How certain are we of the parents of Jeanne Voisy?

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Hello All: The sources for the birth and parents of Jeanne Voisy appear to be largely missing or unreliable. Do we have any trustworthy sources for her parents and her birth date and location? Thank you. Jim
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Hello Kyla. Thank you for the link. Looking at the two sides of page 172, which one do you think it is.  Taking into account the others comment about her birth location, how can we be sure the baptism record is correct since we can  barely read it? Cheers, Jim
It's the 2nd from the top on the right side of the page. I have no comment on the validity of anything. I was just looking for the source based on the dates and locations on the profile.
Thank you, Kyla. I certainly does appear to say Jeanne Voisy, and parents Bartholomy Voisy and Jeanne Gardony.  I would like to hear from some others who have far more experience and knowledge of these old French documents than I do. Jim
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Unfortunately all the records for 1632 are only baptisms
by Kyla H G2G6 Mach 5 (56.6k points)

There are those who believe that since Jeanne De Voisy's birth is unkown, Jeanne De Voisy must thus be of indigenous origin, like Françoise Grenier / Garnier and Radegonde Lambert are argued to be indigenous. See for example La Nation Autochtone du Québec. Even the Pelletier Family Association (PFA) is not definite about the birth or baptism date  and location for Jeanne De Voisy, the assumption being that Jeanne was born in Gallardon. Even Benoit Pelletier Shoja supports PFA in the notion that Jeanne's birth date is not known.

I've added the following reference to the Sources section:

Bérubé, Michel; Président de la FAFQ [Fédération des associations de familles du Québec] (en ligne © 2018). ADN et généalogie - Quel est l’intérêt.

This reference appears to fairly conclusively show that Jeanne de Voisy was born in France.

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In my view, the identity of Jeanne de Voisy's parents is unknown. Jeanne's parents should accordingly be disconnected from her profile.
by Living Lambert G2G6 Mach 1 (12.6k points)

Refer to the link at La Nation Autochtone du Quèbec in which the expert Benoit Pelletier-Shoja writes in a posting dated November 27, 2005:

« Ayant moi-même consulté le registre de Gallardon, et avec l'aide de Michel Thibault des Archives départementales d'Eure-et-Loir, je puis en ce moment confirmer que l'enfant baptisé à Gallardon le 27 avril 1612 N'EST PAS la femme de Nicolas Peltier. C'est Jeanne Jeulin, fille de Barthélemi Jeulin et Jeanne Hardouin, qui fut baptisée ce jour-là.... »


"Having myself consulted the register of Gallardon, and with the help of Michel Thibault of the Eure-et-Loir Departmental Archives, I can now confirm that the child baptized in Gallardon on 27 April 1612 IS NOT the wife of Nicolas Peltier. It was Jeanne Jeulin, daughter of Barthélemi Jeulin and Jeanne Hardouin, who was baptized that day... "

well, looking at the actual record which Kyla dug up and linked above, nope, Mr Pelletier-Shota is stretching things when he asserts those last names, Bartholmy is actually how the first name reads, the last name is not so clear-cut.  Same for the wife's last name also.  But in any case there is no evidence to tie Jeanne to these parents, we need a marriage contract or record that names her parents.
I do think the last name of the mother reads "Hardoüin" on the record though. And Jeulin for the last name is at least as convincing as Voisy. I can't be decisive; not being an expert in old handwritings, I need to be familiar with the local family names to tell for sure.

Benoit Pelletier-Shoja has a lot more to say about Barthélemi Jeulin including in terms of identifying in 2005 and 2008 a daughter named Jeanne Jeulin (1612 - ) whose godparents were Michelle de la Baye and Gui Chartier.

Well you see, the problem with François Marchi's site is that he gives e-mails as references, but those are not available.  And I have come across Mr Pelletier Shoja as one of those references before, which proved to be mistaken.  

But in any case, we have neither marriage record nor contract for her naming parents, so yes, she should be detached.

It is worth on last clarification:

  • I've of course long known about Marchi website's unrecoverable e-mails problem
  • Benoit Pelletier Shoja is long held a prominent genealogical role in l'Association de familles Pelletier, which has spilled in Marchi's website
  • Benoit at one time believed Jeanne De Voisy was the wife of Nicolas Pelletier born on 27 April 1612, which he later corrected to actually be Jeanne Jeulin.
  • Benoit does not hesitate to correct things as needed; nobody is perfect.
  • I therefore tend to make Benoit the benefit of the doubt including especially in terms of what he has to say on Marchi's website, which I don't extend to any other e-mailer source.
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ok, the archives for Eure-et-Loir are updated, have put the current link to the purported baptism on the profile in notes, we still don't have a marriage record for her and Nicolas Peltier, so there is no way to state that these are in fact her parents.
by Danielle Liard G2G6 Pilot (691k points)
I changed the link to a shorter and hopefully more permanent one. To get such a link from AD28 website, click on the three dots, then the share icon ("partage et impression"), then "permalien".

By the way, I also read "Jeulin".

MERCI!!!!!!!  Maintenant faut que je me souviennes de ce truc. laugh

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