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I have been on a hunt for a book my great aunt was able to get a few pages copied from. Unfortunately the person letting her get these copies only allowed for our direct line because the book was so badly damaged they did not want to open it much. The book is about McKee family line and I'm assuming focused on Pennsylvania. We have Henry Parsons's pages which is our family but we have no information on George Calhoun McKee his father. I know from research and a family chart that he was born 1806 and died 1888 and married to Mary Bennett. I also know that he was buried in Watsontown, Pennsylvania, United States. From little excerpts from the pages I have I was able to locate him in several Watsontown Census records but that is pretty much it. If anyone knows of this book please let me know. More so if anyone has a copy I would be greatly appreciative to share information.
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I find familysearch's catalog to be useful for finding resources.  I wonder if this could be your book:


If you search on the surname, McKee, in the catalog, there's a plethora of books/films/whatever that show up, but this will skip directly to the ones that begin with "McKee"


and, of course - just because you can find it in their catalog, it doesn't mean you can get a hold of a copy.  You can try googling the name of the book - sometimes the book may show up online.

I'm afraid it's a bit of a needle in a haystack!  good luck

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I don't have a copy but have you tried searching on Worldcat.org to find a library that might have a copy? A full citation would help since you didn't give an author and the title didn't turn up anything except for a possible copy in the Connecticut State Library.

by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (551k points)
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I have tried there several times and amazon. We were only told it was called the McKee book. I do know it has those plastic binding things for making a booklet. All of the books that show up in world cat do not have the right amount of pages they are not very many pages and mine I know for sure has more than 300.
This all shows why proper source citations are so necessary. Without the author and date it was published, it is very, very difficult for anyone to give you what you want.
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Do you have the title of the book?  I was not sure of which McKee book you are in search.
by Michelle Enke G2G6 Pilot (440k points)
Sadly she was never given the name of the book. All she was told was that it was called the McKee book. I do know it has more the 309 pages because our family starts on page 309 (a little humor). This copy we have the pages from was in those plastic self binding things which makes me think it was not officially published to look in world cat. I did try to look in world cat and amazon for anything that looks like it but nothing has come up. I would assume that it has more than just pennsylvania in it as well. I have a few other pages that leads me to believe there are at least 7 charts in the back since again my pages have chart #7 called Penna. McKee's 1854 to 1975.
Thanks for the page number information.  Most of the McKee books I found were under 100 pages, which eliminates them.  I will check a few databases to see what I can find (Worldcat, FamilySearch, Internet Archive, Google Books, Hathi Trust).  Also, the chart title is McKee's 1854 to 1975, so it would be published in 1975 or later.
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McKee Family Books

[I am sure there are more books out there, but these are the ones I could find today.]

History and genealogy of McKee family, by William James McKee, 1947.

Book of McKee, by Raymond Walter McKee, 1959.  559 pages.  https://dcms.lds.org/delivery/DeliveryManagerServlet?dps_pid=IE9356457  Page 309 does not appear to have pertinent information.

Wallace-Bruce and closely related families: Barefoots, Taylors, Wilsons, McKees, Douglasses, Liddells, Hendersons, Notestines, and others, history and genealogy, by James Wallace, 1930.  389 pages.  https://dcms.lds.org/delivery/DeliveryManagerServlet?dps_pid=IE3124397  Page 309 does not appear to have pertinent information.

History of the descendants of David McKee of Anahilt: with a general sketch of the early McKees, by James Y. McKee, 1892.  About 112 pages.    https://archive.org/details/historyofdescend00mcke

McKees of Virginia and Kentucky, by J. B. Richards, 1891.  196 pages.  https://archive.org/details/mckeesofvirginia00mcke

Mackeys (variously spelled) and allied families, by Beatrice Mackey Doughtie, 1957.  1002 pages.  https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=wu.89061966214;view=1up;seq=321  Page 309 does not appear to have pertinent information.

McKee letters, 1859-1880: correspondence of a Georgia farm family during the Civil War and reconstruction, by Hugh McKee, 2000.  About 210 pages.  Available online, search only: http://catalog.hathitrust.org/api/volumes/oclc/46652305.html

Board, Trenchard, Wilsey, McKee, and kindred families, by Frances Board Rose, 1961. 77 pages.  https://dcms.lds.org/delivery/DeliveryManagerServlet?dps_pid=IE1019843

Our pioneer ancestors: being a record of available information as to the Hynes, Chenault, Dunn, McKee, Anderson, Taylor, Finle, by Emma Hynes Riggs, 1941.  207 pages.  https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=mdp.39015071148426;view=1up;seq=9   

Samuel McKee and his family: notes on the life of Samuel McKee who died in Fayette County, Kentucky, in 1813, on his children, and the descendants of sons William, David, and Samuel McKee, Jr., and daughter Jane McKee Story, by David R Hoffman, 2006.  761 pages.   

I have access to these two print books, if you wish a look up:


Sisters' saga : correspondence of the McKee sisters of Wythe County, Virginia and Beaver, Pennsylvania, 1836-1883, by Eliza Mckee, 2013.  295 pages.

Family McKee, by Dorothy Grahan Stirnaman, 1987.  155 pages.

by Michelle Enke G2G6 Pilot (440k points)
Thanks for looking more up for Christine. This list is a reason to try and get a full citation for any data. genealogists seem to be the most unimaginative lot in naming books. I think most of them are "The XYZ Family" as though their's was the only family with that name.
Thanks for the look up. Unfortunately my Great Aunt being in her 80s was unable to get the title or even the author because the person she got this from was older as well and with all the damage done from not keeping it in a safe place some of her pages were missing as well I'm assuming those pertinent pages like an author etc. I'm thinking the book has to be from the late 50s to early 70s since the pages I was able to find with our line on it shows my aunt in law as just being born and my great aunt still being married and shes been divorced since at least I was a baby.

While I realize this may be a needle in a haystack casting a net out any were might yield someone who has a copy of this book somewhere. I am going to go into our local libraries because none of them keep record online of what books they have in the area. Many of which barely even know they have a local history room.

Thanks for all the help folks. Sorry for the needle in a haystack big ask.

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