seem to be on WikiTree, but several of his 13 siblings are, along with 4 profiles for his father. So, his will is next.

Will this ever stop? Certainly down the rabbit hole....

by Kay Knight G2G6 Pilot (477k points)
That will keep you busy for a while!!  I did an "Integrator challenge" last month and still am making profiles for the "Franklin" family. We are supposed to try to connect families, but I keep adding new families from married couples and all their children (going sideways instead of upwards to older generations). Have you noticed back in the day the couple would have a dozen or more children?? Then you add their spouses and children... no end in sight!!,
I too am a chocolate purist. I will add nuts but nothing else.

Dip strawberries and other fruit in it...  yummm

I like you adopted a bunch of profiles.  I went from 0 on my suggestions report to well over 100... slowly working through all those as I have time.  I did find some that needed merging and have most of them done... a few to still finish off...

I agree with everyone in this chat.

indecisionWelcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.indecision

Hi Kay, hot and humid here in Kentucky as well. Our garden has zuchini, onions, green beans, tomatoes, squash and lots of peppers. Everything did well except the green beans. I think that seed package was a little too old to still be out in the store, they usually thrive here.

Fourteen children?! Wow! Thank you for taking the time to work through that family and honor them.
+15 votes
On the trivia front ... I do an online trivia game most mornings ... a couple days ago one of the questions was like:  State where the Northern most Civil War battle was fought in St. Albans.

Well, duh!  I've been adding profiles for several of my relatives from St. Albans ... so, I breezed right through that question!  Oh, St. Albans, Franklin, Vermont

If you have further interest:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Albans_Raid
by Bob Jewett G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)

Hi Bob, thanks for sharing about St. Albans. Neat how working on WikiTree can lead to learning and sharing info about war history and other trivia!! Way to go yes

We have a lot of charities and schools host trivia nights here as a fund raiser.  10 rounds of 10 questions with some donated prizes at the end.  

Normal cost is anywhere from 10 to 20 dollars a person with tables of 6 to 8 depending on the facility.  And they often have baskets, quilts and other donated items as raffle items.   It is a fun way to support our local organizations and schools.

Ditto to everyone on this chat.

indecisionWelcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.indecision

Hi Bob, great way to start our your day! Trivia is not my forte, but that's a great way to keep your brain active. My morning starts with coffee, email and the G2G smiley 

+15 votes

Well Jumping Jehosophat

The weekend is now upon us and the first day of summer is past surprise Well for it now being summer the weather this weekend has made a sudden change the last couple days it got quite warm with one day I believe it was Monday having the feel like temperature in excess of 100° F However today it a beautiful 71°F with a look of rain and or thunder showers. Well not so much has changed since last weekend. I still waiting for my DNA results however the periodic emails help alleviate the long wait. Microarray process in progress smiley If I don't get drowned out I plan to take a look into the veterans from Quakertown, Pennsylvania who served in World War 1 and 2 and get that completed I'd reckon it couldn't be more than 100 combined but I might be shocked.

Well till next time be safe

by Steve McCabe G2G6 Pilot (363k points)
edited by Steve McCabe

Sounds like you have a great plan for upcoming WikiTree contributions. Adding our war hero's are always educational and informative! Thank you Steve for honoring our vets!! yes

As I am sure Robynne can attest, the waiting for those results is maddening... it is like being a child again waiting for your birthday presents!

Ditto to everyone on this chat.

indecisionWelcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.indecision

+14 votes
I'm in France, near Lyon and the weather has been confusing yesterday it was so hot my sweat was sweating and today it was so chilly we had to wear sweaters.

I have nothing planned for the weekend just hope to relax and maybe take a dip in my in-law's pool.
by Lynnette Dovy G2G6 Mach 2 (21.3k points)

Thanks for sharing Lynnette, glad you could join us this weekend!! smiley

Weather ups and downs can cause havoc on one's body... I always end up having extra clothes set out in case of  sudden temperature changes. 

I changed clothes about three times today.

