Spalding or Spaulding in Lincolnshire?

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The Lincolnshire, Places Category contains Category:Spalding, Lincolnshire and Category:Spaulding, Lincolnshire

Spaulding appears to be a variant spelling of Spalding.  I suggest Category:Spaulding, Lincolnshire shoild be removed.  Thoughts, please?
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This category appears to be a bit of a mess. The only reason for the existence of Category:Spaulding, Lincolnshire seems to be as a home for the sub-category Category: Wykeham Abbey, Spaulding, Lincolnshire. However most of the text in this category actually seems to relate to Wykeham Abbey in North Yorkshire ( There was also a Wykeham Abbey near Spalding ( spelled correctly without the "u"). Of the 3 profiles in this sub-category, I think Hutchinson-341 belongs with Wykeham Abbey in North Yorkshire but Norwood-92 and Norwood-843 probably belong with Wykeham Abbey near Spalding.

To summarise - I agree that the category for Spaulding with the "u" should not exist, but it is not quite as straightforward as just merging it with Spalding!

by Paul Masini G2G6 Pilot (408k points)
Thanks for your answer.  You identify two questions -1. Is it Spalding or Spaulding?  and 2. Is the Abbey in Links or Yorks?  I suggest we deal with Q1 by refiling the category under and delete  Then we are left only with Q2, a question for someone else to consider.

Probably worth contacting the Lincolnshire County Team Leader (see to see if they would prefer to sort out both questions at the same time.

Malcolm has contacted me and I'll clean this up. The England Team as a whole is working to get the county pages cleaned up and more useful. Always appreciate the help in identifying things that need our attention.

Wykeham (Lincs), was in Weston, though the modern postal address is Spalding. 

As Paul says, somebody has confused it with Wykeham Abbey in Yorkshire, which is totally irrelevant to the Norwoods.

Wykeham (Lincs) doesn't seem to have had an actual monastery, though it did have a manor house where a Prior once lived in luxury at a diplomatic distance from the poor monks. 

Tyringham Norwood bought the house around 1600 and seems to have done up the old Prior's grandiose chapel as a mausoleum.  But all 8 sons died sp and the house went through a deceased daughter to the Harringtons.


and another

which unlike the Maddison chart does credit Tyringham Norwood with a son called John.  If he had descendants in America, they were the rightful heirs.

Previous thread on the Norwoods

Alternative link to the Gloucestershire pedigree mentioned


The pedigree in Misc. Gen. Her. also clarifies the origin of Tyringham Norwood.  The family came from Harrow, Middlesex, 3 miles from Northwood, and bought Astwood Bury in Bucks before they bought Wykeham.

There's a Northwood near Gloucester and another in Kent.  Hist. Parl. seems to think the Norwoods of Leckhampton came from Kent.  Hmm.

Thanks for your comments.  The discussion is now way outside my knowledge base.  As a start I have removed the Spaulding category and refiled the Wykeham Abbey category under Spalding, where it can reside until a decision is made about where it should go.

Abolish it.  Tyringham had Wykeham (Lincs), and is buried there, but he wasn't born there and didn't die there.

There is nothing whatsoever zero zilch to connect John Norwood the immigrant to that familly. 

The other tenant, Hutchinson, has a bio from another of those American books that just invent ancestry for immigrants of unknown origin.  It links a bunch of unrelated people to "8 brothers" and then says "there is no evidence for any of this".

Wykeham (Lincs) has another category, with the old spelling

The modern spelling looks like an affectation by 19th-century antiquaries.  They had a habit of deciding that the usual spelling was corrupt and the spelling they found in a Pipe Roll was correct.

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