Violet Hood 1828- Feb 28,1909SC, was her sister Betsy, & dad Travis Hood ? mother Sarah?

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Hood-4073 sister. Mary Elizabeth "Betsey Hood Hays born1826

Hood-1176 father Travis Hood  born 1785

''note" I changed the birth & death date. from 1823-1903 aft. looking closely to the tombstone if you read notes on g2g and information from tombstone it seems correct I will inform Find A Grave to fix this 

WikiTree profile: Violet Hood
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Could Leona and Violet be related?
travis daughter violet was born in 1832
Evidence for that is very mixed.  Two census's say 1828, one even says Jan 1828.  Her FindAGrave page is confusing, conflicted. Depending on how you read the stone and which age you take, you could get 1823, 1829, 1831, or 1837.
Rob I just seen your note on the two census 1828 I'm going to change my birth date to 1828 and put a note on the Find a Grave memorial. We do know this is her correct or we don't know if we don't know then the death date is wrong also. the Violet I'm working has the two children right.

Violet Hood Sexton was born SC 1822/23 this one we working on with Children Sarah & Robert born 1828 .She was 72 at her death at her son in laws is this correct?

For her birth and death dates, I've adjusted her FamilySearch page (Violet Hood) and added a note to someone else's note about what her age should be.  Copying it here:

When I look closely at the tombstone, the year of death looks more like 1909 than 1903. The obituary-like text on the FindAGrave page is dated 4 March, 1909, which would be just 4 days after her death if it was 28 February 1909. The text is clearly current (not historical), as it mentions her death "last Sunday". And when I asked Alexa what day of the week both possibilities were, 28 Feb 1903 was Saturday, 28 Feb 1909 was Sunday. I therefore believe she died on 28 Feb 1909. The inscription on the stone says "Aged about 80 years", and the "about" would allow for a year or two either way. The 1870 Census estimates 1828 for her, and the 1900 Census says "Jan 1828". Only the 1860 Census says 1832, so I have to believe January 1828 may be the best choice for her birth date. It would make her final age 81 years and one month. (I believe the estimate of 72 years was wrong. Someone had to be wrong, and 1909 and 80 works the best.)

Donnie, I hope you don't mind but I did some minor reformatting on her page, to make the info clearer.  You are welcome to revert it back, or modify to suit.
no. violet sextants children were not sarah and robert. two different violets
the violets need to be redone. they are getting confused with each other.
Sarah and Robert are with Violet Hood the other Violet Hood Sexton isn't this Violet Hood her profile is a different one I got Hood-4099 as the Violet Hood Sexton she went to Tennessee she passed away after 1880 because her husband was Widowed in 1880 all this information on here shows the two different Violet Hoods the one in Tennessee was probably buried as Violet Sexton
Rob I set message to Find a Grave & adjusted profile. Thanks for helping
Thanks for doing that Donnie!  I was going to 'Suggest Edits' if you didn't.  I've made a number of suggested corrections recently, and happily had quick and responsive page managers too, for the most part!
Your welcome if you see anything else we need to do. Just let me know. Thanks for helping

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1860 Census shows she was presently living in and was born at Pickens, South Carolina - no column for her parents there.  Husband was Travis or Trais Hood, with children Sarah and Robert.

  • Edit: Travis or Trais is 73, in 1860, while Violet is listed as 28.  And her association with his is not given.  He's more likely a father.  It's interesting, then, that she marks herself widowed in the 1900 census.  Perhaps this Travis was, indeed, her husband.  The Ancestry Trees indicate her maiden name may be Blain or Wilson, but no source is given.

1870 Census shows birth about 1828, still living in Pickens, but husband is unlisted, and only Sarah remains as a listed child, now 17.

1900 Census shows she was born in Jan 1828, still living in Pickens with her daughter Sarah J, Sarah's husband Frank W Simmons, and their 6 children

Not seeing anything after the 1900 census or any documentation showing her maiden name.