I'm still not used to these cold temperatures I miss the heat of the Caribbean.
I am doing inventory and it is a slow and laborious task and I am stuck inside so I have no idea if I am missing a beautiful day or a rainy one...sometimes we have both in one day....

I know what you mean Laura and ditto to what everyone said here.

indecisionWelcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.indecision

H Lynette, enjoy that pool! Relaxing sounds like a good plan
+12 votes
We need some summer music up in this joint. Drums, please!

by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (571k points)

Dance to the Music, dance to the music... All we need is a drummer, for people who only need a beat,  gonna add a little guitar, and make it easy to move your feetcheeky

If only I could play guitar. My brother can.

What did I just watch? indecision

Will Smith rapping circa 1990. Back before Independence Day and all those crazy movies he did. I think this was just before Fresh Prince of Bel Air started.
The first one The Jamies - Summertime, Summertime sounded somewhat like a Barbershop Quartet
From 1958. Twenty years before I was born.
I won't have time to watch any until the wee hours of the morning...

indecisionWelcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.indecision

Chris, don’t be knocking 1958, the year I was born! Ha!
Who's knocking 1958? Not me, sir! =D

Summer, summer, summertime
Time to sit back and unwind

Great song for the weekend chat, thanks!

So many good summer songs. I went with Will Smith because I like that song. =D Come on. I was raised in the '80s and '90s. =)
+15 votes
Been busy this week waiting. I've had drawers that needed to be made waiting on material and access to the neighbor's table saw. Once that happened, the guy waiting for the drawers left for a few days. I finally caught up with him and stayed up till after 3am working on them.

Another job entails repairing or replacing bathtub water fixtures. I'm waiting on shutoff valves and a pex crimping tool. That wait is still ongoing.

I'm also waiting to get a worthless piece of paper with a signature from my last job that I can take to a bank and get many almost worthless pieces of colored cloth so I can go get things that have worth to me. (check please)

In and around this I got to do many unmerged matches of profiles that looked like they were the same person but not completely open to find out for sure.

We also had a member stumble across a whole gedcom of mostly unknown unknown profiles that turned out to be interesting. Still not sure if we are going to name and merge or just delete the whole mess at this point.


I also put together a "how-to" guide for the data doctor challenges.


So I've been keeping busy. And this darn Global Warming is making everything so cold. The first official day of summer reached the mid-80's here in Maine. Then it fell to 36 degrees Fahrenheit early this morning. That is summer? We have warnings not to enter the water as it can still cause hypothermia.
by Steven Tibbetts G2G6 Pilot (340k points)
There are profiles out there with no relatives connected, no dates, no locations and just a name.   Those are pretty worthless.
I thought you did an excellent job on the Data Doctor Challenge guide Steven!!
Yes Laura. There are also tons of profiles with relatives but no dates, no locations. Is it any wonder there are so many duplicates, but we have no way to identify them.
You would think the ones with relatives there could be a "date guess" added along with location (which would most likely be the same as the other relatives if the time period is about the same.)
It is definitely unique to find a whole family of Unknown Unknowns with dates and family relations though. Especially when the name is buried in the source. I just thought of something. Is the tree we currently have a re-upload of a gedcom????

Not really Laura they might be connected later on to people and profiles on WikiTree. There shouldn't be any of those profiles really.

indecisionWelcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.indecision

Steve if they are from 2010 into 2012 this is when gedcoms went in without any validating.   There are threads out on G2G about how some of the coders can read what the gobbledegook computer stuff actually says and there is a group called the Connectors.  Greg Slade leads it I think.  

I would contact Greg and see if the gedcom related to those profiles are in their line of sight.

Stay warm Steven. Sounds like you've been busy as usual smiley Keep up the good work!

Well, got the drawers finished last night. The tub fixture is ripped out and replaced now. I told her to wait 24 hours for the caulk to set up but it looks really good. We had to go with a whole new fixture as parts would have cost about 50% more than all brand new.

