How can I find Y haplotype R-CTS241?

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My father is Wallace J Anderson b. 19 Nov1940 in Suffern, Rockland County, NY.  He died in 1986 in Middletown, Orange, NY.   His mother is Beatrice Call 1916-1989 and her prior husband was Edward Anderson who we believe is not the father of Wallace.  Beatrice Call's parents were John Call (1876-1941) and Harriet Amelia Jones (1890-1968) and she was listed as adopted on the marriage certificate and that her father was Edward DeGroat and she was adopted as Jones.   My paternal half brother did 23&me and his y paternal haplotype is R-CTS241.  I am at a dead end with this.  Is there someone that can help me?  I am on GEDmatch and my brother's was unable to load raw data so far on GED because he was tested with 23.
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I am R-CTS241, according to 23 and Me. I am of Spanish ancestry on my father's side. From what I've read, this DNA is common throughout Great Britain, France, and Spain. I have blue-green eyes which might be come from my Italian mother's side. I'm fascinated by DNA studies and who we might be connected to.

I also have 

R-CTS241 on my paternal line!So interesting.

My people came to Cecil, Maryland in the late 1600s from County Donegal.  Could be that our male line is connected.   Do you have a family tree?
I read yesterday that our haplogroup R-CTS241 is a spinoff from RM-269, so indeed Niall is in the family tree.
My Kearns male line is R-CTS241.  Testing was done at 23 and me on my nephew, my brother's son.  According to 23 and me, we are mostly from Britain and Ireland.  Kearns may have been O'Kearney at some point in the past.  So, it's definitely an Irish/British connection.  My Kearns family ended up in Virginia.
@ Jim Harmon, can I suggest that autocorrect has hijacked the word anglicized/anglicised in your post  and turned it into "Anglesey"?
Hi, same thing and from Cecil County, just wondering if we are related? thanks Lisa
Hello! I come from a line of Liddells that lived in Cecil, Maryland from at least the early 1800s (possibly older). I am also R-CTS241. I'd love to find out more!
For those of you with this haplogroup who came from East Donegal to Cecil, ancestors came in the late 1690s, and I am under the impression there were friends already in Cecil, because we think they came in autumn. You would not do that without having shelter arranged in advance for the winter.  Some of them are buried in Cecil.  The area that they settled is partially in Pennsylvania now.   There is a man in Maryland who researches land deeds, and he said there is no evidence of my family owning land until 1700.  That backs up my theory that they came first to stay with friends.   If anyone has taken a DNA test and is on 23 and Me, Gedmatch Genesis, or FTDNA, I am on all three.  We could see if we share DNA.  My email is suzannetvls (at) msn (dot com).  That is an L after the v, not a number 1.
I tested on 23 and Me and uploaded to Gedmatch just fine.  Now you would want to upload to Gedmatch Genesis.  You have to go onto 23 and Me and download the genomes to a file on your desktop.  Then upload them to Genesis.  I have had more success with 23 and Me than any other company, and I've done four.  Look for your triangulations on 23 and Me so you can separate out lines.  23 and Me has more features than the other sites.

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YFULL shows DF13 • S521 • CTS241

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I also come from paternal haplogroup, R-CTS241. I am Female..
Are you or your haplotype males from Rockland County NY?
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Both of you should go on GEDmatch and do Genesis. works with 23andMe and other testing companies as well.
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Bother my brother and I are on GEDmatch.  There were no other matches at this point.  Thank you for that!
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I am adopted and do not know my biological father.  My son is paternal haplogroup R-CTS241.  How can this help me find my biological father?
Your son’s Y-DNA won’t help you find your father. Your son’s Y-DNA follows his father’s father’s father’s line- not yours.

To find your father’s line through Y-DNA you’d need to have a brother or uncle with the same paternal line test.

You can also just use autosomal dna matches on Ancestry, FamilyTree DNA, 23andme, GedMatch, etc.
This doesnt make since, the SON is this guys biological son. This guy is adopted, not the son. So shouldnt the son's Ydna be the same as this guy? the guy was adopted so doing guys brother might not work cause unless the guys family adopted him and his own brother...
It won’t help.

Unless the biological father takes a 23andMe shares his results

We’re one out of 21

Rcts241 is the trunk of a very large tree.
Take both 23 and Me and Ancestry DNA and look for the closest cousins you can find.   They will lead you to your birth parents.
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My surname is Hodge. We have a 'missing link' to our European ancestor. I live in Texas and the male line goes back some generations prior to that in this state.
If any or all of you could say where in Europe your family lived, it would help all of us.  I know all of their moves once in the US and am much more fascinated by their lives in Europe.  We need locations.
The interesting part of this is that my family has both Alexander and Hodge, and you have the same male haplogroup.  Can you track your family for the last 300 years?  I'm wondering if we could be distant cousins.  My father's paternal grandmother was a Hodge.
Hi Susie. I am new to this site. I took a screen shot of what I have on starting with my great gf but I guess I can’t post photos on here? Let me know if there is a way to do that or to send it to you another way. I don’t know if it is 100% correct but should be close. No one seems sure about John DeBoe. That is where our research ends. I would love to find out whether that is an accurate name for him, more about him and where he was from... who his parents were. I think he was our first Hodge to come to America. My grandfather was James Clarence Hodge and he was named after his grandfather, Dr. James C Hodge. I’m hoping someone here has my missing link!