by Brian Bourn G2G5 (5.7k points)
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Travis Hood is said to be the father of Mary Elizabeth Betsey Hood Hays born 1826 it says it on her profile, someone other then i worked this profile it's Hood-4073, I found a profile with Travis already done which is Hood-1176 and my work is Violet Hood and all three of these Hood's are living in the same area it also says that Travis Hood's wife was named Sarah if you go on these profiles and look around you will see where they could connect but then I see this information about Raleigh Rolly Hood but why is Violet Hood living with Travis if her dad was Raleigh Hood in less Raleigh's dad was Travis Hood? Hope I explained this to understand. Lol
Death certificate for Sarah Hood Simmons says mother's maiden name Hood. Line for father's name has a big X crossing it out.
that isn't the same person.
travis Middle name was Trais
Lexi, where did you find information on his middle name?
geni or ancestry. will look again
The is Unsourced.  Documentation is needed as proof.
This Violet Hood age 28 in the 1860 census living with Travis Hood and two children Sarah and Robert has to be a daughter to Travis everything just adds up to be correct but we need to talk to Marshall Moss he is manager on Travis his notes and our work here on this profile adds up the other notes for the other Violet Hood married a Sexton went to Tennessee Hood-4099 is the other one. Thanks
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Spouse: Jesse William Sexton
Father: Raleigh Rolly Hood
Mother: Anna McKinney (Hood)
Children: Sarah A
Birth: 27 Nov 1823 South Carolina, USA
Death: 28 Feb 1903
Residence: 1850 Polk, Tennessee, USA

by Living Jones G2G6 Mach 1 (18.1k points)
Lexi Jones do you have any other information on  these folks Thanks for helping
will on ancestry to see what else I can find

she had another  daughter named Tempa,and a son Newton O,

that wasn't who you wanted. Sorry

I'm working all this out but need more information on  Tempa and Newton O,

 Thank yall for all the help
will see what else I can find to help out,

newtons obit. there were 11 siblings all together.

Tempe L Sexton
James Scott Cheek
Jesse William Sexton
Violet Hood
Clyde James,Mary
20 Dec 1866 Polk, Tennessee, USA
12 Sep 1954 Campbell, Hunt, Texas, USA
1870 Hunt, Texas, USA
Newton O Sexton
Martha Jane Chastine
Jesse William Sexton
Violet Hood
Violet Ann
25 May 1841 Tennessee, USA
28 Jul 1921 Bearden, Knox, Tennessee, USA
1860 Polk, Tennessee, USA
Sara and Tempa both married men with the same last name. were they related or just coincidence?

death record for Tempa


Tempie Sexton Cheek
Texas 20 Dec 1866
12 Sep 1954 Campbell, Hunt, Texas, USA
Alba, Rains, Texas, USA

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I have a Violet Hood as the daughter of John Philip and Violet (Chapman) Hood and brother to Travis, John, Enoch, Robert, etc. I believe this/your Violet Hood to be the daughter or granddaughter of Travis Hood listed in the 1860 census.
by T Lacey G2G6 Mach 3 (32.2k points)
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This Violet is an aunt I believe If Travis is my Violets dad. Thanks
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Google John and Richard Hood clan by Clyde B Hood. There are a few excerpts available online.
by T Lacey G2G6 Mach 3 (32.2k points)
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Robert and Sarah Jane aren't the right kids for this Violet
by Living Jones G2G6 Mach 1 (18.1k points)
Robert and Sarah are the children of Violet born 1823 right? She died 1903. and the other Violet is her aunt I believe born something like 1787? but is a sibling to Travis Hood  the Sarah Hood born 1823 now we are looking for Travis Hoods wife's name .I'm sorry yall for not getting on wikitree to late at night I got lots going on. So anything yall find Please share I would like to know more on Travis Hoods children I believe he may of had a son Enoch I got a message on his profile about Enoch Hood

Hood-4099 is the other Violet Hood born 1823 South Carolina her husband Jesse W Sexton was a Widower by 1880 I got her 1850, 1860, 1870 Census & her marriage information added I added Timpie and one more child I added her husband's 1880 Census showing he was Widowed they was up in Tennessee but this way we can keep them suppurated .Thanks
Glad to help.
will check on it tomorrow and see wht i can find
there was Jordan, Elizabeth,Violet, Leona, Edith, Richard.

Leona Margaret Hood Lesleys family tree.


this edith hood is the one you want. her dad is travis hood and siblings are the ones posted above.  you just need to put more info on her page.

the only Hood siblings not on wikitree are Robert,Jordan, and Elizabeth Leona.
OK I will try and work on these later this afternoon. Thanks
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no. betsy isn't her sister. betsys parents are 2 different people.
by Living Jones G2G6 Mach 1 (18.1k points)
OK I can make profile for the parents if you what me to. Thanks
Richard Hood and Susan Hendrix or Hendricks I have them all ready if this is what you have.
if you do put profiles up for them, it might make it easier to know where the children of all the hoods go.
Hood-4085 spouse,  parents, siblings and children
good to go
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I've been watching this since you first brought the question up.  I'm related to Travis through his parents John and Violetta Hood (through Travis's brother Nathaniel Hood).  I've DNA kits that have matched others through the Hoods, but so far I haven't found any testers down through the Travis descendants.  I'd love to find some!