That's good progress Steven smiley

+14 votes
Dorothy Thank YOU so much for hosting!  Taking a 5 minute break and checking in!
by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (711k points)
Eating dinner at 10:15...   I am a moderator for a number of boards on RootsWeb.  I think all of the boards and all of the email lists are now back in business.   

World Connect is back up.  

I am still not seeing some of the individual pages some folks had.  

They do give an update on the progress of repairing / rebuilding the site  here:  https://home.rootsweb.ancestry.com/
Hi Laura! Always glad to see you here, even if its only for a minute
Wow Margaret that is admirable !  I remeber the era you speak of, when is Rootsweb going to come back? taking crazy long time!  I did not even have PAF I just had binders and wrote stuff down, plus I changed the way I did it and never caught up to myself and did not keep all my sources on my same pages - so many got lost - but found wikitree last November and been hooked ever since
I have binders and file cards all around the computer and piled in various back rooms all over the house. They contain many photocopies I want to access if I only knew where they were.

One of my projects was to write a descendancy of my 3ggf William Robe. It began out of frustration with that particular brick wall.  I lost count after 6000 descendants and I am still collecting them. YDNA testing showed that the Robb surname was connected.
The Milverton (Somerset) parish records that I used to link to on rootsweb have not been available for months  and they are still not available. I just checked.

Looks to me as if Rootsweb will never be back online, and I wish they would tell us.
you could give the wayback machine a shot.

Robynne there are different parts to Rootsweb.

The following are back up and functioning pretty well now.

Wold Connect Tree

Email lists

Message Boards

Caveat to Email lists and message boards:  not all the archived messages are back.  A lot are but not all

The private pages seem to be missing.  I don't know if it is all of them or some of them.  My guess and that is all it is:  They figure the person who put it up the first time could more quickly come back and put it back up than wait for them to find it if possible and repair it.
the message boards are not complete, and are a real frustrating chore to use presently, I find
Wow I must have lucked out, the boards I admin are all there and working from what I saw.   I just checked all of mine and they are there and have the data they had before from what I can see.
I wish all those people on those boards still had those same e-mail addresses

used to have one half cousin there - she had a journal for my one ancestor - the one who went from Quebec to what would become Manitoba - went and married a native girl, had several children and traded furs and all but left and went back east and had another family who she came down from - Annette and I can not find her - that was almost 20 years go so
+11 votes
I know I am late, for me at least, but it is the start of a very hectic 4 days. Today I loaded my car for Field Day, and thank God I did because we got called to help a family member about 1 PM and we will not totally finish with that until 11 tomorrow morning. Then at noon it is over to the Emergency Management Agency to start setting up for a 24 hour Ham radio drill, by the time that is done it will be after 2:30 Sunday afternoon. Then Monday it another 2 hour drive for a family member and a meeting Monday evening. I will try and check in here as well as work on some profiles in my spare time, sleep is overrated, but don't expect much. Got some bad news about my daughter, she is not doing well and can not travel at all so she will miss her cousins wedding next Friday, yes her condition is quite bad, but we are holding out hope that she get's better soon. The only good thing about that is I will not be making two trips to her place and back in a 5 day period, a round trip takes 2 days if you are lucky. The weather here is only in the mid 60's, cold for this time of the year, and they are predicting rain for 5 out of the next 8 days, Monday Tuesday and Thursday are supposed to be dry
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
Glad you stopped by Dale. Please drive safe!!

PS: Sorry to hear about your daughter!
She is on my prayer list Dale.   Tomorrow I am taking care of my 86 going now on 87 year old aunt.  I never know what I am going to run into.  When she is feeling good I drive her all over town with a bunch of errands.  When she is feeling poorly I am running around getting this or that.  But it is generally an all day event.  But I don't mind she was good to me my whole life.  I lived with her for the first 6 years.
Have a safe trip Dale! Prayers said for your daughter.
Laura, My daughter is in her early 40's. My 88 year old father and I went out to do some shopping on Monday and then out to lunch and he was doing fine then. He actually was looking into buying another shotgun for when he goes target shooting every Thursday with his friends at the club so it is looking good for him right now.
To All, My "trip" this weekend is only about a 5 minute drive down a back road to our Field Day site. Then it is unload the car, set everything up, and "play radio" for 24 hours. After that we tear everything down and put everything back the way we found it and go home. We can nap if we need to because there are plenty of people to help out if we need a break. We also have food for dinner and breakfast, nothing fancy but it is hot and filling. Also plenty to drink including Coffee. No one ever leaves a Geauga Amateur Radio Association Field Day hungry.
lol, nice short drive. Sounds like a fun day!

