Why doesn't my mytochondrial DNA show up? [closed]

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I recently had a DNA-breakthrough when my DNA profile was connected to that of Françoise Martinet (see: https://www.wikitree.com/photo/pdf/Van_Heerden-395 …). I thought that the results also became visible on her profile but now I am not so sure because it says: No known carriers of Françoise's mitochondrial DNA have taken an mtDNA test.  Is there a way to correct this? I have painstakingly connected my female lineage to her profile; hopefully someone hasn't gone and disconnected an ancestor somewhere … or is it the GDPR messing things up here …?

WikiTree profile: Françoise Cordier
closed with the note: See the answer of Kay Wilson below (changing my privacy level yesterday seems to have fixed this issue) - "Your privacy level mtDNA was not propagating to other profiles. (I think that is not a limitation for auDNA.) DNA test information is only updated once a day on WikiTree, and apparently it has now updated." Thanks everone who helped with answering this question; it is much appreciated!
in WikiTree Help by Philip van der Walt G2G6 Pilot (175k points)
closed by Philip van der Walt
Your profile is Red.  I think you have to go for one of the "Public Family Tree" colors.

(Then wait "overnight")

Thanks RJ, I've reset my privacy settings to Private with Public Family Tree so hopefully it will show again (I'm related to her both via the branches of my father and my mother). I now know for certain that they were visible …. 

Hi Philip

I think you should also click the radio button. Confirmed with DNA   wink

Where is that Ronel? When l click on the drop down menu (second column left fourth button down) I get shown these interfaces https://www.wikitree.com/treewidget/Martinet-1/899 & https://www.wikitree.com/treewidget/Van%20der%20Walt-440/899 (as I said the DNA-results were visible before; they are not visible anymore). Looks all very exciting but I do not understand what I should do - I'm also complete novice at DNA confirmation (I see I can find help but then it just opens to a new G2G-question every time). I did check - the genealogical connections right down to my mother have not been broken.
Rj is correct. It can be seen here: https://www.wikitree.com/treewidget/Van_der_Walt-440/89#mt … so the question is where is it on the profiles? Or should I wait another 24 hours?

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In Edit Mode of the profiles who's mother was confirmed with DNA

see all the radio buttons on the right hand side under mother 

Very last one:

Mother is confirmed with DNA  Click on the radio button there and the data will show on the profile > It worked for me so hope it does for you 2.  

by Ronel Olivier G2G6 Pilot (128k points)

I just did that but it made no difference. I think that because I changed my privacy settings to strictly private just after before May 25, that this became invisible on her profile. I also understood that it takes WikiTree technically a day or two to process new DNA information into profiles, so now that I have changed my settings back to a less restrictive (private) one, it might also mean the same thing. Still, I find all the DNA WikITree interfaces hugely confusing for people who are not DNA savvy. It looks easy but there are too many distracting buttons and interfaces and an overload on information. Not complaining though - this is still the aspect of WikiTree that makes it so wonderful for me - the fact that we can combine DNA-test results with old fashioned sourcing and modern day digital sourcing in an algorithmic fashion - the latter does not lie.

But then it would be nice if my entered and once visible DNA results stay that way and not dissapear …. laugh

B.t.w. - the brick wall breakthrough was made I understood because it came to light that there had been a mistake made on a death notice in the 19th century where the wrong 'mother' was noted … Like algorithm DNA does not lie …

Just wanted to point out that this is not what the 'confirmed with DNA' button is for.

As per the instructions:

"Confirmed with DNA" is a Relationship Status level. Using it means this icon will appear by fathers and mothers on profiles and most tree views: DNA-confirmed.gif

This indicator should only be used for a parent when:

  1. two or more people have taken DNA tests, and
  2. the specific parent-child relationship has been carefully confirmed using a method described on the DNA Confirmation page, and
  3. a source citation like those on DNA Confirmation page is added to the child's profile.

If there isn't a proper source citation the "Confirmed with DNA" relationship status should be removed (by you or another member).


Still, no other member should delete test displays on a profile wether the relationship is properly confirmed or not. This would amount to vandalism, not boldness in the sense that is meant on this page

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I do not see your MTDNA on your page, unless you enter the test information specifically it won't show up.
by Robin Lee G2G6 Pilot (888k points)
My question is then where has it gone?
Because it had been there before. The red- and green … (the red specifically showed up on this one profile as it is the female-mitochondrial - and I did not remove it; I merely changed my privacy settings for my own profile just before 25 May to be GDPR-compliant …).
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Your MTDNA result has to be added as a separate test.
by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.6m points)

My question is then where has it gone?

It's showing up here


But the front page of your profile is showing the au and not the mt.  Odd.

The MTDNA was added by Wynand van der Walt. Maybe that's preventing it from displaying?
Maybe it should be reentered?

Either way, this IS where the problem is. I looked at the treewidget (https://www.wikitree.com/treewidget/Van_der_Walt-440/89) and it shows the full maternal line, including Francoise - but not one of them have any  mt test takers mentioned.

Strange I remember entering it myself. My brother Wynand never took a DNA test. Anyhow - it showed up and now it is gone. While the same (similar I mean - the red) maternal lines of cousins do show up. 

Can someone someone please help me re-enter this sequence U5b2b3a?

I would really appreciate it.

Only a profile manager can edit a DNA test. Probably your best option is to remove the existing entry for your Family Tree mtDNA test, then create a new entry for the same test.

Yet I do not understand why it shows up here: https://www.wikitree.com/treewidget/Van_der_Walt-440/89#mt

And I would really appreciate some help with this - as much as I am a wiz at doing research on WikiTree I am an absolute zero at understanding even how to remove dna tests, as well as to add them. It seems rather odd that WikiTree has my full test results but my MT is missing …. 

Philip, Your mtDNA test information is displayed on your profile, and all of your maternal line, up to and including the profile for Francoise Cordier. I believe that until you changed your privacy level mtDNA was not propagating to other profiles. (I think that is not a limitation for auDNA.) DNA test information is only updated once a day on WikiTree, and apparently it has now updated.
Wonderful Kay! It must have then just happened because I checked half an hour ago, and it was not shown. So now I understand!

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