I've been working off and on (work and life keep getting in the way) on the relatives on FamilySearch, trying to use only good sources.  I've repaired, merged, and sourced a number of profiles over there.  I finally started bringing some of it over on Edith Hood's WikiTree profile, and you may want to check it, especially the sources and notes within the sources.  (I don't write well or fancy, mostly a data driven approach.)

Some work on FamilySearch that may help:

If you check the change history on Travis, you'll see that someone removed Sarah Wilson as his wife, for what seemed like a valid reason.  Now someone is adding her back, but without any sourcing or evidence.  I've started a discussion there about her, plus mentioned the problem of whether Travis is the father or grandfather.  There isn't solid evidence on it, which is why most of us have been very reluctant to connect Violet and Travis and Edith etc.

A tip - when possible I check the original of each Census and look at who is living nearby, as it's often helpful, sometimes surprising.  Especially in farm country, you often find close relatives living very nearby.  That's how I noticed that Edith and Violet were next to each other, and Elizabeth and Edith were next to each other in another Census.  That's not proof of a kinship, but certainly suggestive.  It's also a great way to find someone who's name has been mangled by either the census taker or the transcriber.

by Rob Jacobson G2G6 Pilot (128k points)
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Rob  I'm looking at everything right now. Thanks for helping
Rob I DNA match to a Hood lady on one of my Facebook Family Group pages I believe it's a close match I took my test with 23andme but I don't show any Hood direct line grandparents but do have one great great great grandmother from Keowee area and that had land on Little Crow Creek rd that was sold in 1877 she died 1887 I can't find her maiden name just Mary Unknown Blackstone. Thanks for helping understand.
travis had a son named Robert also.

I get sidetracked so easily!  I've been working on the Nathaniel Hood's, partly because one if them is supposed to be (but not proven) a brother of Travis, and partly because I have several of them and they are really mixed up, clear issues on their profiles.  So I created a study of them, as evidence-based as possible, narrowly focused on Nathaniel's but possibly helpful to others:  Nathaniel Hood Study

As to DNA, I don't have a yDNA or mtDNA connection to the Hood's, and apparently I didn't get any of the Hood autosomal DNA - but my brother and sister did!  (A great reason to test siblings, each may match different lineages.)  My sister matches several descendants of a different son of Nathaniel Hood (b. 1758) with about a 10.5 cM segment, and my brother Paul matches one of them with a 28.9 cM segment, the same chromosome 7 segment!  That makes him a great match for deep Hood ancestry.  I have their permissions, so for those who would like to compare, my sister Marie's GEDmatch ID is T050468, and my brother Paul's GEDmatch ID is T979663.  Please let me know if you match.  A match could provide good evidence for connections to John and Violetta Hood, as we have little sourcing for that currently.

My Gedmatch # M416339

Comparing Kit T979663 (*PJake) and M416339 (Donnie Blackstone)

3 119,739,719 129,100,295 8.4 985

6 27,334,944 33,182,590 1.9 2,199

You match Paul with an 8.4 cM segment, not enough to prove anything, but much longer than most of my matches, therefore interesting evidence of a distant connection, possibly through these Hood's but possibly some other path.  If we can find others with a similar match, all through John and Violetta Hood, that would be highly suggestive that our work here is correct.

You also have what I call PG6, meaning you have an ancestor from either the Pennsylvania German area, or the Germanic area of Europe.  PG6 is a specific occurrence of the HLA region on 6 that is common to Germanic ancestry, often to the Pennsylvania German area.

Pennsylvania maybe where my Blackstone family came from I can't find them before 1820 sc but I have Holmes and Bryson family on my dads mothers side. I believe the Upstate of South Carolina had lines from Pennsylvania to settle. but I'm interested in this information do you know anything else about my DNA that would be of any help or any other information. Thank you for looking this information over.
I spent some time looking around (those 3 lines are huge, too many people to check!).  Your Gunterman line is obviously German, but the one tested descendant did not have PG6, so cannot confirm Gunterman is the source of it, although he probably is.

A Smith on the Dishman line was from Burks Pennsylvania, but I have no idea if you're even related to him.  None of his descendants had PG6.  I didn't recognize anyone on the Graves line.

I don't have anything else to add, sorry.

For me, the most interesting thing in your DNA is that 8.4 cM segment on 3.  I'd like to know what the connection behind that is.  Currently, your tree is invisible, so I don't know how you relate to any of the Hood's, or others.
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Betsy isnt the sister to the 1823 violet, but she is to the 1932 violet.
by Living Jones G2G6 Mach 1 (18.1k points)
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