Can you help me find out more about my mother-in-law's family (Robidoux-235)?

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Mère: Aglae BIBEAU
Occupation: Menuisier/Boulanger
Naissance: 16 DEC 1881, Yamaska, Yamaska, QC
Baptême: 26 DEC 1881, St-Michel-d'Yamaska, Yamaska, QC
Nom au baptême: Ernest-Albert ROBIDOUX
Décès: 9 OCT 1918, Nicolet, Nicolet, QC
Sépulture: 9 OCT 1918, St-Jean-Bte, Nicolet, Nicolet, QC
Dcd: 31a.
Père: Hermenegilde LAUZIERE
Mère: Elise JUTRAS
Naissance: 12 NOV 1889, St-Francois-du-Lac, Yamaska, QC
Baptême: 13 NOV 1889, St-Francois-du-Lac, Yamaska, QC
Nom au baptême: Marie-Aurore-Aliana LAUZIERE
Par/mar: Joseph Desmarais et Laura Ally.
Décès: 6 OCT 1918, Nicolet, Nicolet, QC
Sépulture: 6 OCT 1918, St-Jean-Bte, Nicolet, Nicolet, QC
Dcd: 33a.

Mariage:  14 FEB 1911, St-Francois-du-Lac, Yamaska, QC

* * * 

Census of Canada 1911
  Lines 9-10

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Welcome to G2G forum Julie.

Claire's parents were Ernest Robidoux and Aurora Lauzier. Claire and Wyman got married in Los Angeles, CA on 6 Apr 1953. Please see the following marriage record, their parents are listed in the record:

by Rubén Hernández G2G6 Pilot (832k points)
Thanks. I had that information from Claire before she passed away.  I am looking for more information about her parents and grandparents.  I know they owned a  bakery and that they perished from the Spanish Flu in 1918 along with some of their other children.  Thanks for taking the time to answer!
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Père: Eusebe ROBIDOUX
Mère: Julie CARON
Naissance: 1857
Décès: 26 JAN 1892, Yamaska, Yamaska, QC
Sépulture: 29 JAN 1892, St-Michel-d'Yamaska, Yamaska, QC
Dcd: 35a.
Père: Jacques BIBEAU
Mère: Marie MACLURE
Naissance: 20 NOV 1858, St-Francois-du-Lac, Yamaska, QC
Baptême: 21 NOV 1858, St-Francois-du-Lac, Yamaska, QC
Nom au baptême: Marie-Aglae BIBEAU
Par/mar: Joseph-Octave Lachapelle et Lucie Bibeau.
À son baptême son père est dit Pierre Bibeau.
Décès: 10 MAR 1940, Yamaska, Yamaska, QC
Sépulture: 12 MAR 1940, St-Michel-d'Yamaska, Yamaska, QC
Dcd: 81a.

Mariage:  21 MAY 1877, St-Michel-d'Yamaska, Yamaska, QC

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Père: Jean-Baptiste ROBIDOUX
Mère: Marie-Catherine BROUSSEAU
Occupation: Cultivateur
Naissance: 26 MAR 1825, Yamaska, Yamaska, QC
Baptême: 27 MAR 1825, St-Michel-d'Yamaska, Yamaska, QC

CARON, Julie
Père: Ignace CARON
Mère: Olive FORTIN

Mariage:  10 FEB 1852, St-Aime, Massueville, Richelieu, QC

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The 1918 Spanish flu
The Spanish flu is the most devastating pandemic that hit the world in the 20th century. It has killed 100 million people, more than the two world wars.

The flu is very contagious and spreads at breakneck speed.

The flu arrived in America on the medical ship Araguaya, which left England on June 26, 1918, and on which many of the wounded were infected with the virus.

The disease enters the United States before spreading in Canada. Towards the beginning of October, the Spanish flu invades the city of Montreal, which decides to close all the public meeting places.

In the province of Quebec, from October 8, 1918, theaters, schools, dance halls and other public places are closed until further notice. Only churches remain open ...

The Spanish flu suddenly disappears in the late spring of 1919.

The Spanish flu has killed 50,000 people in Canada, one million in the United States and 100 million worldwide.




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Still more references -

ROBIDOU(X) – DESMOULINS, L'ESPANOL, RABIDEAU, ROBIDAUT, ROBIDEAU,_traders,_and_explorers/antoinerobidoux.html;p=emmanuel;n=robidoux

Sorry if some of these links don't work as I compiled it awhile ago.

by James LaLone G2G6 Mach 6 (62.8k points)


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Genealogie pour les comtes de Charlevoix et de Saguenay, revised,(Eloi-Gerard Talbot), v.5, p.221.

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Robidoux Chronicles. French-Indian Ethnoculture of the Trans-Mississippi West, (Hugh M. Lewis). Same as above?

Descendants of Andre Robidou, (Clyde M. Robideau).

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Antoine Robidoux, 1794-1860: A Biography of a Western Venturer, (William Swilling Wallace)

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Buckskin Entrepreneur: Antoine Robidoux and the Fur Trade of the Uinta Basin, 1824-1844, (John D. Barton)

Louis Robidoux, the Pioneer, (Clyde M. Rabideau)

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