Handwriting Expert Needed (World War II Draft Record)

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On THIS WORLD WAR II DRAFT REGISTRATION RECORD, Buford Wray's employer is Wray Bros, xxxx.  The "xxxx" is another word that I can't decipher.  Ideas, anyone, please?

(I'm not linking the profile here because I just added it and there is no information in it yet).

EDITED:  Now I have written the bio, plus added the answer to this question, so I'm adding the profile link to the question!

WikiTree profile: Buford Wray
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"Chev."  There was a Wray Bros Chevrolet dealership in Des Arc.  In the link, look lower right center, just above the word 'September.'


by Living Tardy G2G6 Pilot (769k points)
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OH - MY - GOSH!!!  Herbert, you are beyond unbelievable to unearth that obscure documentation.

Thank you so very much!!!

By the way, your timing is also a thing of beauty - I just this very moment finished writing the profile for Buford Wray - in a few minutes I'll go change the:

he was employed by the Wray Bros (with an additional word that defies interpretation)


he was employed by Wray Bros Chevrolet.

My pleasure, Gaile.  The 1940 census indicated he was 'Manager, Auto Garage.'
Great work, Herbert!

I also see folks congratulating you on making G2G Pilot even before the official announcement! Super! I join them in honoring you.
Thanks, Pip!
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Buford Edward Wray, seems to be self employed, Wray Brothers, cant Quite make out the third word though. Not sure if you got the second name? Hope this helps some.
by Shaun Doust G2G6 Pilot (359k points)
THANX, Shaun ... that third word sure is a doozy, isn't it?  Maybe we have a super duper handwriting expert on WikiTree ... that's what I'm hoping for, anyhow.
Pleasure Gaile, I'm sure there is someone, sure hope so.
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Wray Bros. Chevrolet. They "erected a garage and filling station" on 1931.

Please see "THE PAGES TURNED BACK" (Thursday, June 11, 1931) at the top of the right hand side page here:


4th paragraph, 2nd. column.

Edition: mmm... not the first, but confirming Herbert's answer.

by Rubén Hernández G2G6 Pilot (831k points)

Another WikiTree Wizard ...  Rubén, I wish there were a way to select two best answers!

Honestly, I simply cannot believe the research expertise you two have demonstrated.  I know I'm still a novice when it comes to research, but this is way above and beyond a level I can even aspire to ever achieving!!!!

Well done, Rubén!

Gaile, maybe it's a twofer.  There should be at least one Wray brother out there in search of an occupation.  laugh

It's probably a threefer ... Buford is the oldest of 6 children (3 of each gender) and, therefore the first one I added.  I'll be adding the rest soon.

Thank you Gaile! 

I don´t deserve such words. I'm just a lucky researcher smiley

Let's welcome the new WikiTree Pilot. Congratulations Herbertyes

¡Gracias, Rubén!

Congratulaciones a nos WikiTreer de la clase del mundo ... Herbert!

¿Como se dice en español <<aw shucks>>?  laugh

No me pregunte - Ensenaba la matematica en espanol, pero hace cerca de cuarenta anos pasado y no he recuerdo mucho. <<also, too lazy to search for accent and tilde characters - sorry 'bout dat>>
Well done Rubén and Herbert, good work on the Chev.

CONGRATULATIONS! on making Pilot Herbert!
Thanks, Shaun!

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