How do I download a "ready to download" .ged file to Dropbox and then to Roots Magic on my tablet?

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Step by step instructions., please.  I downloaded Dropbox and Roots Magic, but cannot see how to get the file into Roots Magic.
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You need to select all the text shown on the screen, then paste it into a text editor and save it as a file with the extension ".ged".  Then you can upload it to any place you want (such as dropbox) or import it to a genealogy program on your computer or tablet.

If you have RootsMagic on your tablet, you don't have to bother with dropbox as a middle step.  When you save your gedcom file from WikiTree on your tablet, you can then just import that file into RootsMagic.

If you have a gedcom file already in dropbox then you can download it to your tablet and then import it into a genealogy program you have installed there (such as RootsMagic).
by Gaile Connolly G2G6 Pilot (978k points)
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Thanks for the help.  I understand the process you describe but have not been able to do it.  I have Polaris Office, where I should be able to paste it, but cannot.  Do you have any suggestion for getting it directly into Dropbox?  I am not familiar enough with it to know how to do that, though I have tried.
As Gaile said, you do not need dropbox. You can download the gedcom straight to your tablet. Once you have it you open up RootsMagic, go to open a file and choose the .ged file you downloaded.
but where on her tablet is the gedcom stored? A.C.will need to know when asking Rootsmagic to find it.
A, I'm sorry but the only thing you can upload to dropbox (or any other online storage space) is a file.  WikiTree does not produce a gedcom file for you to download - it only produces the gedcom content on a screen and it is then up to you to store it as a file.  To do that, you have to be able to copy it and paste it into a text editor, from which you will be able to save it as a file.

I wish I could provide more help, but I don't know anything about Polaris Office or what tablet you are using.  As you say, you should be able to paste it, but I am not able to give you instructions for how to do that.  Hopefully, someone else will show up here who is familiar with that program.

Wikitree does allow you to download your gedcom file. Go to this link to download yours.

Jillaine, it will be wherever she chooses to save it. I'm pretty sure tablets have a download folder.
Tess, WOW!!!  That is great information.  They must have changed that since I last used it (a couple of years ago).  It used to be that they just displayed the content of the gedcom and it was up to us to make it into a file, but I just looked at your link now and tried it and you are absolutely right!!!  WikiTree gives you a gedcom file that you can right-click and have the option to Save on your computer or tablet.

This means that A can just save that file, then import it into RootsMagic.  A, please note that dropbox is an unnecessary complication for what you want to do - you don't need it for anything, nor do you need a text editor for anything, since WikiTree now gives you the file.
Don't get too excited. WikiTree's "GEDCOM" file has a limited number of fields; the bulk of the data is dumped into the Notes field.

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