An approved merge proposal was found, so the merge can continue. but..

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Merging Conaghan-91 into Conaghan-11

We're sorry. One of these profiles is not Open and you are not on either profile's Trusted List. Although permission for the merge has been recorded, it would violate our privacy controls to enable you to complete the merge. Please post in G2G if you would like to discuss this. Thank you for understanding.

Can someone who is approved, merge this?  Thanks

in Genealogy Help by Terry Fillow G2G6 Mach 8 (83.0k points)
Is there a page where we can see a list of our pending merges, like the one for Invitations and Requests?

Yes. Go to "Find" "Pending Merges" and check all the links on the right ("My Watchlist', "Pending merges initiated by me", etc.)

Browse Matches

Showing pending merges Help across WikiTree and ready for action by any member.

All of WikiTree | My Watchlist

All Pending Merges | Pending Merges Initiated by Me

All Pending Merges Waiting for Action | Pending Merges Waiting for Action by Me

All Unmerged Matches | Unmerged Matches Initiated by Me

All Rejected Matches | Rejected Matches Initiated by Me

(those are mine, of course).


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This is exactly what Natalie said -- the profile managers must approve the merge.  Data doctors discuss this pretty frequently.  

1.  You need to request trusted list status for the profile that is not open.  If this is the unresponsive manager then,

2.  Also send them a private message.  Put a message on the profile manager's page.  Now the hard part.  Wait.

3.  You can check under "My WikiTree" on the upper right drop down menu -- Requests.  This will be where you can find your Trusted List Requests and the date.

4.  Week 2, check the profile manager's contributions.  If they haven't contributed anything in over 60 days, file an unresponsive managers request.  If they have (and I almost always look to see if they've contributed in the past year's time), and they just aren't responding about this issue, following the guidelines on the Unresponsive PM's form.

As Natalie said, it's slow but it definitely works.  Knowing how to find when you submitted the trusted list request keeps you from making notes on paper and losing them -- or maybe that's just me making notes on scraps and burying them on my desk....blush

by Kathy Zipperer G2G6 Pilot (480k points)
selected by Shaun Doust

I know at one time I had one of my profiles that evidently had an UMR on it. I didn't know I had to hunt the request down and nothing was put on my wall to notify me so I finally found the request 2 days after they granted it to him.

You would sort have think there would be some type of indicator that there is a request awaiting approval or something. Maybe future upgrade??? indecision

Logically if you use the menu "Find / Pending Merges" and from there you click "Pending merges waiting for action by me", the request would be listed.

You'd still have to remember to check that page now and then, and I'm sure many WikiTreers would not know it is there.
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The profile managers must approve the merge and complete the merge. One manager is still active, but the other one is not.

There is a process in place:  

It takes some time, but it can work.

Good luck!
by Natalie Trott G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
The warning could be better worded.  Thanks Natalie for making it clear.

Actually, I don't see any problem with the wording.

We're sorry. One of these profiles is not Open and you are not on either profile's Trusted List.

What's difficult to understand about that?  Maybe it should say
"We're sorry.  You cannot complete this merge because one of these profiles is not Open and you are not on either profile's Trusted List."

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