Blood sugar, check, Good

Blood pressure, check, good, 

Now to eat breakfast, take granddaughter to work, pick up new laptop, not for me darn, come home switch cars and then it is off to the radios.

I think it is wonderful we have volunteers in so many activities.  Dale, you
certainly do your share, perhaps over and above board, considering the
health problems you are confronting and all you do for your extended families.  My bonnet is off to you.  Our prayers for all of your family and
eventual good health for all involved.

indecisionWelcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.indecision

Laura I know what you are talking about because of my parents. Also ditto to what everyone said here on this chat Dale and what you said Dale.

+11 votes

My dad said that he doesn't feel safe at the rehab place at night since they will not let any one stay during the night with him or even any one that is a patient there. So he doesn't sleep good at night plus they don't put his cpap mask on him at night and even check on him about it every 2 hours since they are shorthand. Plus they had the ambulance bump dad to take someone that wasn't really an emergency as they said it was and dad was a hour late to dialysis one day and mom was going to take him but rehab people said that she couldn't do that and if she did they would have to let him go and go home and be checked out for good. Mom almost took them up on that but she said they will wait for the ambulance. Then she told them that she is planning on to take him out for good of the rehab next Friday the 29th. He still has cfid but he is getting strong and looks a little better then he did before we put him in the hospital. My aunt which is my mother sister-in-law when my uncle was alive and sick his son who worked as an EMT in Kingsport. A hospital up there was giving away for free hospital beds so my cousin had gotten one for his dad to use when he was so sick. So my mom called my aunt two nights ago about it because she thought she had rented and didn't have it any more but that was not the case she still has it and she was going to offer it to my mom for my dad since it was in her way.I told mother that was a God sent blessing because that was what we need and God provided for us when we need the help. So we will this week be getting a hospital bed for my dad so when my mom cleans my dad up she can do it then on a bed that we have here. Also the rehab place is going to help mom get a wheelchair for my dad to bring home with him next Friday too.  Mom going to hire some nurses to help her with him and then take him to some place that will give him therapy also. This week with the kids we have been talking about how she going to do this when we get him home and  when we move up to Greeneville, Tennessee with their house they are having been built. It was been planned they will be done by December 1st but it going to be done by September my and my sister birthday month and my sister-in-law and my brother anniversary month. We want to move before or after it is cold. Mom doesn't like to move and she hurts a lot when it is cold and she can't function when it is cold. The doctor down at the rehab said when someone gets cfid they will have it the rest of their live. His dementia is getting worse. Also we need to have their shower in my dad bathroom fixed so he can get a shower taken easier also. As of last night since she came home she told my sister on the phone that she might not be bringing him home but put him in another different place that will keep to what they agree on and will take him to dialysis and has patients with dementia. She said that a therapist that was working with him and it was her last day yesterday that he physical pushed her. Plus he threw a pillow at my  mother and she said she picked it up and threw it back at him and told him that we don't do that. He also took his shoes off and stumped his feet up down also. Mom told me and my sister on the phone that she might not be bringing home but put him somewhere else because of that, that he doesn't feel safe by himself there at night and when he does where his cpap machine he makes since the next day but the next day when he doesn't he doesn't make sense. Plus that rehab has not lived up to their part of agreement that they agree with and signed. Mom told me when she was going back after dad's dialysis that the might end up later in the week saying that they  might not let him go. Mother said that she will tell them that she will leave there Friday with him no matter what they say and she will tell them the reasons behind her actions. That she might not be bring him home but some where else, but she said the next time she will go look and talk to the managers of the places we can find that will accept patient that has dialysis and take them to dialysis and has dementia also. Mom keeps reminding me that things will be getting worse than things are. Mom told me and my sister that if Dad hits her that she will hit him back and tell him that we don't do that to each other.

