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If this question was asked before I apologize. Please humor me. What is the REMOVE option for after a possible match has been rejected? Is it ok to remove any rejected matches?  Some people have been born in different decades or centuries, countries and even a married name compared to a family name.  I guess my question is it policy or style to delete rejected matches and why or why not please? I am asking that nobody select Best Answer until I understand and I am satisfied with the answers please?
in Policy and Style by Jerry Dolman G2G6 Pilot (184k points)
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...sometimes rejected merges need to be removed in order to initiate a new merge of the one that was rejected.  ......sometimes they can be removed because there shouldn't be anyway that they could be seen as duplicates in the future (Like how was the merge even proposed in the first place?)

....sometimes, if the profiles have similarities, it is best to leave the rejected merge to prevent a similar merge from being proposed in the future.
Now there are 2 reasons why I can't select Vincent's answer as best, even though it fully covers every aspect of the question - it's a comment instead of an answer and I'll honor Jerry's request to allow him the honor of selecting the best answer.
Vincent, thanks for your explanation. If I worded it wrong, I apologize. I was asking about rejected matches. Your advice is helpful. I would never delete any rejected merges. I do not even know if it is possible. DO you know anything about rejected matches? Thanks in advance
Jerry, when someone creates a "rejected match" record, that just makes the 2 profiles appear on the rejected match list of each other.  If you remove the rejected match, that effectively deletes the record of the rejected match.  We don't need to have a long list of profiles as rejected matches, so if any rejected matches do not appear to be similar enough that others might try to propose a merge in the future then it's better to remove them from the rejected match list.  That would be the same as deleting the rejected match and, honestly, it's very OK to do when appropriate!
Gaile thanks for the comment. It is a more accurate reply answering my question and more in line than your first comment which IMHO was a shot taken at me instead of a proper response. I wish that you could have went a little farther in depth on what would be an appropriate delete. That is ok because someone else explained it and that is what we are here for a community response where we all help each other. Thanks again.

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Some profiles display numerous rejected matches that do not convey helpful information and make it harder to identify people who can be confused with each other. In these instances, it's a good idea to remove the rejected matches

Example: Maybe there are six men named Samuel Allen who lived in 1600s New England and get confused with each other. It's important that these six men be shown as rejected matches. But (for various reasons) their profiles may also display rejected matches to an active Wikitree member named Michael Samuel Allen, men named Samuel Allen whose profiles show dates in the 1800s and locations in Australia, and a variety of other men who are clearly not valid matches. Removing these extra rejected matches is a benefit to WikiTree because it makes it easier for contributors to detect matches that create a potential for confusion...
by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)
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Thanks Ellen. So if my relative was born Sarah Francis and there is a Sarah (Smith) Francis We definitely know it is not a match because one is a family name and the other is a married name. That is obvious and can be deleted? My grandmother married my grandfather and became Sarah (Francis) Dolman. Thomas Dolman, my grandfather had a sister named Sarah Dolman. So to avoid confusion in the future that rejected match should remain?
Sometimes it's helpful to mark Sarah Francis and Sarah (Smith) Francis (or similar examples) as rejected matches because married names and birth names do get confused sometimes.  For example, if Sarah Smith married the brother of Sarah Francis, it would be helpful to mark the rejected match to help distinguish the two women. Also, when the two women merely had similar geography and similar dates, it often can be helpful to have a rejected match for them.
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I removed one rejected merge in order to initiate a true merger. The rejected merge was correct, the data didn’t match, but when I added data to one of them, they matched. Just my experience.

And, Jerry, don’t ever feel bad about asking a question that may have been asked before. I’ve done it when I couldn’t find a thread that dealt with a particular issue. I’ve been referred to the thread via link someone was kind enough to provide,  it more often my question has been answered.
by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (2.8m points)

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