Problems reading your posts in yellow? Anyway to change the colour?

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I am having real problems reading the white printing on the yellow in my messages.  Is there anyway to fix this?
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in The Tree House by E. Lauraine Syrnick G2G6 Pilot (107k points)
I can't be sure about this, but I think it may be your laptop screen or whatever device you are using that is beginning to fail, color-wise.  Even more likely is a cable problem between your monitor and your device (if there is a cable).

If it's a computer/monitor combination, try jiggling the VGA cable (it often has blue connectors on both ends)   You might see the colors flash to something that looks better briefly, meaning the cable has established better contact momentarily.  Sometimes it's even just loose, and plugging it in more securely at both ends will solve the problem.  

If you're not in the US, which your spelling of "colour" makes me suspect, maybe you don't have the same kinds of cables I am used to, and maybe this isn't helpful at all.  

At any rate, I don't see the colors you describe, so I don't think you should be seeing white letters on yellow in most places on Wikitree, unless you or someone else has changed the computer color scheme on whatever device you are using.  With luck, maybe you just have a loose cable and tightening it will solve the problem.

Thank you for your answer.  I am using a MacBood Air and normally don't have any such problems with it.  My eyes are starting to get bad -  am due for a cataract surgery within the year.  However, I find white print on a yellow background very hard to read..  There must be a way to change the colour??
I'm not Mac-savvy at all, so if there's a way to tweak the colors on a Macbook Air, I don't know how to do it.  I wish I could help.  A Macbook sounds like it wouldn't have any external cables, so my suggestion about cables probably doesn't help.

I hope someone who knows more will give a better answer.  On a PC, if you highlight the text your are trying to read, as if you were going to select it to copy it, often times it changes the background color and can make it easier to read.  Just a temporary solution, though, and I don't know if it works on Macbooks.

Can you add a "tech" tag to your question to get someone's attention who might be better at solving this kind of problem?

I suspect this is a Mac issue.  You may wish to contact someone with that team
Thank you.  Have put in a request.

Lauraine and Reba: AND to the TECH CREW:

         For years Mac has provided a way to change the letters' color and size of the letters when we have written sth and are about to post it. But I've assumed that I and you can't change someone else's message to us, not even to make it understandable.

The means of such changes is with the two letter A's: one A (which is offered us on items we're creating) is for the font size of the letters, and the other is the color of the letters.

We do know that most people with computers buy types other than Mac/Apple, But we users of the MacApple ideas in our computers still need to be considered part of the TECH crew's "audience" by the Tech Crew.

So would the Techs please help us too?  We'd be very grateful.

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How many of us are irritated by the yellow highlights?
by Anonymous Burnett G2G6 Mach 2 (27.5k points)
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This is a TECH TARGETED MESSAGE: I do use a Mac, but it isn't that that makes your new system regrettable, it's that we can't use it except for doctoring the phrases.

I'd like you to be more communicative, not less. Your yellow highlights are like no others I've ever seen in thirty years of using my Macs. Your highlights are unhelpful in the extreme. Please change the color of the type in these words' letters to draw our attention to your messages without irritating us, or even some few thousand of us.
by Anonymous Burnett G2G6 Mach 2 (27.5k points)
I would change it if I knew how.  Sorry if I am annoying people on here and my failing eyesight if not improving matters.  When I first started on this machine could read the letters in the yellow highlights.  However, can no longer read them.

If you would please tell me,  very detailed please, how to change the colours will give it a try.
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THANKS, Lauraine!
by Anonymous Burnett G2G6 Mach 2 (27.5k points)
Thank you for all the comments.  i know it should be easy to change the colours on my computer but cannot seem to find where to do  that.  I have gone into 'system preference" but cannot see it there.    It must be there but cannot see it.    These highlights are shown when I make an error and they pop up but now cannot read them.   They are not on the profile page but pop up when I have an error or something is amiss. I also need to know how to increase y "type" size.  Thank you so much.

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