So dad going to be home on his 86th birthday or in another place we just do not know what is going to  go on or happen anymore. We are learning to take things one day at a time because we do not know what going to happen anymore and we have to take things also on minute at time also. Today my mom told some members of her Sunday School class which since a year we hadn't been to till 3 weeks ago and we went today and she told them that his vascular dementia if full blown now. So it is going to even worse.

Beulah In our living will we have it marked that we do not want our love ones to do the heroic measures to prolong our lives we just want to let us go when the time comes.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.indecision

by Living Barnett G2G6 Pilot (469k points)
edited by Living Barnett
It is never pleasant leaving a loved one at a rehab facility. I am glad they are at least helping you all get a hospital bed and wheelchair. He will be glad to be in his own surroundings in the long run. Thanks for the update Linda. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your family.
Linda my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Oh, Linda, I really feel for you. We kept my dad st home as long as we possibly could. Someone wrote a book about that situation called The 36 Hour Day, and it sure seemed like it to us (mom, me, brother). We all worked so had to take turns staying at home with dad.

My heart goes out to you and your family. Thanks for being comfortable enough to share this with us. We’re here for you!
Enjoy his birthday. And hang in there - it is tough.
I hope all goes well bringing him home, but I do understand that place does not seem to be doing things right - hard to deal with - vibes to you on this as always
My son loaned me that book when my husband was in the early stages of
Alzheimers.  The one bit of advice I used was to take a break for coffee, if
the situation presents itself, and not take a chance on heroic measures being instituted to prolong a life that you know is not the condition the person would want for themselves.
In our living will we have it marked that we do not want our love ones to do the heroic measures to prolong our lives we just want to let us go when the time comes.
+13 votes

Happy Week End to All

I'm loving summer, my flowers are loving it too. However, if it doesn't stop raining all the time, I'm going to have to build an ark!

I'm sure in another month I'll be begging for rain.

by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.5m points)
If it keeps on rainin', levee going to break.  When the levee breaks, have no place to stay.
Brother, do I know the feeling. Yard needs a Bush-hog, can’t mow in the rain!
Where are you at?? Are they opening shelters for you all? I don't know what I would do,, thinking I would jump in my car with all I could fit in it plus doggie, and try to leave before it broke. We lucked out in 2010 when we thought our roads would flood like in Nashville but they didn't, thank God.

Let us know, maybe someone on here lives near enough to you to have you come stay with them... (just thinking out loud, but you never know).
I hear ya on the rain Doug. We actually had a few really nice days this past week, and then the rain set in again. At least everything is being watered.

indecisionWelcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.indecision

+15 votes

This is late.  I know.  My life has taken a weird turn.  So, I am going to be on and off for at least 4 weeks maybe longer...

1.  Don't put off doing your profiles if they are important to you.  Life has a way of sucking time from you when least expected.  

2.  Don't be shy about asking someone to help you or even take over or share some profiles.  You never know when you may need to be gone for more than a day.

3.  Set realistic goals and work to achieve them.  Quality profiles over quantity will actually end up saving you time in the long run

Ok, back to inventory...
by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (711k points)
Life has a funny way of doing that sometimes. Hang in there, and I hope everything improves! Great tips!

I agree with you Mindy and Laura. This tips are great and marvelous at the same time.

indecisionWelcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.indecision

+16 votes

Well everyone... I'm excited as I'm officially off work until July 5th! smiley  Working on my laundry now so that I can pack tomorrow as Sunday morning after mom gets off work we are heading to Niagara Falls to start our vacation! Looking at about 7-8 National Parks, 10-ish wineries, going to 3 new states, and meeting cousins along the way if possible. Shockey family reunion time in Ohio at the end of next week! :D

Can't wait! :) 

by Charlotte Shockey G2G6 Pilot (947k points)
So you're gonna be AWOL from Wikitree, Charlotte?