In the meantime, where do you think the Hodge’s originated? I haven’t even read through this subject yet. I’ve been traveling.

Hope to solve the mystery soon!
Ms Hodge, I don't know if I can post my email on here but it is suzannetvls (at) msn (dot com).  That is an L after the V, not a number 1.  I found my Hodge line in KY, and I believe my line came from Blount Hodge.  I need more DNA contacts to establish this.  Have you taken a DNA test?  I am on 23 and Me, Gedmatch, and FTDNA.  Hodge is my father's grandmother's name.  Her father I believe was Elijah Frank Hodge.   At the time she married, she lived in Ohio.  Hope we can figure this out!
My aunt's first husband was a Hodge from Delaware. His name was Donald Hodge. I recall he was a ginger and very tall. He lives in Smyrna, Delaware.
Laura Hodge Garber,

Did you receive my email address?
my Hodges line

Comes from South Carolina
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I am haplogroup R-CTS241 and my last name is Hargis.  My paternal and maternal families settled in southeastern Kentucky.  It appears that R-CTS241 descended from R-M269, Niall of the Nine Hostages, (Ui Neill Dynasty), a ruler in northern Ireland and Scotland.  The Ui Neill dynasty ruled Ireland from the 7th to the 11th century, C.E.  I was not surprised with my ancestry results, 99% European.  If you wish to contact me, you can do so at
The Niall ydna is M222 but unfortunately 23&Me just confuse everyone by using the Niall tag for people who aren't M222.  They use this for anyone that is M269 so it is completely misleading.  People that are R-CTS241 are thousands of years separated from M222.  Nearly all M222 men have Scots and Irish names and have recent origins there.  Just very misleading by 23&Me.
@M Redmond  23andMe aren't the only ones who use this different naming system and then confuse it all by not sequencing deep enough to get past the region that has the highest percentage of M269. You have to either do fully sequenced testing or some kind of SNP Marker Testing to actually get any location specific details. My grandfather was Portuguese, born in Azores and lived in Douro River Valley of Norte Portugal.

I carry the Basque as well as the Jewish Marker and on the Basque note... I like most family are Rh-Negative. Several of the most rare in AB-Negative are in the family as I assume Rh-Negatives seem to be attracted to other Rh-Negative and AB-Negative (my son) must have one A-Negative Parent and one B-Negative Parent. Also Basque people have the highest percentage of Rh-Negative blood Factors and are very high on the percentage of them that is Rh-Negative around 40%!  

Real Reason they all say the same thing about being descendants of 'Niall of the Nine Hostages'? Is because they don't dig very deep and only test for the most prevalent Haplogroups and markers. That's why 23andMe gave me M269 claimed the Niall connection and yet gave me the Azores Marker and then expect you to figure out that can't be both. Because in my case, you can't have Azores Marker and the Niall marker at the same time.

You are either British, Scotch or Irish of the Isles or Portuguese born of the Azores like I am. But that still doesn't give me any admixes and only going to M269 dept of sequencing is lame. But they try to randomly guess most everyone that comes up positive for R1b anything.

Above 90% R1b is in Ireland and other countries get lesser percentages. But reality is they assumed everyone is naturally carrying Irish Genes, instead of from somewhere else. All their answers are canned quotes from around the web. They all act like they know more than they do and much of their information is full of errors just for that reason alone. Seems 90+ Percent means all settled lands by Iberians making up the 1st and 2nd most used languages in the World today are Spanish and Portuguese when the two Global Empires were created in what was called the 'Age of Discovery' of Henry the Navigator of Portugal!   ....and don't worry.... they'll probably make this all even more confusing by digging up his bones and claiming there are 10 Million descendants of Henry the Navigator soon enough!!! ;-P  ....just knowing I'll at least be on that one.... maybe or at least claimed to be! :D
23&Me test for M222 which is the Niall marker but they just confuse all M269 testers by using Niall and the Ui Neill in their description.  M222 is very far down the M269 tree under L21.  It is basically only Irish and Scots that carry M222 and of course their descendants in the US.  People that get only M269 on 23&Me aren't L21, U106, U152 or M222 because they test for all of them.  The subclade they don't test for is DF27 which is what most Portuguese and Spanish end up as.  My paternal ydna is indeed M222 and having the 23&Me test will give you that info.

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