Have fun at your family reunions!!

I'll be AWOL a little.. still have to do my WT Love post. smiley I know it may not be the first thing I think of while I'm away. laugh LOL

Sounds like an awesome vacation Charlotte!!. Drive safe, will be thinking about you!!!
Thanks Dorothy! :)
Ooh, I haven't been to Niagara Falls in years. So beautiful!! Enjoy your trip!! Post pictures as you can.
Sounds fantastic! Enjoy your trip and the family reunion. Don’t forget to keep an eye open for ice cream stands while you are in dairy country, and drink a bottle of Dr Frank’s wine in NY for me.
Wow Charlotte sound amazing what a fantastic trip I wish you a great holiday
Thanks everyone! If you want to follow along with me on my trip:

Instagram @shockrina

http://www.facebook.com/CharlotteShockey <-- FB page. :)

Ditto to what everyone said here on this chat. I have been to New York, New York but I haven't been to Niagara Falls we were going to do that in 2002 in the fall but we didn't have time to do that. I hope before I die and it is on my bucket list is to go to Niagara Falls. My mom and dad hasn't been there and they were hoping to see it before they die but now since their health is not good they will never be able to go now.

indecisionWelcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.indecision

Have a good time! Raise a glass to everyone here and I look forward to stories upon your return! =D
Be safe and enjoy your trip and the time with the extended family.  Do you share trees?
Yes we do. :-)
+13 votes
Howdy, Weekend Chatters!

Yesterday was my monthly trip up to Cashiers, NC, for a service at a very small church, six in attendance. Wonderful folks.

A little under the weather today (Friday), but had to be up and about as we were entertaining a couple from our neighborhood we “supperize” with regularly.

My semi-genealogist brother and his wife are driving up tomorrow (Saturday) from Charlotte to visit for the day! It’s always great to see them. Tim’s just an old country boy, and he has a way of making me laugh at his inanities!

Sunday is church in Brevard with a vestry meeting afterwards (ugh).The wife and are providing the meal, our turn. It’s a very small church so our turn comes up a lot! A very busy weekend!!

Monday, I begin a part time job as a plant nursery. 20-30 hours a week, so you might not see as much of me in the coming weeks. I am retired (kind of!), but keep enough on my plate so I don’t rust. Most of the home projects are done, most of them them involving planting something... trees, flowers, shrubs... so the nursery job is right up my alley.

Sounds boring, doesn’t it? WikiTree helps to break the monotony, and what a great break it is!! My frustrations over my brick walls are alleviated by you folks being so witty and such. I laugh out loud sometimes over the posts here. Genealogy humor is the best!

Love you folks!! Have a wonderful and glorious weekend, even if it’s raining where you are.
by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.4m points)

Wow, you keep busy!! Not boring at all. I bet you are a blessing to your church members just like you are to us on WikiTree! Stay safe.smiley

nice a plant nursery is a great place to work I bet - hard but so nice seeing things grow -

How wonderful - a nursery is a great place to spend your time! Nothing boring about that! Have a great weekend Pip smiley

Wow Pip should I ask what you do in your free time, it can’t be much you have. what a great man you are with all your projects,

I hope you will enjoy yourself you certainly are a gem for wikkitree I wonder do you ever sleep?

Hahaha! Susan, this is something that Shaun Doust and I crack in each other about, so much to do, so little sleep. Actually, I have a sleep disorder, but I refuse to medicate myself for it. I make it up with an afternoon nap. 

I’ve made room amidst all my busyness for WikiTree, the best part of my day! The wife and I also plan quick trips to get away from it all. The last one was a couple of days at the Cherokee Reservation (Eastern) which is only about 1 1/2 hours from the house. Also that weekend, we rode the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad, the Nantahala Gorge trip, and we had an absolute blast! I highly recommend it! Missed the play, Unto These Hills, which I’ve seen twice before. Also highly recommended, as is the Museum of the Cherokee Indian.

So, it’s not all business. (It just seems like it.) 

Well I can certainly understand you love wikkitree me too, my husband has not talk to me in 30 years because I love talking about genealogy and he don't have the heard to interrupt me

Well you and Shaun really are a lot on wikkitree and it is a pleasure always have the joy meeting you there with your comment, I guess with the speed you are on you will be a astronaut in 4 month.

I hope you and your wife will enjoy get away, I wonder will you bring your iPad hi hi

Cherokee reservation wow sound amazing wow, smokey mountain you are visiting some amazing places we just arrive home from travel around Sicily we saw all the churches museum from 8 morning to late it was fantastic we love old buildings

Wish you well
Now that’s a trip I’d love to take, Sicily, even though I have no ancestry there.

Pip you live near me I live in Loudon, Tn below Knoxville, Tennessee. Ditto to what everyone said here even Pip. I have been to that play Unto These Hills also rode the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad also. I hadn't seen the Museum of the Cherokee Indian.

indecisionWelcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.indecision

Wow, you are close! You’re not far from Maryville where I have ancestors buried, Kerrs and Millers.
Pip what you described is so real.... so down to earth.  I do not see that as boring but as fulfilling!
+12 votes

Today is Field Day for all of the Amateur Radio Operators out there, so for you.

Twas the night before Field Day and all through the shack,

Not an item was stirring, not mouse and not Mac.

Antennas were packed into truck beds with care

While visions of Dx-ing danced through my hair.

XYL in her tee shirt and I in my shirt

Had just settled ourselves before hitting the dirt.

When out of the bands there arose such a clatter

I sprang from my hammock to see what was the matter.

Then what on my S-meter did quickly appear

But some really big sunspots so neat and so clear.

Grabbed my little old HF, so quick and adroit

I knew in a moment I’d be reaching St. Croix!

More rapid than texting the hams kept a-calling

Sidebands whistled and faded but it all was enthralling

Now dit-dahs, now dashes, now ham-fisted Morses

On moon bounce, on ducting, on ground wave, all courses…

To the top of antennas to the top of it all--

Happy Field Day, 2018… and CQ to all!

Have a nice weekend all I am going to be MIA until late Sunday afternoon.

by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
I was going to try to set up a solar powered station but with it being rainy and overcast I don't think that will be happening. Oh well my battery is charged for now.
Hilarious! I wonder how many times “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas “ has been used for other poems. Gotta be the easy cadence.

indecisionWelcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.indecision

+13 votes
Well Hi all, good to see you again - left a few comments here and there - wish I had time for more

Finally stopped with the constant rain here in the upper midwest US and not so dang hot so I am trying to get some cleaning done, no flowers this year so I have to look at other peoples as I drive the teenager around which I have to go do now - so busy trying to source and fix my peeps here and then a big bunch of e-mails come in - apparently I had suggested lots of merges during the clean a thon in the spring and left comments - no recall of several and so I go check them out and some are such poor little unsourced things I have to slap them on my to do list!  My middle daughter is moving,and going on vacation the same week - told her she was nuts - the oldest pregnant one is working so thats why I have to take the youngest to babysit - and run to town and renew my drivers licence as my birthday is Monday and it will be more after that - so I will try and pop in tonight - oh but Sunday I go out for live music so that will be so nice -more later
by Navarro Mariott G2G6 Pilot (150k points)
edited by Navarro Mariott
Happy Birthday in advance Navarro, may your day bring many blessings and fond memories. Sounds like you have a busy weekend!!!

Ditto to What Dorothy said Navarro. How do understand that place does not seem to be doing things right also what do you mean by that. Where do you live Navarro.

indecisionWelcome everyone to the WikiTree weekend chat.indecision

Linda's dad, seemed like that place messed up - anyhow so yesterday was crazy - I found out the music event was last night not tonight so I had to get ready - oh it was so nice - music by a Neil Young tribute band - real good one too - and they did his rock opera Greendale and then just played stuff - so nice

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